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50 seconds or so strong. Who do you want it on for this attempt? Good question. Who is most likely to die? Zuda? But you know, yeah, can you still do twice?
All right, everybody has to make the. Damn it, who put slow fall on me? I did cause it work. God, I threw off my timing but you just don't know how to jump.
All right, everybody's ready. You want to go poke him with a stick. A very long stick. Did you just throw a snowball at him? Because sounds awesome, so clearly snowballs do not pull them off.
All right, grab the ad watch out for Spike Butt.
All right, so I'm like half drunk and I didn't follow this bike. What the hell is wrong with you? Blue ball fall off this.
All right, why don't you turn into a bear? That'd be awesome.
Am I seriously the only one that keeps getting cheap? They heard that you liked them. Bagel The guy in Nowhere Texas laughs at a sheep joke. There's no sheep out here, dude. Says the guy wants virg...
Am I seriously the only one that keeps getting sheeped? They heard that you liked them vagel The guy in Nowhere Texas laughs at a sheep joke. There's no sheep out here. Dude says the guy. Ohh but C...
And although I haven't done this fight before, I have I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
And from ludicrous to in excess we go. You have the devil inside. No, this is, uh, never tell you that. We already had the devil inside, so you kind of sing us a ballad I love your precious saw I w...
And I'm always going to give you the ones that charge, because that way it makes you look bad.
And we know every boss drops crappy shammy looking crappy hunter look, it's a good thing we have crappy hunters and shamans. Where's where's the crappy RET pally year? Because you know we have a cr...
And we're back to Sarah McLachlan. After DMX, are you building a mystery? Not this song. It's a good song though. Makes you want to go out and adopt A puppy. It makes you want to do a lesbian.
And what's the worst you take from every heart you breaking up the baby blah blah.
And when you guys are done tickling them, you would like to send them over here so we can actually hit him with something hard.
And you can talk about my mom while you want because she's kind of a money grubbing slut. That's.
And you'll take massive damage and it'll be awesome.
Anybody remember where the pole ARM trainer is? Think he's in Stormwind? My pants.
Apparently it doesn't like when I touch a zombie it hates you.
Are we going to kill any of these valkyries to help avoid retardation, or just enjoy the retardation?
Are you guys talking? Because I don't hear anybody. If you want to fill the silence, I can always tell really bad jokes. Ooh please please. Pretty sure you're going to really bad jokes anyways. No,...
Aren't we going to hit dollars? Depends on where you jump, doesn't it? There's no way you're gonna see a flare down there. Ohh cause you've seen them all up until now. Yeah. Wish you weren't a liar...
As long as he doesn't touch, my stash will be OK.
Battle rising real quick. Yes, go now the other direct go.
Because what's happening is is her voice is going into her computer out of your computer, back into her computer, and that's what's making food that feedback like that. It's so freaking hot.
Brian Moonlight run for your life.
Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn?
Can hunters use two handed maces? Only on Tuesdays. I'll roll just for Tuesdays. Then I'll give it to your wife and she can give it to you. You know my wife. Close enough. That's what she said. And...
Can I send my repair bill to ceremony because you tried to kill me so many times you can't repair stupid?
Can we see a DPS chart again? You really don't want.
Can we see a DPS chart that lives at the top of?
Check ready if you're not going to die.
Chickley, particularly puff.
Clay, when you put the light well down, put it somewhere in the middle of the room. OK, and then just call out where you put it. I'll call out somewhere in the middle of the room.
Corey almost died, keyword being almost alright point taken. It's just Corey. And no one important almost died. What do I already have Kingslayer?
Damn it, I hate it when I don't get sucked. You go for that. It's not your birthday wait. Understand why the birthday would change anything. Oht I can't ohh poor dog.
Dare you AFK? Gary Willis is coming thriller. Sorry, I was watching TV and missed the redicheck. Fail sauce I told you to watch reading Rainbow later. Butterfly in the sky. Dude, I love reading rai...
Did you help the ice fear yet?
Did you text? OK, yeah Doug Ohh, get it on video. I want to see the sweet sweet tears.
Do I need to tank somebody back there? You can go over to the diamond. The diamonds you are on you want me to come over here. I'm on the star. I'm stupid.
Do we know if the other group is running this quarter? They're running patchwork right now. It just be nice to. See a pattern? Yeah, it'd be nice if they sucked it up to now offense.
Doesn't look like the nerve life dancer too much, geez?
Don't tea bag snarly.
Drama llama.
Ellie, you'll never guess what I had for dinner last night. Rocket kit. Kraft dinner is the moose cock. Moose cock take a drink that is craft dinner.
Everybody into the pool.
Everybody pass on everything because I forgot to put on Master Luke, I'm an idiot.
