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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And he gave you a 5 dollar raise yeah isn't that swell
If I had to build me a house i'd have it on wheels
If I had to wash dishes I guess i'd give up eating
Is this one of those places where you ring if you want something
It's the promised land someday texas is going to be the biggest and the finest
Mighty fine liquor what do you call it rub of the brush
No no my house is all out there all one room with a sky for a roof
Pardon me you don't happen to have a twin brother do you well you'd better pay me that money you owe me
That's pretty tough competition
The idea is still good believe me folks
Well you know how it is at sunset you can look out and that water ain't exactly blue and it ain't exactly purple it's a kind of color a man can feel but he can't put a name to well that's lily's eyes
Well you're wrong it's no miracle it's no miracle because I see it happen once a year and so do you at christmas time
When I was a kid I had a pet rattlesnake I was fond of it but I wouldn't turn my back on it
Why can't you call it right you bone headed big eared
You know how bright and coppery and gold like a young chestnut horse is running in the bright sun well her hair is something like that
You know I had a crazy dream last night it was about you I dreamt I was your father
You know you're not the prettiest girl I ever saw