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Budweiser wassup commercial Soundboard

Budweiser wassup commercial Soundboard

Title: Budweiser Wassup Commercial: A Pop Culture Classic

Year: 1999


1. Brian - Performed by Budweiser's Dookie, played by Reginald "Reggie" Arthur
2. Ray - Performed by Budweiser's Haynes, played by Paul "Paulie" Fitzgerald
3. Carl - Performed by Budweiser's Thurman, played by Don "Donny" Washington
4. Steve - Performed by Budweiser's Stuffy, played by Stuffy "Stuffy" Jenkins
5. Tyrone - Performed by Budweiser's Ty-Ty, played by Tyrone "Ty-Ty" Tyrone

Background: In 1999, Budweiser revolutionized the advertising world with their now-legendary "Wassup" commercial. This iconic commercial swiftly became a cultural phenomenon, capturing the spirit of the late 90s and gaining widespread recognition for its catchy catchphrase - "Wassup" - which entered the lexicon as a humorous greeting.

Synopsis: The commercial opens with Brian, sitting on his couch, absentmindedly flipping through channels while holding a Budweiser in his hand. As the scene shifts to Ray on his phone, he answers a call from Brian, who enthusiastically asks, "Wassup?" This simple greeting spreads like wildfire, as Carl, Steve, and Tyrone receive their respective calls, responding in the same comical manner.

As the commercial progresses, each character is shown in various situations: Ray in the shower, Carl on the toilet, Steve trying on a toupée, and Tyrone on the computer. Regardless of their activities, their unified greeting continues - "Wassup!" - reinforcing the unspoken bond between friends.

The commercial's appeal lies in its relatability and simplicity. Amidst the chaos of modern life, Budweiser brings people together through this lighthearted catchphrase and the shared camaraderie it represents. The "Wassup" commercial showcases the importance of friendship and the joy of spending quality time with loved ones, beautifully captured in just 30 seconds.

This commercial's groundbreaking success led to its frequent appearance during sports events, talk shows, and even the Super Bowl, making it one of the most memorable ad campaigns in history. Its influence extended beyond traditional marketing, infiltrating pop culture and inspiring countless parodies, references, and remixes.

Fast forward to the present day, the "Wassup" commercial continues to elicit nostalgia and entertain audiences. To experience the magic of this iconic cultural milestone, you can play and download the original audio here, forever reliving those moments that made late 90s television so iconic.

Whether you were a fan from the start, or if you're discovering it for the first time, the Budweiser "Wassup" commercial holds a special place in advertising history. From its simple concept to its unforgettable catchphrase, this commercial exemplifies how a concise, memorable campaign can transcend its humble origins and become a timeless piece of pop culture.

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