Everybody passed on everything because I forgot to put on Master Luke, I'm an idiot.
Excellent work Josh. It's a very hard part of that fight. Prilled or who?
Face problems in a web thingy that's not right. I've never been in one before. I was really confused. We're getting out. It's going to take time the whole lot of precious time.
Fall down, get your rocket out of my face.
Focus fire on the skull first, but spread out across in that whole front area there, spread your front. Got it.
For the love of crap people get off your minds. I have a dragon look at me on my dragon. Or have a magnet.
For the love of crap people get off your mouth.
Fucking great.
Go make a love did it fluffy cloud. Do not make babies with the clouds.
Good God prop you guys. Maybe you had to get your guy out and get a bit of a suntan. To that is a pasty white none there. We have sun in Florida. I'm getting him out to get a tan or something. My G...
Grats or tanking.
Hard to DPS when you're dead, huh Corey?
He mails knee pots just. You get a free prize.
Hey can somebody demote me back down to a new kid on the block gladly could make another position just for you. I don't think ass hat is taken is it?
Hey guys how's it going?
Hey Hunter, get back here. I was doing melee. With your two handed maces. I'll just be silly. I haven't talked about it yet. I gotta put some 20 in a light on it. Figure you'd go for MP5. No, I got...
Hey, I met my wife through DND so you know I can not say much. I stole her actually kind of a Dick like that. Did you roll for her? That would have been sweet. No, she just broke up. I just encoura...
Hmm, crazy whale milk bottle.
How about bringing fish that's not too tough. How about bringing arrows? I can do that. Can you seem to remember one time you didn't? No, that wasn't me, that was toilet same guy that rolled on me ...
How did Ortiz get the power?
How do we have two priests and I didn't get for it buff? Learned about.
How to do that life? I got mad skills. What did he do? He made it come to him. Because he's got bacon in his pocket. Hmm, bacon, no he doesn't. I would have run there. Bacon.
I bet Sindragosa would be like an awesome grocery store worker because she would give you dis pair and she would give you dat pair. Was miserable.
I didn't see the big swirly enemy me. There's so much ground clutter. Golden shower, there's one.
I don't drink what. How do you have fun? I guess pretty obvious how I have fun 2 girls at the same time.
I don't think I've ever seen a big Irishman cry hold on. I'll get my camera the tears will be epic.
I found Mr bigglesworth. Where was he? He is standing by life dancer near the plague quarter I believe. You killed them. Who killed Mr Bigglesworth this time? I not only killed Mr Bigglesworth, I c...
I found Mr bigglesworth. Where was he? He is standing by life dancer near the plague quarter I believe. You killed them. Who killed Mr Bigglesworth? This time I not only killed Mr Bigglesworth, I c...
I had a little too much Kangaroos.
I had to post that's that's sick. The top eight DPS were over 3000. That's sick, good job guys, and two of us were dead for about 15 seconds too. That's why and Bones slipped down to 7 and you guys...
I have a stone blood somewhere. Yeah I do. I'll pop it but look it's hot.
I hope they come out with a bean burrito feast in the next room.
I know and I'm starting to drink so.
I like how they surround me in like a semicircle. It's kind of awesome. Screen shot. Live dancers, only friends are larvae.
I normally try and cocaine, but she was already gone and it freaks her out. Wouldn't suicidal bear freak you? Yeah, but it doesn't kill me so I'm not suicidal. Alright, how about is the bear? That'...
I see Josh will the 51. What's that competition? Tom's not going to get all the fat hunter. That's wrong.
I see myself with the 91 grats to me.
I started vent before I started World of Warcraft. And then vent would not work while it was in World of Warcraft, so I had to shut down World of Warcraft, shut down vent, then start World of Warcr...
I think I accidentally broke one, sorry. Ratio reshape. I definitely didn't break the top DPS on the skull. Reship diamond please. Josh, I think you're doing something to break those. I don't do an...
I think that Matt has a drinking problem. The problem being he doesn't drink enough during raids. Yeah, I wish I had a drinking problem. Be awesome. The problem is no one's refilling the drink, huh...
I thought maybe you were knee deep in a diaper or something.
I turned to run for the ice walk and all I did was tread. Water is just like neural bland.
I want to teabag the Lich King.
I was going for sexy that I get no you nailed it, that is. That sexy
I wish I had an extra raid marker icon that was like a new icon that I could put on the bear. The other bear. You can tell us apart. Here's the square bear. I'm the dancing one.
I would like to dance. I was running in place. He's amazing, amazing.
I yelled I'm an ice block Torlan yelled I'm a block.
I'll who killed Mr Bigglesworth. Oops. He hit me.
