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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Agency pause in Stilwell OK.
Already know who you are.
Alright, that's right, yeah.
Alright, you'll be old damn fluffy.
Are you drunk? Are you high or something?
Are you extorting me?
Are you really?
Are you trying to extort me?
At the pawn shop.
Batman and Duncan.
Because you're not honest.
Being that they are involved in the investigation, they're gonna investigate thoroughly and fully.
Bring it on, buddy.
Buddy, I don't have time to sit here and visit all day long. This is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you'd like to leave a message or get in touch with the party extension, we know how just...
But around here still the ******* merica goddamnit, I'll tell you this, it only cost $134 to whoop somebody's *** and pay that ******* pick it off. And there are plenty of people and still owe thei...
But you don't.
Can you hear what I'm saying?
Charles Pawn Shop Superboard 2 Sound
Charles Pawn Shop Superboard 2 Sound
Charles Pawn Shop Superboard 2 Sound
Charles Pawn Shop Superboard 2 Sound
Charles Pawn Shop Superboard 2 Sound
Charles Pawn Shop Superboard 2 Sound
Charles Pawn Shop Superboard 2 Sound
Citi Mortgage that was left.
Come on hospital.
Damn, I didn't know you so fascinated with my picture.
Deputies right here.
Deputy Frank gear.
Did you Mama not hug you enough for breast feed you and use a child?
Do we get it up?
Do what?
Do what?
Do you need directions?
Dunkin construction
Dunkin discussion
Even if you're testing from ******* server the server, it don't matter.
Excuse me
Federal Bureau of investigations. Field office, Chicago.
Fiesta Mart here is Stillwell.
Find colony.
For the party.
Frank Garrett
Frank here.
Frank here.
Get it done.
Go ahead and run that race.
Halo ********** you can try choking this chicken that you want but you won't get no coming out of me.
Have a nice ******* life.
Have a nice day.
He ********
He lives in Stilwell here, where I live.
He was hooked up with a real ******* dumb rednecks. They really thought he was really talking to him.
He'd never have even had the chance.
Hello *******
Hello Memorial Hospital.
Hello, this is Memorial Hospital.
Here's like an old muggley you proud of crank language.
Hey man, I'ma let you talk to the sheriff's deputies staying right here in front of me is been here all morning.
Hey, I'm gonna go ahead and give a little shout out while I'm on here. Shout out to 666 J one to shout out to TH print color shout out to Batman and Duncan.
Hey, which one are you? I'm looking on the YouTube right now on my phone.
Home Laser comma general.
Honest people don't mind saying who they are on the telephone.
How always got one eye Willie open?
How can you hear what I'm saying?
How do I wait, wait?
How would you like I beat Christine's little *** I'll put him in a ******* headlock and throw it color purple on him.
I am happy and I do sleep well at night.
I bet you didn't even your real name, is it?
I can hear my voice being echoed back and forth.
I can hear you breathing in the background.
I can't see you, but you'll be black and blue under the ******* table for you know it's true.
I can't understand **** you're saying sometimes.
I closed the five central time.
I could tell you what really shut you up.
I couldn't understand what you were saying. I was talking over you I guess.
I don't associate with Fagots.
I don't even know for sure. You are who you are.
I don't give a damn.
I don't want my everything old clocks installed, which I said you wouldn't do.
I doubt that will happen.
I go ahead and run that race on this please.
I hang up on you.
I have been calling you.
I have not called you.
I heard some kind of rattling going on.
I knew you couldn't be trusted as far as anything could throw you.
I need some prices and everything like that. Man, can you come up with him?
I put up with the prank phone calls for over a year.
I tried that once class but just didn't reach.
I want to figure if somebody can get every dollars out of it. You will get it out of me.
I was talking to my colleague here. He's going to run a trace on this phone.
I will say three names.
I wish you know Goodwill in life. I wish you know, Godspeed whatsoever. And I wish you to hell.
I wouldn't ask for anything exchange other than your freedom.
I'll be over your house tonight.
I'll tell you where I live.
