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The Bourne Legacy (2012) Soundboard

The Bourne Legacy (2012) Soundboard

"The Bourne Legacy" is a thrilling action-packed movie from 2012 that takes audiences on a high-stakes journey into the world of covert government operations. Directed by Tony Gilroy, this film is the fourth installment in the popular "Bourne" film franchise and offers an exhilarating new chapter to the series.

The film stars Jeremy Renner in the lead role as Aaron Cross, a highly skilled and genetically enhanced operative who becomes the target of a ruthless government agency. Renner delivers a captivating performance, bringing depth and intensity to the character of Cross. Renner's portrayal of a man caught in a web of conspiracies and danger is both compelling and mesmerizing.

Rachel Weisz co-stars as Dr. Marta Shearing, a brilliant scientist who becomes entangled in the lethal game of cat and mouse. Weisz brings intelligence and vulnerability to her role, portraying Shearing as a courageous woman fighting for survival against insurmountable odds. The chemistry between Renner and Weisz is palpable, adding an extra layer of tension and emotion to the film.

The Bourne Legacy also features a supporting cast that includes Edward Norton as Eric Byer, a high-ranking government official responsible for overseeing the covert operations program. Norton's portrayal of Byer is cunning and calculated, showcasing the character's ruthlessness and determination.

The film is not only a showcase of its talented cast but also a masterclass in action filmmaking. From adrenaline-pumping chase sequences to intense hand-to-hand combat, "The Bourne Legacy" keeps audiences on the edge of their seats from start to finish. The intricate plot weaves through various locations around the globe, taking viewers on a thrilling ride filled with suspense and excitement.

The film's score, composed by James Newton Howard, perfectly complements the high-octane action and emotional moments of the film. With its dynamic and pulsating soundscapes, Howard's music adds an extra layer of intensity and anticipation, enhancing the viewing experience for audiences.

For those who wish to relive the excitement of "The Bourne Legacy," the option to play and download the sounds from the movie is available. By accessing the website, fans can immerse themselves in the heart-pounding scenes and relish in the stellar performances of the cast. The sounds capture the essence of the film, allowing listeners to transport themselves back into the world of covert operations and espionage.

"The Bourne Legacy" is a gripping and action-packed film that continues the legacy of the franchise while introducing a new hero into the mix. With its talented cast, thrilling storyline, and adrenaline-pumping action, this movie is a must-watch for fans of the spy genre. So grab your popcorn, buckle up, and get ready for an exhilarating cinematic experience.

To play and download the sounds from "The Bourne Legacy" (2012), simply visit the designated website and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding world of this acclaimed film.

