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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Action movies
And I wrote on a camel I wrote an elephant but the campbell 's campbell came out
And i'm going i'm being guided by invisible forces
And in fact this is nothing wrong but maine
And then I started to dance with the bear like wrestling
And there's nothing like a camel when you get into the focus of the real energia the neighborhood worldwide
Aspect hilarious did this a snake quip on your back legs underneath the back of your legs not that you have four legs
But death is never to be afraid of in the movies are in life because in life you don't feel that you're going like that
But i'm going to be your guide
Captain death
Chris walken
Death you are not to be afraid of because it comes with the dinner on the unconscious menu
Do not differ under anything that's lower than you can dip
Do not ripen you're bringing him to a grocery store to sell to people
Don't be afraid of dying when you die in your dreams is a good sign
Don't forget what failing stands for F A I L I N G
Enemies or friends in reverse
Even thought about therapy
Every letter that makes up the word that creates your name bills her garden of passion in your heart
Fear FE AR this tensor false evidence appearing real
Finding an important lesson inviting needed growth
Free zone it will come out later
From the middle december to help you out in your stupidity I will not stop talking
God I was wrong I was wrong
Hey how you doing
How you doing
I broke out in big well said rep saran wrapped around me
I can give them a signal that we're safe like we
I sent you learn on your own now i'm dead matter the words I get it what matters of words you have inside you to tell you what I just told you in your own way
I would like you to rub me on the top of my thighs
I wrestled a bear once
I'm allergic to bear spit
I'm coming here in confronting you on the fact that you're dismissing the environment bring it bad fruit in here
I'm doing good how you doing
I'm saying i'm giving you i'm giving you some information that your bodily fluids may penetrate your clothing fiber without warning
I'm sorry
Is this what that line did the bay I believed ever met
It goes against the nature
It was moving and throbbing and moving and wiggling and that one hop on his back was flipping back and forth like a one breasted female
Like a frog and a bowl of rice wanting to have a menajahtwa wearing a helmet
Missing one half
Mistake that simple will get you killed in combat
My name is gary
Oh oh AM
OK have you have you urinated
Prank Call Sounds: Gary Busey Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Gary Busey Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Gary Busey Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Gary Busey Soundboard Sound
Prank Call Sounds: Gary Busey Soundboard Sound
Relying on magnificent and necessary compatible energi
Remember to balance your internal energy with your environment
Right now at this point in time you're lost cause
Romance you know what it stands for
See you later
Seven hundred fifty pound black bear
Shut up
Sometimes I just don't know what to do and when I don't know what to do I make this out because it clears my mind of all obstacles that really aren't there
Sometimes your imagination will make you think there's something that cuts hey is actually isoft net sweater
Stop it
Talk to you later bye bye
Thank you again
Thanks a lot brother
That is not part of the thing in life
That's the sound the bear mace
The beginning of life in the celebration of pain
These tomatoes aren't even right
They got a big turkey neck
This is a good thing for you to learn from
This is real
This is tom cruise
Tom cruise
Until I looked at the quadrangle that produced with the verbs used in the sentence
Very music
We gotta recharge your brave batteries
We're friends
Well you always
What kind of an idiot are you
What time in my life I was in a facial shree lanca which is it island right below india and have a lot of camels there
When you get lost in your magic tori vagueness your foresight will become a nibble vagrant
Will you accept my apology
Yeah if you join your bladder you free
You know have you ever seen a farm birth where they have to use chains and ropes
You will learn something that you can teach main over my overwhelming belligerent way of going over the top when I think there something wrong