I'm 28
I'm a big ol boy. Like your team up acres bigger in years.
I'm alright, how are you?
I'm considering you a Frank phone caller from the moment you first called me earlier today.
I'm fine, how are you?
I'm fine.
I'm glad to know that I've gotten into your head so much and so deep that I run through your mind enough that you would have to sit there and lose work.
I'm going to do some things to y'all.
I'm not a ****** ************
I'm pretty damn big. How big are you?
I've already caught one guy from Florida.
I've already talked to Frank here today too.
I've been ******* your mother.
I've got a white chocolate **** but he wants to come over here and see if it melts in your hands.
Is about the 4th call. Maybe I answered.
Is the Chinese restaurant right next door, just as the pawn shop here in Stilwell, OK?
Is this a real person?
Is your Mama still got one from another person or something?
It is deep on this, Charles.
It is true.
It is Yvonne.
It sounds like you're hitting the repeat on something over and over again.
Jeff Bowen.
Jim Wilson
John Garrett
Josh hand shell.
Just before the red light at Blackjack St, you're headed North.
Just feature.
Just hit Star 67 and call. If you're worried about your number showing up on my caller ID.
Just me, man. We're in a pretty much being victimized, lasting prank phone colors.
Just sucking your mom's **** make you deaf.
Let me tell you something else. Stupid everyday, everyday, everyday.
Listen closely.
Look, I don't swing that way buddy.
Look, I got a customer. I gotta go.
Look, we don't sell crack at this job.
Lord the Mercer.
Mark Bowen
Mark is proving.
Maybe Amber glow in here.
Maybe you are mistaken.
New word.
No ******* **** you and I are lesbian ficiton Franjic cocksucka.
No, I think you're quick as you little strange economy.
No, it's not gonna Goldman you little leprechaun.
No, the same Brinker.
No, you got real Burger place, did you rename?
No, you're not.
Now let's see this little weasel ***********
Now who's the dummy?
Now, are you going to be an adult or you're going to be a child?
Oh **** you you ******* **** it. I'll ******* **** you know you're lesbian ficiton friends you Faget.
Oh OK, just tell me tell me you ******* ***** then, alright?
Oh yeah, is that right? Well, I'm hoping you'll take this **** to myself, but I'm putting it on YouTube.
Oh your little ****** you suck. Peter, I forgot you suck your daddy's ****
Oh, is it right where there's purple and smells like rain? But sure, but you know the ******
Oh, you are the ******* let me tell you something if you ain't got the time to ******* sit there and think about what the hell you're doing with your life then you need to get your *** in order and...
OK will come on now.
Only on Thursday, but it's only on Thursdays.
Or take Jim charges and shove them up your *** 'cause I'll settle cocked up sideways. If you don't get off here and let me know **** alone.
Please call me back later my friend.
Pranks forever 2009.
Put everything.
Read it.
Really certain that this is a prank phone call.
Right there on the corner.
Ronnie Bowen
Say it real slow.
Say that one more time slowly and not on repeat.
Shut up you're coming worms on last day of your lover.
Sing me to death.
So I've already started that race on you.
So see more of Tony background, say 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning I'll be right.
So what is the purpose of this call?
So you got a problem with it.
So, uh, so?
Somebody drop you on your head when you were a baby or something. Did you forget and have admonition forgetting to put these calling? You don't know. We get the hell out of my ear.
Sounds like you guys are getting a little bit low tech for yourselves.
Stilwell OK.
Suck my kiss.
TEH print color.
Thanksgiving here once again.
That be me.
That's ********
That's what I thought.
That's what your mom is look I saw in the quarter last night. She was growling and purring.
The first one that I thought he went ahead and told me personally every bit of information about himself so that he can keep himself from getting in trouble.
The only person lying here is you who's hiding your voice.
The second make you deaf.
These three names. That's who I believe is doing this ****
This Charles.
This is a federal case now.
This is Azzie pawn shop right next door to the Chinese restaurant here in Stilwell, OK.
This is Charles.
This is Charles.
This phone line is being recorded.