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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A summoner has disconnected
A summoner has reconnected
Amaze balls
An enemy has been slain
An enemy is dominating
An enemy is god like
An enemy is legendary
An enemy is on a rampage
An enemy is totes dead
An enemy is unstoppable
Anatomy is on a killing spree
Anthony rampage
Bad news guys
Be aggressive B E aggressive
Better luck next time
Blood in blood
Burning bright has its price
By the first star that was hot
Can we just wrapped this up
Channel your anger into justice
Checked up thirty seconds
Dear ally has been slain
Defeat the important thing is we all learned a valuable lesson
Defeat the stars are fading
Defense defense defense
Devil kill
Do you have been slain
Don't give in
Don't worry I won't tell anybody
Double kill
Double kill
Double kill
Double kill how cute
Double the fatalities double the fun
Enemy double kill
Enemy double kill
Enemy double kill
Enemy inhibits reforming
Enemy killing spree
Enemy killing spring
Enemy legendary kill
Enemy pentakill
Enemy pentakill
Enemy pentakill
Enemy quadra kill
Enemy quadra kill
Enemy rampage
Enemy triple kill
Enemy triple kill
Enemy triple kill
Even stars fall
First blood
First blood
Five is my lucky number
For justice maybe
Get your starlight ready in thirty seconds
Go time
God like
Hashtag winning
Hence you kill
Her down three
Here they come thirty seconds
I am so bummed out right now
I can't wait for the next one
I guess they brought it
I have like all the field
I love seeing you show-off
I think i'm in love
I want rick hill
I'd like
I'm blinded by your starlight
I'm like super bummed out
I've got my eye on you
Is it too late to root for the other team
Kiko says don't die
Kiko says: that's five... for them.
Killing spree
Killing spree
Lame sauce
Legendary i'll write your name on a star
Legendary kill
Legendary the stars will remember you
Looking good
Love it
Meryl cosmic dust
Minions have spawned
Minions have spawned it's go time
Minions have spawned let's light it up
Minions have spawned their robes are so adorable
Next is under attack
No favoritism foxy lady but I hope you win
No guiding star required
No this cute little minions at the rift in like thirty seconds
No way that looks fun
No word
Oh disease
Party crashers in thirty seconds
Pentakill take spent a skill
Put your game face on in thirty seconds
Quadra kill
Quadra kill
Quadra kill more likes quadra kill
Ready or not it's time to sparkle
Shine on
Shut down
Shut down
So are you doing anything after the game
So brent
So right now it's a party
Space eight
Stars don't kill people you do
Sure it destroyed
That was awesome
That was awesome possum
That was magical
That's a buzzkill
That's for if you're keeping score which we are
That's how it's adorbs
That's how you do it
That's not five but who's counting oh wait I am
That's one down
That's one way to beat back the darkness
That's the spirit
The altars will unlock in thirty seconds
The battle has begun
The battle will begin in thirty seconds
The elders have unlocked
The enemies inhibitor has respond
The enemies inhibitor is responding soon
The first diary choices
The light has been extinguished
The more the merrier
The sparkle in their heart is that
The stars guide you
The stars see your greatness
The universe is like in danger for reals
Their darkness is spreading
Their lights getting brighter
There is no arguing with that
There is no shame in surrender
There twinkle is totaly all gone
They didn't know what they were up against
They got that one
They're bringing darkness
Third times the charm
Thirty seconds until minions fun
Thirty seconds until minions spawn
Thirty seconds until this party starts
Time does sparkle
Triple kill
Triple kill
Triple kill
Turn destroyed
Turret destroyed
Two for one always fun
Victory let's throw a sparkle party i'll bring the stardust
Victory starlight prevails
Victory winning looks so good on you
We're dead for real
Welcome to summoners rift
Welcome to the crystal scar
Welcome to the howling abyss
Welcome to the howling abyss watch out for the icy patch
Welcome to the twisted tree line
Welcome to the twisted tree line spooky
What no more
Who three for them
You are dominating
You are god like
You are legendary
You are on a rampage
You are really killing spree
You are unstoppable
You have been slain
You have destroyed an inhibitor
You have slain an enemy
You have slain an enemy
You'll get him next time
You're a shoo in for MVP
You've got like thirty seconds till those little guys show up
You've shattered their inhibitor
Your allies lights been extinguished
Your ally has been slain
Your ally has been slain
Your fellow stars are fading
Your inhabits me farming
Your inhibitor has been destroyed
Your inhibitor has been destroyed
Your inhibitor has respond
Your inhibitor is busted
Your inhibitor is responding soon
Your inhibitor just got wrecked
Your inhibitors back in the game
Your nexus is under attack
Your starlight is dimming
Your team has destroyed an inhibitor
Your team is super cool
Your turret has been destroyed
Your turret has been destroyed! Don't worry, I never liked that turret anyway.
Your turret is toast
Yuck! Four down.