I'm excited, excited for being here makes my heart go pitter Pat. I'm going to throw you off a pittypat bridge, OK?
I'm getting a lot of FPS problems that I've never had before. Yeah, I am too. We do have 15 more people throwing 15 more spells every time too. I know, but it's worse now than it was when we first ...
I'm going down. Is that?
I'm going on follow behind honey for a moment. I've got to go and turn on scooby-doo.
I'm going to DPS by the entrance. That way when it goes bad I can run out.
I'm going to warn you to death.
I'm gonna drink another beer and then start talking about your mom.
I'm here guys. Oh, I haven't buffed. I'm tripping tripping yo.
I'm not optimistic, but we're going to try it anyways. We will meet him in battle nonetheless.
I'm not smart, I go bonk.
I'm not sure we can do it. Convince me otherwise please.
I'm sorry, did I did not speak clearly enough, did I? Did I stutter?
I'm sorry. What side are we going to ask? Doug? Yeah, like I was saying with that Group 2 is going to the left. I think group two Group One left Group 2 right? I guess none of us were paying attent...
I'm surprised you're not eating Kraft dinner hellie
If anybody ever sees any of these green things that drop that, you could need just let me know and I will replace you with someone who has better gear.
If it weren't for Penny, I'd probably still be arms and fury. Is that cause Penny ripped off your arms in a fury? Legends of pending?
If you didn't get sucked onto the other side, what's going to happen over there?
Is the guy dead out here? That's not in our Guild? We were at him? Nah, just teabagging.
Is there a good place to stand over here on the live site or is it just the tanks? There's nothing good about the live side. I've learned that the hard way see mutiny, mutiny over there. Yeah, the ...
Is there an in range time bones down in the back wife still up and got a good buzz?
It didn't help that I attacked hellie heavens garboil on. Why can't I stun this thing? Paladins.
It's just kind of hard to concentrate on DPS and use this playing on your playlist. I can just picture you just rocking out. I'm pretty mellow, actually sing along. Please, you don't want to hear t...
It's too bad Kate's not here. I should be dead too.
Kate got loot and made it through Frogger. Something is seriously up. I must still be drunk from last weekend, so that must be what it is. This is all a dream.
Kelly, you have to check out my pictures of Nikki Sixx. I can't wait. Does he look old now? Nope nice.
Learn to mark.
Left side rules deadside drills.
Less QQ and more Pew Pew. It's not what you said last night to mom. Ohh
Let me get aggro. I'm looking at you, I'm befani.
Let me put it this way. If you run out of arrows in the middle of a fight, we will never stop making fun of you. In German, don't you guys already like not stop making fun of me anyways? Well, it d...
Like hearing ghetto before you start whacking. Please.
Like whoa.
Lower skates.
Matt, what's playing now? Sean Paul. The temperature shake that thing Miss Kevin and shake that thing Miss.
Moonlet doesn't want that anyway. It's attack power reading is hard.
More dogs, more dogs, more dogs, more dogs.
My income has been cut in half now. The only thing I have to fall back on is for the times I charge Kate's mom she's getting hosed. I'd do it for free.
Nice everybody made it, but it's obvious that two people we didn't bring are the people who were responsible for all our failures. I agree, so I'm living Torlan and ortas for all of our failures.
Nice when you get the other fish face, but it's going to be a really long time. Right now we have like 1700. I have 10,000 holy moly. Fishing weekend. Exact. Actually, we'll probably have it by the...
Nobody important died.
Not our fault that Corey shoots early.
Oh I'm gonna have to give this one honey too. Luke horror Ninja.
Oh look at me, walk through walls. Yes, pretty sweet. It's Jesus. Uhm, walls. That's water, huh? No, I thought that was Nightcrawler. Sorry, walking through water is not really. If there's not real...
Oh no, you guys aren't doing secret recording. I hope never.
Oh shit, not again. Well, I made it. Yeah. This is my house. And all of the king.
Oh sorry, was Rocket is in my face. That's what she said Ohh man.
Oh yeah, suck that frostborn.
Oh, it's Kate. I should go help her. I will murder you in your sleep.
Oh, what I would do with a Rob Zombie blow up?
Oh, you know you he will you know he'll drop crabs that nobody needs. I don't care I'd like to kill the dragon. He could drop toenails for all I care.
Ohh I know of being just can do now. They can cast slow follow and other people. Yeah, that's pretty epic. Yeah, we're so overpowered now.
Ohh no jug off by 1 error ohh my goodness so Corey needs to switch to healing then. This is going to be ugly, like Kate's mom. You're deep, yes? I'm going to apologize to Sleeman for Zuda. This is ...
Ohh yeah, wet Willie just so you know, don't press heroism until they give you at least 5 copper per time.
