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And Barkley now coming out of the game? Ohh and he had a double double on that. You're looking at 20 points and 33 rebounds. I would say that he gave the people of America West a good show and a re...
Hey, this is Charles Barkley. I hope you enjoying the NBA playoffs on TNT and I hope you have enjoyed my T-Mobile Fade 5 list. I'm a dumbass.
I played in the NBA for 16 years and I've been on the on TV 18 years. It's the first time I've heard police presence. You got wait, wait, they got a police presence? Are you kidding me?
I stopped one day and guy that gave this guy like $100, he had a sign that says no line here folks want money for alcohol and I thought the sign was so funny. I pulled over and gave him $100.
Once you get a certain amount of money, you're famous, your friend you are, and they just assume that you're going to grab the bill all the time. Yeah, especially black folks.
That was good. Ohh that was good.
The thing about him I respect and admire, he's tough. If you hit him, he's going to keep coming back.
Workout room for like a hour like this basketball. How can we order those Ernie Truck circle 55.
You see the movie The perfect storm. Yes, that's what it was like. A great offensive player and a really bad defensive team came together. How to create the perfect storm I understand.