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All right, we're stuck in an elevator here. That's fun.
And the market doesn't give a fuck who your parents were, or how you rolled or what happened before. The market just cares about the market.
At the end of the day, all I do is reverse engineer behavior.
Because if anybody ever did it, then you can do stop making excuses. Stop complaining. Nobody's listening. They may make pretend they're listening. The market doesn't care.
Because the truth is, if you want to be an anomaly, you've got to act like 1.
But passion and delusion are two very different things.
Do shit. Learn. Put in the work.
Everything in life is on you, right? It's not your dad's fault who was a drinker. It's not your boyfriend that you know cheated on you. It's not your girlfriend who's always putting you down. It is...
Fuck man. There's just so many ways to do it.
Fuck you Monday.
Give and good shit happens! #give and good shit happens #giving #garyvee #gary vaynerchuck #sxsw 2014 #selflessness #give first
Here's why I like social media because it sells shit.
Hey, man, wake up Dick. It's a huge day. You could be dead, but you're not, so go crush it.
Honey empire, bitches.
How many people in this room have no idea who I am or my spiel? Raise your hand. That fucking hurts.
I actually would tell you I fascinate sometimes over losing everything and then having you guys write articles like, see, he wasn't that good. He was so full of shit. And then rising like a phoenix...
I am savage.
I mean, if you want to be respected and really known, show the fuck up.
I really think that people who think they're entrepreneurs that don't work 15 to 17 hours a day aren't. I really believe that.
I refuse to accept the negative.
I think that people like to claim that they work hard and smart, but they're not putting in the work and they work nine to six. It's just not enough.
I'm a humongous believer that ideas are shit and that execution is the game.
I'm a straight creeper.
I'm an empathy machine. That's what I do.
I'm being dead serious #being dead serious #im serious #gary vaynerchuk #gary vee
I'm going to make Monday morning my bitch.
I'm going to make you Saturday, Monday morning! #monday motivation #gary vaynerchuk #mondaymotivation #monday morning
I'm not a digitalist or a futurist. I don't give a shit about technology. I care about your attention because if I have your attention, if I'm good enough after that point, I can sell you something...
I'm playing the long game I always have.
If you lack optimism, it's game over.
If you're not beating me, don't fucking laugh.
It's just real.
Learn how to love losing.
Let me just clarify one thing. I'm not lucky. I worked. I worked every God damn weekend at every holiday since I was 14 years old. So you can keep that luck shit in your pocket.
Let's start with this I fully, fully 100,000% with no hedge. Do not believe that you can teach entrepreneurship.
Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself #hard work #never give up #gary vaynerchuk #gary vee #gary v #motivation
Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to do every day for the rest of my life? Do that.
Marketers. Ruin everything.
My friends, it is a gift. It is a gift to wake up in the morning and be able to do what you want for the rest of your life.
New talent isn't enough. You've gotta go put in the work.
Nobody eats bananas like me.
Nothing in life is free. Nothing happens overnight. It all takes tons and tons of work and tons and tons of talent and tons and tons of serendipity.
People talk a big game #people talk a big game #put up or shutup #walk the walk #gary vaynerchuk #gary vee #gary v
Pink Berry watermelon is yummers.
Regretting feels to me like the opposite of entrepreneurship.
See, social media marketing is like going Beyoncé on your customers. You've gotta put a fucking ring on it.
So let me just say it for the record, for all the people at home running businesses. People are not looking at billboards and outdoor media. They're not even looking at the fucking Rd.
So stop making excuses.
So to me, hustle would be putting all your effort into achieving the goal at hand. And for me that means making every minute count.
Some dude bought 1200 horses the day before Henry Ford created the car. He fucking lost.
Speed in both people skills and hard work will trump anything #hard work #people skills #never give up #gary vaynerchuk #gary vee #gary v #speed
Speed is 4 billion times important than perfection #speed is more important #speed is key #hustle hard #keep at it #speed is everything #gary vaynerchuk #gary vee #gary v #speed
Take a step back and think about how awesome it actually is.
The biggest poison? In us is regret. It's poison.
We are living through a far bigger culture shift than anybody in this room, including myself, realizes.
What I will tell you is it's a lot more listening than it is talking.
What if I told you this was the last Monday morning of your life?
What now, bitch?
What the fuck is the matter with people?
What you need to do is make one person happy you. Then you can make everybody else happy.
What's the ROI of your mother?
When you're happy in life, your fucking business can roll.
Yes, that'd be great. Thank you.
You can punch me in the face 8000 times. I'm here to get punched.
You collect Smurfs, Smurf it up.
You gotta get off the bitch train and just pick one.
You have to be fast #you have to be fast #be fast with clients #hustle hard #speed is key #gary vaynerchuk #gary vee #gary v #business
You know, many fucking people used to say the word luck, that that word luck has gone right back. Like nobody has the audacity to say that to my face now. And I love it.
You need to bet on your strengths and don't give a fuck about what you suck at.
You're either on offense or you're not.
You're gonna die. Yeah, that's inspiration.
24 months of eating shit to be able to eat caviar for the rest of your life.
3 words. Give me inspiration for any damn. Throwing down. 3 words. 3 words. You're gonna die. Yeah, that's inspiration. Do something about it. I love you too. Take care.
90% of you more, but I'm trying to be nice. Are treating social media like a one night stand. Most companies are failing in social because everybody in social is acting like a 19 year old dude they...