On this extra damage, I feel like life Dancer feels good, doesn't it?
Oops, I agrred everything that's OK. I'm here to save the day. Let me go.
Or smarter life can't out DPS the raid?
Pattern coming. A bunch of dead mages whenever we try to crowd control on here, it always goes horribly wrong. Ohh gross, I think I just stepped in some mage guts.
Poker face Mama Mama.
Pull him up the stairs. Or the ramp, whatever it is. Stairs, ramp whatever. Ladder. What are things that go up elevator? Escalator escalator Ramps. Yeah, pull these guys to the escalator. I would s...
Put your fuzzy ass off me.
Repair bot still up if those who died when he use it. Cyber Joe made it so it may not work very good.
Rocket Cat has No Fear.
Roll need on hate strike? Any greed rolls on the heat strike show you one a 12th weapon for your DPS. I would roll on it, but I've got a that stupid femur and I got them too. Fist weapons and then ...
Roneat on crappy shaman boots.
Run down the tunnel of death and stayed the right. Thank you for putting slow fall on me. I was thinking on that as we could use levitate on you and then you could just you know fly across the litt...
Run squishies.
Say should interact it first. Yeah, just aren't ready for this one. We're not ready to walk around. Getting it warmed up. Somebody pulled a muscle. Everybody, make sure you stretch this time. Oh my...
See if you'd all get drunk and fall down more often. You'd have some mad skills.
See, I didn't even see anything touch me on that screen. Epic Frogger fail.
She being in 54321 Jeep Alberding.
Shy, break, stealth and do AOE Yep now running for your butt butt running.
So Callie living on drinks is 1 and a two. This is what you get.
So Charles can bubble majors can do invisibility. The priests should ride on the backs of the Bears. Don't wanna be your beast of burden. My paws are tired, my tail is hurting.
So like does your frosters this gear do anything to hurt harm your DPS? I put it on for tanking during the four Horsemen. I guess if I had to take it off, Shocker, yeah, I thought I'd clue you in b...
So not to put pressure on anybody, but last week everybody stayed alive during this fight. I'm just saying, yeah, we got the achievement. We don't have to do it anymore. Ohh really ohh real. Achiev...
So not to put pressure on anybody, but last week everybody stayed alive. During this fight, I'm just saying. Yeah, we got the achievement. We don't have to do it anymore. Oh, really. All real. Too ...
So now we've got The Karate Kid theme playing. You're the best around great song. William Zabka, one of my all time favorite actors. That was acting. It was it wasn't just one of the guys. Or back ...
So Palace can bubble majors, can do invisibility. The priests should ride on the backs of the Bears. Exactly. Don't wanna be your beast burden. My paws are tired, my tail is hurting.
So this is fail sauce right now.
Some random butt sex mechanic.
Someone already killed Mr Bigglesworth was Josh. I deny that so state of affairs are there claw marks on Mr Bigglesworth truly there are thin marks. I think he went into retarded manatee form because.
Someone tell me what Groupon? Group two, group two. OK the better. Clearly, because it has both the shamans. And the majority of Paladins and a monkey screwed a coconut.
Someone's trying to tea bag me and my head is a tree.
Sometimes all I can see is my own big furry butt.
Son of a You fell down.
Sorry, we had an emergency. She dropped her M&M. Was it a peanut, Eminem or regular Eminem? Regular. For the loss. Peanuts wrong. I like peanut butter M&M's. Those are called Reese's pieces. No, th...
Stupid other group getting a trinket, freaking blade down and you get there.
Stupid pants. Yeah, gotta wait for motor for the pants. I just looked it up on the Armory and he could really use those pants. Does anybody else need them? I'm just saying we could have, like you k...
Sweet that rock.
Tarlan come play with us. What do you want me to do? He rejected you guys come to the live side who wants you to party doesn't stop on the dead side.
That patch has nerved me something fierce.
That slime is just chilling over there.
That's a nice healing fishing pole you got there, Doug, to see if it's fishing pole equipped. It's been a couple of days. I'm trying to get back, give me a break. Doug's gonna help me with this pol...
That's funny, I thought was to check yes if we aren't retarded, well that too. Oh, then I checked the wrong one.
That's my rise up my ass. Look at that, look at that.
The door is open. The doodad doors open. No do the. Damn. We No doodad will be the thing of myth.
The key to pictures is to stand on the opposite side of Heli because he will pull the army of the dead and you won't be seen.
Then that took it in again. We are so far from you.
Then to get in again, we are so far from you. Oh my God. And what's the worst you take from every heart you break another baby, blah blah. What's the weather back? Can take for two bastards so long...
There's no crying in world of war that's not true. I cry when I go all the time.
There's so much tail in this raid now, it's awesome.