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The Amityville Horror Soundboard

The Amityville Horror Soundboard

The Amityville Horror is a book by American author Jay Anson, published in September 1977. It is also the basis of a series of films released from 1979 onward. The book is based on the claims of paranormal experiences by the Lutz family, but has led to controversy and lawsuits over its truthfulness.
See also: Works based on the Amityville haunting, The Amityville Horror (2005 film), The Amityville Horror (1979 film), Amityville: The Awakening, Ed and Lorraine Warren, and Amityville, New York.

But maybe they came in through the cellar and. That ran out the front door.
Calm down, Jimmy. Calm down. You can't have gotten up and walked away.
I mean, you don't want one of those charbroiled hot dogs they did especially for you.
Jesus Christ, what the hell are we standing here listening to?
Kathy, I don't have all the answers yet. We're going to get some perspective on this thing.
Now, gentlemen, I have a family in my parish that's at great risk and they are facing real danger.
Oh, you're gonna be very happy. It's a wonderful house.
Seems like every month there's some kind of recall.
Take Kathy out to dinner. Caroline and I are babysit the kids.
Then then explain this. Explain my hand if you can do that.
There's no escape #horror #scared #spooked #unnerved
This is your first house.
Well, there's no story to get it right.
What the hell is that?
Who loves you?
You call the police, I'm gonna go check on something.
You girls think I don't know what you're up to? Well, I do.
You got to get away from it, George, even if it's for a couple of hours and when you get back. Add it all up. We'll talk this thing through.
You haven't even been in to sign the payroll checks. Did a sports favor and brought them along here.
You know what? Maybe you should sleep in tomorrow.
You know, maybe just a wild goose chase, but I'm the curious type. Like the man says, it goes with the territory.
You quit that. Stop teasing me.
You saw what happened to Greg's hand. That's crazy.