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Ray Hudson Soundboard

Ray Hudson Soundboard

Raymond Wilfred Hudson is an English former professional football player and manager. He was named the head coach in the middle of the 2000 season of the Miami Fusion and was hired by D.C. United on 8 January 2002 to be their head coach.
See also: Ray Hudson (academic), Inter Miami CF, Miami Fusion, Baby Jane Hudson, McDermott International, and The Ray (film).

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Absolutely. Bamboozle, his defender with this virtuoso goal and little Blondie, says I want to be like him. I doubt it very much.
Acrobatic brilliance.
And he does it with the coolness of the bomb disposal expert.
As electrifying as a hair dryer thrown into a hot tub, my friend. Absolutely breathtaking.
But then he comes out. With the chromosomes swimming around in his body like a Bengal tiger.
Don't get it down. Drop that chops again.
He takes a million pictures in that Crystal Ball. It's inside of his head.
It's absolute perfection from Daniel. There's it is absolute genius by Eva who has absolutely out of this world with this finish. It's clean as a whistle, as good as it gets.
Like better Max, do you do not make them like him anymore?
Razor sharp finish of scalpel proportions. Nothing less.
See, God is just as expected and looks down at him and sees that's not human and it is not it is superhuman.
So, Isaac Newton. Come up above, looks down and says about that gravity thing. I was wrong.
Take a look again at this ball. It's hopping one touch. And it is an absolute majesty aerial finish from the darkened theater.
The target is locked. The target is definitely in it.
This is about the essence of the game entertainment.
To see real footballers or goalkeepers even now not goalkeeper.
What more can you see? An extraordinary goal by an extraordinary player that will send these people into their dreams tonight thinking of heavenly things.
Wonderful under control, tighter with speed. And then it hits that big, ugly white skinny thing to deny us a masterpiece from the masterful Wizards, the greatest football player in history.