AARON: I'm right behind you. Don't turn around.
All right, we're going to switch to IR and take a look.
And all we're trying to do is determine how far it's spread
And I'm sorry, but right now, this is it.
And kill him, once and for all.
And that's what I get, a number?
And, if he did, then he's going to be too sick to move.
And, no, I haven't spoken to him.
Any physical enhancement is now permanent.
Are we lost?
Are you hearing that?
Are you okay?
At what must have been the most boring
ATTORNEY: We're here voluntarily. We came for a meeting.
Because the next thing coming through that door
Berwin... It's a state home
Besides, we wouldn't store the pills there, anyway.
Billy, where are you, man? I need a red card now!
But I guess you already know that.
But then again, I thought the CIA would handle Treadstone,
But we'll see
BYER: It's a high powered rifle.
BYER: Look, you want to sweat something?
Can we talk about LARX?
Can you leave us alone, Larry?
Cognitive programs, 400 blue
COP: And this area, back here?
Diagnostics are green, aircraft is green.
Did you ever rebuff him in any way?
Did you just say you're still taking greens?
DITA: Julie, is that the last of them? Terrific, thank you.
DITA: No, no, no, we didn't have time. I'm calling for clearance now.
Do you know her?
Do you understand?
Don't they forward my position?
DR. DOWD: Thanks for letting us come out.
DR. DOWD: Understood.
DR. TALWAR: Open the door! He's got a gun!
Drop it! Stop! Drop the weapon!
Fifteen minutes, plus or minus
For both reQuiel and Supressolyn.
From Stanford to assess the damage
From your shoot out over there.
Give him some room.
Go through the eastern doors, move around the front.
Good. Come on.
He was pronounced dead at the scene.
How is this possible? Listen to me. Exactly what I say.
Huh? What are you going to do?
I don't know what that means.
I don't know where this goes. Just open it.
I don't know. We should spread.
I don't think so. Red Crown, you getting this?
I dropped my program kit, that's why.
I got everything but a target here.
I have visibility on every action program in the system except yours.
I know my job, which is science.
I mean, are you going to be the person who tells me
I need to know that you are calm and safe before I leave here
I skipped my check in.
I think one of them might be that woman
I want all points of convergence, I want all research personnel,
I'll be ready.
I'll be right back.
I'm Aaron, by the way.
I'm the Senior Vice President for Candent Precision Metrics.
If I can't keep it together, we won't make it
In connection with recent shootings in New York and in London.
INGRAM: She has a registered gun.
Is the nightmare.
It goes under, comes back around, and it parks here.
It means they're good at what they do.
It would be perfectly normal for a person to have doubts
It's just the two of you?
It's not a cop.
It's Wills.
Jason Bourne is in Manhattan.
Jesus! What is this?
June Monroe.
June Monroe.
June. Your name is June Monroe, say it.
Just get down to the main gate with everyone else
Just keep walking, don't look back. Go, go.
Kennedy. Okay.
Let me get this straight, if I had come in
Let's straighten this out upstairs.
Let's take you live down there and speak to Jeremy Thompson.
Logan has a face we need to look at, but there's kids.
Lost. Fell into the rocks off a 20 meter cliff.
MACKIE: You, go and get everyone else. Tell them to go around the front.
MAN 1: We're looking for a Buick LeSabre 2002.
Maybe you don't know, either.
No, I...
No, I...
No, no. No?
No, nobody. I have no idea.
No. It never came up.
Nothing. She is who she is. There's nothing to tell
Now I'm on this bullshit scavenger hunt.
Now, I've got a plan, and it's just not that complicated.
OFFICER: What's she doing?
Oh, that has healed well.
Or to keep us on a leash, right?
Over here.
Pack up your codes and your drives,
Paracetamol, 500 milligrams
PAULSEN: Do you understand their full utility?
PILOT: Let's approach off azimuth, 30 degrees off our last pass
PILOT: Looking good?
PILOT: Not for long.
Pull over!
Pull over.
Pull someone's blues and watch them drop off their meds?
Requesting fuel graph, say your state.
Ric Byer.
Seriously, man, you think too much
She knows Bourne, she knows Blackbriar, she knows Hirsch.
She landed 45 minutes ago.
She violated every oath and code of conduct that matters.
She wants to know if you want Hartford, because she can get it.
Signal is up and live. And here we go.
Simon Ross, a reporter with The Guardian newspaper...
So, how many of us are there?
Solo, we are negative on that signal here.
Sourcing target beacon now
SPEC: Laser armed.
SPEC: Roger, Solo. Target is static. Engaging laser now.
SPEC: There you are. There's my signal.
Stitch that up.
Supposed to kill me or give me a pep talk.
Take this.
TERRY: Mr. Mackie, this is Terrance Ward.
That there has been a shooting.
That's what we are. We are the sin eaters.
The Philippines.
The stems are there.
There are no rules, okay?
There are other things, okay? You take it
There's still an awful lot of confusion here at Waterloo Station.
They bit. Who?
They have a drone ready?
They have a room.
They're bringing one down from upstairs.
They're fueling one now.
They're giving her a Senate hearing.
They're picking up shell casings all over the place.
They're pretty sure it's a woman, and it's not Marta Shearing.
They've been sitting on him pretty tight all day.
This is our car, the LeSabre. We see it coming into the structure.
To make sure that the documents she tried to shop to the press
To Montreal without telling anyone would set off some bells.
TURSO: What kind of problem?
Two blanks and three ghosts, there's that guy's watch.
Understand? Yeah
Unless you reloaded, the gun is empty.
VENDEL: He's looking for meds.
We got screwed on the intel, okay?
We have a potential security incident.
We have nothing for you now.
We're coming around now.
We're going to split teams, find this car and link up a trail.
We're having a hard time getting a handshake.
Well, how many trips has she made over there?
Well, what can she say?
Well, where are they now?
What do you think is going on?
What do you think that we do out there?
What I'm going to do is wait for the next person to show up to kill you.
When was this?
Where do we hold the virus?
Where? Where do you keep the chems?
Who is going to introduce our guest of honor
Who is June Monroe?
Who is they?
Why am I asking you anything?
Will that be all? (EXPLOSION BOOMS)
WOMAN: What is that?
Worry about Outcome, because we're still not out of the woods.
Yeah, I don't know.
Yeah, the gate should be open.
Yeah, well, I did.
Yeah? Yeah.
Yeah? Yeah. Yeah. I think so.
Yeah. Doctor of what?
Yes, actually, it could.
Yes, we want all of that and the toll cams. We want everything.
Yes. Good.
You are.