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The Replacements (2000)

The Replacements (2000)

The Replacements (2000) is an American sports comedy film directed by Howard Deutch. This hilarious movie revolves around a fictional professional football team, the Washington Sentinels, during a players' strike in the National Football League (NFL). Faced with the challenge of taking on the remaining games of the season, the team's owner hires a ragtag group of misfits and outcasts as replacement players.

The cast of The Replacements includes some talented actors such as Keanu Reeves, Gene Hackman, Orlando Jones, Brooke Langton, and Jon Favreau. Reeves plays the lead role of Shane Falco, an unassuming and underrated quarterback who seizes the opportunity to prove himself on the field. Hackman portrays Coach Jimmy McGinty, a seasoned veteran who brings the team together and leads them to unexpected success.

The film is filled with hilarious moments, heartwarming camaraderie, and thrilling football action. It explores themes of underdogs overcoming adversity, teamwork, and second chances. The Replacements is a must-watch for both sports enthusiasts and comedy lovers alike.

If you want to relive the excitement and laughter of this comedy classic, you can play and download the sounds of The Replacements here. Enjoy the infectious energy of the football field and the memorable antics of this lovable band of misfit players.

A 40 yard attempt for kicker Nigel Gruff, against the wind.
A gain of 20 yards by Ray Smith. First down.
A lot of angry fans out there feel that the players are being too greedy.
A second chance.
A walk on at Michigan State before he gave up football...
According to the Sentinels, it says Ray Smith is...
After that, the team was really clicking.
All day, blue eyes! It's Christmas morning...
All I want to do is score one touchdown before I hang up my pads. That's it.
All right, let's go!
All right! Way to go!
All right? Let's do it! Come on!
All right.
All right. Let's go, baby, let's go!
All that big...
And greatness, no matter how brief...
And he drops it right into the unsure hands of Clifford Franklin!
And I say that is bullshit!
And McGinty says, "Go for it."
And McGinty says, with the playoffs on the line, "Go for it. "
And now, the rest of the Washington Sentinels.
And so, boys and girls, if anybody does have any firearms...
And the hunt? That ring's so close you can almost feel it on your finger.
And then after he died, I took over.
And wax that motherfucker.
And you? How are you running after last night?
And you're afraid of blowing it.
André and Jamal Jackson.
Another vicious hit by the All Pro Hank Morris.
Anybody here afraid of anything other than insects?
Anything you'd like to say?
Are you all right?
Are you gonna get me the ball?
As long as the strike is on, Falco is my quarterback.
At first, I admit, I was afraid.
Awarded a Purple Heart for losing a kidney during the Gulf War.
Bateman on that one. That was just a cheap shot.
Bateman! Hawk 9, Stay!
Bateman! Wilkinson! Come on, guys, what are you doing?
Be quiet or they'll hear us, and then what?
Because you get a fat guy spike, and then you get a fat guy dance.
Because, as of today, you're all professional football players.
Better lucky than good?
Big Bateman ends up with the ball!
Black 32!
Bloody hell.
Blue 88!
Blue 89!
Brian Murphy would've gone in the first round if he wasn't deaf.
Bring back Falco!
Bring back Falco!
Bring it in here.
Bring it in, guys.
Bundt cake!
But a real man...
But Falco's been shut down by this defense all afternoon.
But he caught the ball!
But I'll tell you this, all it takes...
But I've got to be able to communicate with him and how...
But in doing so, his left guard, André Jackson, is going to pull...
But Jimmy McGinty is anything but a conventional guy.
But leadership means nothing if a team doesn't believe in each other.
But most of all, he's our friend. This is for you, man.
But now our fear is shared and we can overcome it together.
But they all have something unique to bring to the game.
But, unfortunately, you did park in Lamont's space.
Call time out! Time out!
Can I see you when I get back?
Can somebody please cut that bullshit off?
Can we get beyond the spiders, please?
Can you dance?
Can you elaborate?
Can't we all just get along?
