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And and
And apologized to anything that happened.
And your name again is ******* *******
And your name again is.
And your name is what?
Are you drinking today?
Are you the gentleman with my phone is ringing?
Bail Bondsman (Dark Voice) Soundboard Sound
Bail Bondsman (Dark Voice) Soundboard Sound
Bell bonds
Bell branch
Brooklyn Police Department.
Call me.
Can you hear me?
Come to my office.
Do you wanna give me your name and number and I'll give it to the police?
Don't call your house anymore.
Don't kill your ******* worse *******
Excuse me
Find calling somebody.
Gregory Stevens
Hang on just a second.
Hang on.
Hello, what's your name and number?
Hey, you know what?
How are you?
I didn't call you, Sir.
I I I don't understand why you're so mad at me, Sir.
I just told you.
I know of 1 burglary Stevens.
I know you're a better gentleman in this, Sir.
I'd like to talk to Gregory Stevens.
I'd like to talk to Kerry.
I'd like to talk to the officer.
I'm answering.
I'm for it and I'm a bail bondsman.
I'm Fred Herbert.
I'm not calling anybody.
I'm not doing anything.
I'm not taking some kind of drugs.
I'm sorry this is who.
I've got your phone number and I'm gonna wring your ******* neck.
If you don't know then then this is BS.
Is this your way of getting out of your responsibilities? Is just the way you act.
Just say ifrit.
More pictures to come to my office.
My name is Fred Herbert.
My name is Fred.
No problem, I'm not sure whether it's the 76 old number or the the other number that I've given you.
OK Gregory Stevens.
One is spread by my bill bondsman. What's going on here?
Or are you mental eel?
Red Ruby
So bunch.
Stop these annoying phone calls.
Sure, I don't know who the **** you are.
Thank you.
They called her 13 times today.
This is actually my voice.
This is Fred.
This is Gregory Stevens.
This is Gregory students.
This isn't a recording.
To work.
Uh huh.
Watch gelasian.
We got along frying. Are you taking some kind of drugs or drinking?
We just
We should never paid me. Is that you know is that you?
Well, widest range from ports going on with you.
Were you in jail?
What am I doing? What sure?
What do you want?
What number are you calling us back at Sir?
What should what's your phone number?
What's happening here?
What's your name?
Where are you in jail?
Where are you taking drugs?
Where's your brother in jail?
Which Sheriff's Department?
Who am I calling, Sir?
Why are you acting like this?
Why are you doing this, Sir?
Why are you so mad at me?
Why are you? Why are you doing this?
Why is this ******* deafening?
Word me.
Word what's going on here?
Would your booking number?
You ******* *******
You and I have gotten along fine, and I don't know why this is happening.
You call me Starbucks treats times here and I haven't called you or you or is your phone when you think it's me.
You have the wrong number.
You know what? I've been getting calls for all day long that I'm calling somebody and I'm not calling anybody.
You say hi. Fred and I will know this isn't a recording.
You're just because the genre, the receipt wrong to you, you're gonna you're gonna act this way. Is this your way of getting out of your responsibilities is just the way you act.
You're talking to my plan.
You're the one calling me acting strange.
You're the one calling.
You're the same guy that told me you were in jail.
Your lunch?
Your voice over IP line.