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Afternoon ladies and gentlemen. By voice network.
And I'm staying in a cage with five full grown Tigers and Lions by work.
Bad Jo exotic otherwise known.
Can you ask the first time to make you squirm around on the ground and then I'm gonna put a bullet right between your ******* eyes by voice network.
Carol killed her husband. You won't ever change my mind by voice network.
Cheryl Baskin Karaba skin care back in Carroll basket. By voice E network.
Drinking I had my days of math by voice network.
Geoflow stole the zoo. By work.
Get outta here you ***** by voice network.
God my Dyson drinking I had my days of man by voice network.
He watched porn. Yeah, I said, What do you enjoy the guy with the little one doing early? Enjoy watching the guy with the big one doing it and he said, well obviously you want watch the guy with th...
Hey, are you cool cats and kittens? It's Carol at big cat rescue. By voice. He network.
I am never gonna financially recover from this by voice network.
I consider that ***** to be one of the biggest terrorist an exotic animal world by work.
I got a judgment still against me from that ***** down there in Florida by work.
I've had two boyfriends most of my life. I currently got legally married. Thank God it's finally legal in America. I've had some kinky sex. I have tried drugs through the younger years of my life. ...
If you fall for that, ladies and gentlemen, you worse than a bunch of nuts in a squirrel tree by voice network.
Joe exotic, for the people of America. By work.
Muji by voice network.
My name is Joe exotic in this is sarge by voice network.
My stage with £500 tires and everybody envy you absolutely OK by work.
Now I understand. I thought I'm giving the home see van, but I want to ban me. Can you tell me my voice network?
So we had an incident where one of the employees stuck their arm through the cage and a Tiger told her arm off by work.
That's how we take care of ice is right there buddy. By voice network.
That's how we take care of ice is right there buddy. By work.
Things can get a little crazy around here by voice network.
**** stop Yes. *** ** * ***** by voice network.