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A foundry.
A small section, yes.
A wise decision, given their predilection for destructive acquisition.
Absurd. None of them rank higher than a Tier 3 species.
Allow your companions to cross below.
Amity. If only we had more time.
And the Medler will soon activate the installations.
Apology, but the meddlers have accessed this facility security systems.
Apology. If we had more time, I would perform a gentler extraction.
Assess the damage to the Ark.
Avoid collateral damage.
Before your construct suffers any further trauma.
But a premature firing will destroy the Ark.
But this ring is mine.
But what?
But your construct had the activation index. You were going to destroy the installation.
Come inside, reclaimer.
Come it awaits your approval.
Come Reclaimer, all you seek is close at hand.
Confirmation of your lineage.
Damage damage that hurt Reclaimer.
Do you not destroy your inheritance?
Excellent this way.
Except your legacy.
First, verify the founder's assignment.
For a doorway to abide such robust security protocols.
For what purpose?
Give me just a moment.
Here this panel will activate a bridge.
Here we are. Please follow me.
How dare he locked me out?
Hurry down the slope, Reclaimer.
Hurry to the cartographer.
I AM 343 guilty spark monitor of installation 04.
I AM 343 guilty spark.
I am go monitor over installations 04.
I beg your pardon?
I did not want you to come to any harm.
I had always assumed it was part of a shield installation, but it seems I was mistaken.
I have begun my simulations.
I have kept it safe. It belongs to me.
I have no authority here. I like protocol save my application to help the Reclaimer complete his stated goals.
I made no formal requisition. Perhaps it was an automatic response.
I must act quickly.
I really can't say not for sure, but if you allow me to find a terminal closer to the collar.
I see now that helping you is wrong.
I see now that helping you was wrong.
I take no pleasure in doing what must be done.
I will certainly try my best.
I will gladly aid the reclaimer's progress.
I will personally oversee the final preparations, though it will take time to fabricate an activation index. I will see to the letter that.
I'm afraid contamination protocols do not allow for.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure if they understood they would gladly step aside.
If my suspicions are correct.
If so, why was I not notified? Every aspect of the installation was within my purview.
If we do not take this device to a safe location somewhere, I can make repairs.
Ignore this terminal Reclaimer.
Impatience. I have told you who I am. Who are you?
In just a few more days.
It seems I've crossed a circuit.
Just as soon as you dispose of all proximate flood threats.
Just now. But I had my hopes.
Meddlers, please put down your weapons.
My baby prayer she is.
My eye, do you mean to blind me?
Near one of the aux superluminal communication arrays, I'm afraid.
No promises, but initial results indicate this facility should be ready to fire.
No, don't shoot.
No, I must not lead to any conclusions.
Not at all. While I had a complete understanding of installation 04, my makers wisely limited my knowledge of all other strategic facilities. Compartmentalization in case I was ever captured by the...
Now I have only one function to help you Reclaimer as I always should have done.
Of course Reclaimer.
Ohh hello. Wonderful news. The installation is almost complete.
Ohh my momma.
Ohh my ohh my.
Ohh my.
Ohh wise decision given the meddlers preference for destructive acquisition.
One moment, reclaimer.
Our previous encounter was awkward.
Place your hand on the pad reclaim.
Please use caution.
Primitive armament notwithstanding.
Priority we must contain this outbreak before.
Protocol dictated by response. She had the activation index and you were going to destroy my installation. You did destroy my installation.
Protocol dictates action.
Protocol dictates action.
Protocol dictates action.
Quickly, follow me.
Quickly, I must see the point of impact.
Reclaimer continue downward.
Reclaimer, come to the upper doorway.
Shall I help you choose a vehicle Reclaimer?
Sincere apology, but how?
Stay still and I will end this quickly.
Stop now before one of us gets hurt.
Sudden clarity.
The archive is intact, then our makers plan.
The Ark is out of range of all the active installations.
The ark.
The barrier will be difficult to disable. How odd that my makers would play such a comprehensive defence around a single.
The bridge is stable.
The cartographer is a few floors down.
The cartographer is somewhere below.
The cartographer is somewhere inside that Spire.
The cartographer will tell us all we need to know.
The cartographer.
The flood has breached the citadel.
The foundry is none of his concern.
The installation was my responsibility.
The meddlers would deny you access to their cartographer.
The others can take the lower route.
Then decide which protocols apply.
Then we are agreed. A tactical post will completely eradicate the local infestation.
There are undoubtedly delicate structures below the facade.
These Sentinels were trying to deny access to the lower levels of this facility.
They mean us no harm. Those units have a priority task.
Think about your whole real forefathers.
This is completely unacceptable.
This is precisely why you are a Tier 3 species.
This just won't do.
This one seems in very good condition.
This way not much further now.
Though I am unfamiliar with this facility.
Unacceptable. Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.
Uncertain. This storage device has suffered considerable trauma. It's matrices are highly unstable.
Unfortunate the Meddler has triggered a barrier, a defensive perimeter around the ARX core.
Warning if you continue your attacks, I will retaliate.
We must get past that barrier or the Meddler will destroy it all.
We must move on Reclaimer.
What about your construct her solution to the flag with more data?
What will you do?
While this facility looks quite Hardy on the surface.
Will destroy this installation.
Yes, isn't it?
You are forerunner.
You are the child of my makers, inheritor of all they left behind.
You did destroy the installation.
You do not deserve this ring.
You leave me no choice, Reclaimer.
You must activate the cartographer Reclaimer.
You will damage the cartographer.
You you've cracked my casing.
Your goal is just below.
2 to the 18th like years from Galactic Center to be precise.