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Charlie Wong - Fonejacker

Charlie Wong - Fonejacker

The Chinese DVD Gang are a group of illegal, obese Chinese students who attempt to film films in cinemas and sell as DVDs. Their leader, Charlie Wong is the only member of the gang that speaks on the phone. He often says "You want buy DVD?". One of the members of the gang also claimed to be a Chinese Samuel L. Jackson lookalike. Facejacker / Phonejacker.

Are you George Clooney fan?
Big angry dog. Come down. Take picture in real time.
He my shit with chopsticks.
How you doing?
I got a good job for you. You come my restaurant like Chop, Chop up, talking back at restaurant.
I got a permit.
My name Charlie, Charlie Wong.
Now you wanna buy DVD?
So you wanna buy DVD or not?
They're legal, thehy're legal.
What I'm doing is completely regal.
What's your name?
Why not?
Why not?
Yeah you mind if I come down with film crew and film from back of cinema?
You wanna buy DVD?
You're stupid and your breath smell.
You're stupid.
2 for £10.
8 for £6.
9 for £4.