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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A S P N rocking you from the deltas in the DMZ AF VN better than a FBD which means you have to get a quick shot removing on right now
Add in adrian where you generated ohana you slut you been done everything but the titanic stop it right now
All right hey what is this demilitarize on what do they mean police action hey whatever it is to get you on your toes better than a strong cup of cappuccino
Any movement of water brighton said no and it doesn't look good
Baby I don't know what's going down but you both from new york nice to have you here like you just hanging out you headed north where you going to not shrink you gotta be careful jackets and heavy ...
Can you tell us what you found out about the enemy since you been here we found out that we can't find them there out there and we're having a major difficulty in finding the enemy what do you look...
Check out the field today hi what's your name by bob river love what you do I mean artillery thank you bobby so we play anything for you anything just play it loud OK
Former VP richard nixon who arrive here this week drivers and assigned you to cover the PC setup press conference and if you do and if you do and if you do happen to speak with him
Good morning vietnam hello campers remember monday is malaria day that's why it's hard to take that big orange pill and get ready for the ho chi minh to step
Good morning vietnam hey it's another delightful day here in vacation land anybody time to get up get up wherever you are that's ride rise and shine rise
Got some songs going out right now to a couple of guys on the road to natrang you know what i'm talking about hey mister o'malley o'malley you know the irish talbot wins there out there special son...
Here's a newsflash today president lyndon johnson passed a highway beautification build build basically said that his daughters could not driving a convertible on public highways
Hey it's a little too early for being that loud hey too late it's oh six hundred what's the O stand for oh my god it's early speaking of early how 'bout that cromagnon marty drive with your money f...
Hey this is not a test this is rock'n'roll time to rocket from the delta to the DMZ is that near does that sound like an elvis presley movie vivo dining oh vivo dining denying me down angry went on...
Hey wait a minute have tried something let's play this backwards and see if it gets any better is neavitt ready is a devil bluff this need this ready as a devil picture man going on a journey beyon...
Hi can you tell me what your name my name is barely roosevelt roosevelt water station in AM station in poontang well thank you rose what's the weather like out there is hot damn hot rio ha ha don't...
Hope all the six celebrated mass in italian well call me crazy is in rome you know one day I want to meet him kisses ring half ago
I work for a living airmen you will address me as sergeant major dickerson yes sergeant major dickerson
Is the weather for you but the difference between the army and the cub scouts and cub scouts don't have heavy artillery
Real special right now we've got our traffic report up there on the human trail how's it going up there adrian is not going to exactly well there is a water buffalo jackknifed up there it's not ver...
Sound doctor dan forty nine that guys boring his whaleship
Thank you for that lovely tune that funky music will drive us till the dawn let's go let's a boogaloo till we puke
The former VP will be here on friday I expect every minute of the VP 's PC to be taped and broadcast within twelve hours of his arrival something funny garlic that perhaps you'd like to share with ...
The mississippi river broke through a projective dyke today what is a protective dike is that a large woman standing by the river going don't go near there by betty don't over do they have the rive...
We're going to play some music for you right now here we go here's a little james brown coming your way baby help it please
What is the demilitarize zone sounds like something out of the wizard of oz oh no don't go in there or he ho ho chi minh look landed inside your among the little people now we represent the oven
What's your name
Who gave anyone permission to program out in music freddie and the dreamers speed we've got it on the wrong speed for those of you or recovering from a hangover that's gonna suck
You got it
You guys be careful what's your name luis tracker brother thank you by the strikers john john dunham you guys you take care