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Happy Days - Season 5

Happy Days - Season 5

"Happy Days" is a beloved American television show that aired from 1974 to 1984, becoming an iconic symbol of the 1950s and 1960s Americana. Season 5 premiered in 1977, immersing viewers into the continued exploits of the Cunningham family and their friends in the close-knit community of Milwaukee.

The cast of "Happy Days" was led by the charismatic Henry Winkler, who portrayed Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, known to all as "The Fonz" or simply "Fonzie." Winkler's portrayal of the greaser with a heart of gold made him a pop culture phenomenon and a household name. Alongside Winkler was Ron Howard, in the role of Richie Cunningham, the optimistic and relatable everyman at the center of the show.

Season 5 also features the talented Marion Ross as Marion Cunningham, Richie's mother, and Tom Bosley as her husband, Howard Cunningham. Erin Moran played Richie's younger sister, Joanie Cunningham, while Anson Williams and Don Most portrayed their friends, Warren "Potsie" Weber and Ralph Malph, respectively.

Throughout its run, "Happy Days" featured a slew of memorable guest stars, including such notable names as Pat Morita (as Arnold, the owner of Arnold's Drive-In), Al Molinaro (as Al Delvecchio, Arnold's replacement as the owner of the diner), and Scott Baio (as Chachi Arcola, Fonzie's younger cousin).

The theme song, "Happy Days," was composed by Charles Fox, with lyrics penned by Norman Gimbel. This infectious tune, performed by Pratt & McClain, etched itself into the collective memory of viewers worldwide. Its uplifting melody and catchy lyrics perfectly set the stage for the joyful adventures and coming-of-age stories of Richie and his friends.

To revisit the nostalgia and relive the magic of "Happy Days" Season 5, fans can now access all the episodes and download the iconic sounds of the '50s and '60s. The music of that era played a prominent role in the show, and classic songs from artists like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and The Everly Brothers filled the jukebox at Arnold's, adding an authentic touch to the atmosphere.

Listeners can indulge in the toe-tapping beats and smooth tunes, immersing themselves in the world of the Cunninghams and their charming Milwaukee community. From the upbeat rock 'n' roll hits that get Fonzie's thumbs up to the softer melodies that tug at viewers' heartstrings during emotional moments, every iconic sound can be relished all over again.

Whether you want to reminisce about 1970s television, immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the '50s and '60s, or simply enjoy a lighthearted and heartwarming coming-of-age sitcom, "Happy Days" Season 5 is a must-watch. So grab your leather jacket, put on your dancing shoes, and transport yourself back to a time when happy days were all you needed. Play and download these sounds here to turn moments at home into a blast from the past.

All right it's my turn, roll me out to the speed boat.
All right, let me tell you something. That's another reason I gotta jump.
And when you jump and fall, that little shark ain't gonna be so hungry when I fall
Are you actually gonna do it?
Are you driving for me or not?
Are you sure you wanna do it? [ Thumbs up ]
Boy that was close.
But if you get your legs bit off by that shark. Don't come running to me.
But what is this? More of the Fonzerelli code?
Cause that punk is trying to take a free ride.
Challenged? The guy's bluffing. he's not going to jump over some shark.
Does that me we have to accept every challenge?
Fire up the boat. I'm jumping a shark.
Fonz, you don't have to jump now. The California Kid quit.
Fonz, you're not jumping over garbage cans on a bike.
Forget the souveneirs you gotta stop Fonzi
Good. Now Fonzie doesn't have to do the jump
Ha ha ha
He's ready to make the jump
He's still gonna do it!
Here we go Fonz. I'm heading for the ramp.
I ain't going back to Milwaukee a double failure.
I have to meet his bluff.
I thought the race was over? No it was a tie
I'm a very flexible person.
I'm always firing up a boat.
I'm nervous too
Isn't that dangerous?
Let's go.
Listen good luck with everything
Look you already tied Emmit and his championship patches.
Look, I was challenged. I gotta jump.
Mouth, get in the boat and drive.
Now are you coming?
Oh Howard, would you?
Oh mom, dad, over here
Oh sit on it Howard
Oh, I can't watch. What is he doesn't make it?
Ok I'm going to drive.
Ok Rich, read my lips.
Ok this time I'm remember to untie it.
On nothing, on a couple of little skis.
One little slip and chomp chomp chomp
Relax, how much can one shark eat anyway?
Rich, Rich come quick
See we're different, we're doers, we're doers.
Shark! Is he crazy!
Shark. That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
Since you had a condition on this tie breaker, I have one too.
Snap out of it Rich. The Fonz is going to jump over a shark.
So Prince Valiant, are you ready?
So why can't you just drop it.
Stupid yes, also dumb, but it's something I gotta do.
Thanks a lot for your support
That's right he was bluffing.
The California kid quit!
The California kids challenged him and they're gonna jump over a shark pit.
The Fonz and the California Kid are going to break the tie. They are going to jump over a shark!
The Fonz don't quit. You gonna drive for me or now?
The Fonz is gonna jump over a shark.
There he goes.
This is ridiculous
We're his best friends
Well of course it's dangerous
Well what would you like me to do? Talk to the shark?
Well you can stop him. We got to do something.
What's all the excitement
What's wrong? A shark. The Fonz got eaten by a shark?
Yea, and you? Yea.
Yea, yea we are.
You did it Fonz. Winner and still champion.
You don't understand Cunningham, it's still a tie. I haven't won anything yet.
You don't win by forfeit. That's not what they told me in little league Fonz.
You get to drive Fonzie
You go first.
You won. By forfeit.
You're jumping over a shark.
[ chicken clucks ]
[ chickens out ]
[ cool water skiiing music ]
[ crowd cheers ]
[ excitement ]
[ Fonz water skiing ]
[ Fonz water skiing ] ha ha ha
[ Fonzi skiing like a boss ]
[ Fonzi water skiing, like a boss ]
[ happy days music ]
[ music building up ]
[ ok sign ]
[ shark ]
[ shark area ]
[ stoked ]
[ water skiing ]
[ water skiing music ]
[Fonzi jumps the shark]