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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All that matters is confidence bro
All you stupid fucking child porn addicts
Are you a low IQ faggot
Are you fucking serious
Bang gow gonk hee gong
Be smarter than me dude
Black lives matter
Call me when I;m famous
Can you prove it you fucking idiot
Can you rap like me no
Chill dude
Come get your ass beat
Come to my house you fuckin faggot
Dick photoshopped on my face
Did a fuckin whore have something to say about a philosopher
Did your mom drop you on your head
Duhh you cant play the drums cuz you're bald
Everybody knows youll never be shit
Fuck you faggot
Fuckin whore learn your fuckin place
Fucking cry about it faggot
Fucking stupid fucking whore
Give me some fuckin money or fuck off
Go whack off to anime
Humiliated you in front of 25 people
I already humiliated you shut the fuck up
I can bench 200 pounds now
I can knock you out
I could fuck your sister i guess
I could fucking **** you
I could kick the absolute shit out of you
I couldnt hear you over the sound of me shredding the drums
I did everything and i got nothin out of it
I feel like a winner now
I fuckin stink
I fucking mean it dude
I got proof that you're threatening to kill my family
I have 130 IQ
I have debunked your statement
I heard that you take dick for money
I heard you can take two cocks in your mouth at the same time
I know my sisters attractive
I know you dont like my face but im better than you
I play the drums better than youll ever do anything
I should be making hundreds of thousands of dollars
I should be working for the fbi
I smell like fucking shit
I smell like shit
I thought you were smart you stupid idiot
I want an operator now
I want some mcdonalds
I was becoming the best drummer while you were getting addicted to child porn
I went to berklee college of music
I will always be an issue for everybody
I would debate anybody on the planet and i would win
If you want to criticize me you have to be smart
If you're not smarter than me then shut the fuck up
If you're ugly like me
Ill bet people love it when you chime in
Ill fuckin film it
Im a human lie detector test
Im a lot smarter than you
Im fuckin smarter than you and you already lost
Im fucking brilliant dude
Im going to ban you very quickly
Im gonna fuck your girlfriend
Im gonna knock your fuckin face in bitch
Im liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars because you said that
Im making sure you feel bad about yourself
Im making sure you're uncomfortable
Im smarter than my fucking teachers dude
Im the best debater youve ever met in your life
It's not legal to try to murder my family
It's not legal to try to **** my mom
Keeping hiding you little faggot
My life fucking sucks lets get it
Never saw that one comin
Nobody fucking cares
Okay shut up
On your mark set play drums as good as i do
Opinion discarded
Pay somebody to suck your dick
Suck at your job bitch
Suck my cock
Suck my cock whore
The only mistake im making is acknowledging you
What a fuckin moron dude
What a fucking idiot
What the fuck is this shit
You dont deserve me doin what im doin
You fucking idiot retard
you fucking retard
You guys want me to do it
You should fuckin go to jail for that
You're fuckin stupid
You're gonna burn in hell and im not