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Home > Stephen Colbert - Waze GPS
Accident reported ahead.
All set. Let's hit the road or the garage door, whichever comes first.
And then?
At the roundabout.
Click long
Continue straight.
Exit left.
Exit right.
Have a pleasant drive, or if you're the passenger, have a pleasant passenger.
Hazard reported ahead.
Heavy traffic reported ahead Traffic. My least favorite kind of jam.
Hey, it's Stephen Colbert. Let's go.
In 0.6 miles.
In 1.5 kilometers.
In 1/4 of a mile.
In 200 meters.
In 400 meters.
In 800 meters.
In half a mile.
In oh .1 miles.
In one kilometer.
In one mile.
Keep left.
Keep right.
Let's get started. Drive safe. I've got an all Pete Seeger playlist ready. Let's get started. Drive safe at the Salandes. Your land. Hesseland is my. OK. I'll stop.
Let's go. I call shotgun or cup holder wherever you put your phone.
Message ticker
OK, here we go. And you should know this is my first day. So nervous.
Police reported ahead. That's right. Johnny Law. The Fuzz, the 50, the popo. I could keep going, OK? They're asking me to stop.
Rec end
Rec start
Red light, camera reported ahead Quick switch out your plates.
Speed Trap reported ahead. So you might wanna ease up a little there, lead foot.
Take the 4th exit.
Take the 5th exit.
Take the 6th exit.
Take the 7th exit.
Take the first exit.
Take the second exit.
Take the third exit.
Turn left.
Turn right.
We're all set and let's go. Has everybody used the restroom? Because I don't want to have to stop before we get there.
You have reached your destination. I'm surprised to be honest, I wasn't paying attention.
You ready? I am. Let's go.
You ready? I am. Let's go. You can drive slowly. I'll make the fast sounds.