Car trouble.
Case in point: We don't have a quarterback, do we?
Champ, champ!
Check it out, it's our new quarterback.
Cheers, babe.
Cheers. God bless you.
Cheers. You saved my ass.
Chicks dig scars.
Clifford Franklin can't wait till tomorrow.
Clifford Franklin gets better looking every day.
Clifford Franklin has moves even Clifford Franklin ain't seen yet.
Clifford Franklin is looking for a new home.
Clifford Franklin.
Clifford Franklin. Terrific day today.
Clifford Franklin's the only one catching it and coming down with it.
Clifford! Twinkie!
Coach McGinty!
Coach, can I ask you a question?
Coach, don't say that.
Cochran fumbles the ball, Dallas recovers.
Come and get some!
Come here!
Come on, boys, let's go!
Come on, come on! Stop!
Come on, get it together!
Come on, goddamn it, help me!
Come on, Jimmy!
Come on, let's pick it up!
Come on, Martel. Get moving!
Come on, quick feet!
Come on, Shane!
Come on, Shane!
Come on, Sumo boy. Let's see what you can do.
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Coming right up, Mr. Falco.
Consider it done.
Conventional wisdom says kick the extra point, tie the game...
Could you believe that slide by Martel?
Cut that music! Cut it! Turn the music off! Cut it!
Dallas has made a big mistake. They haven't been afraid of you.
Damn thing's always broken.
Damn! This cup is stuck!
Daniel Bateman comes up with the big stop on third and one.
Daniel Bateman, SWAT team officer.
Danny Bateman.
Danny, Danny.
Danny, go down! You're using up the clock!
Danny, remember what I told you about red shirts in practice?
DC Right, Switch, 25 Blast.
DC Right, Zig, 90 Eagle. You can do this.
Detroit bought an entire semi pro team once the strike happened.
Detroit takes over the football with excellent field position.
Did I do it? Did I score?
Didn't anybody have anything better to do that day?
Do you know what insurance costs on a Ferrari, mother...
Do you think he'll have that luck against Dallas, too?
Don't be sorry. Going out in front of 80,000 people ain't bad.
Don't do anything great if you can't handle the congratulations.
Don't laugh, it works. It's great for sore muscles and bruises.
Don't mess with my brother.
Don't talk. We'll run the same play. You'll catch the ball.
Don't worry about it.
Double slot Zag, okay?
Dwight, I know $5 million a year sounds like a lot of money...
Eagle over, cover four!
Especially not quarterbacks. You guys are the biggest babies of all.
Ever get one of those spiders crawling up your arm?
Everybody in the stadium knows that an onside kick is coming...
Ezekiel 21 :31 .
Falco calls an audible at the line of scrimmage...
Falco can't do that. You saw what happened yesterday.
Falco rolls to his left and throws...
Falco scores! Falco scores!
Falco, great to see you. Now, get the hell out of my locker room!
Falco! Falco!
Falco's sacked and the ball comes loose.
False start on the offense.
Field goal!
Final score: Washington 10, Detroit 14.
Final score: Washington 17, San Diego 16.
Final score: Washington 20, Dallas 17.
Find a way to lead your team. Earn their respect.
First down and goal on the two yard line.
First down, Washington.
Five yards.
Flatter. But it runs.
Flip 90, Dig, on the center. Ready?
For some of these players, this is another shot...
Form a line here! Let's go seven on seven.
Franklin catches the ball!
Franklin, come here, come here, come on.
Franklin's gonna get hit right here.
Fumiko scores!
Get a job, you wankers!
Get me Jimmy McGinty! Have him here tonight.
Get over it.
Get some sleep, kiddo.
Get that bible out of here!
Get the ball!
Get this off of me!
Get to the playoffs. Something Washington...
Get used to setting up on the run. Move fast, think even faster.
Get your hands off me, you gorilla!
Getting back up after being kicked in the teeth.
Give it a tune up, too.
Give me a T!
Give me a T!
Give me a...
Give me an E!
Give me an E!
Give me an N!
Give me an N!
Give me an S!
Give me an..."
Glory lasts forever.
Go ahead. I'm gonna lie here a moment and collect my thoughts.
Go get some kicks in.
Go on, boys!
Go out there and catch the ball for a change, all right?
Go suit up.
Go, from four. Hut!
Goddamn spiders freak me, too, fellas.
Gold 41!
Gonna need some time on this one.
Good game today.
Good night, Annabelle.
Good night.
Good release, strong arm. You're gonna do fine.
Green 11!