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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A 3 run clout for Dottie Hinson...
A double would be nice
A little.
A lot of ballplayers use it.
A lot of night games.
About us.
Alice ''Skeeter'' Gaspers says...
Alice has been catching the last six games.
Alice, you're killing me. You're killing me, Alice!
All right, now go back!
All right!
All right.
All right. Come on, let's go.
All the Way Mae!
And how about Marla Hooch?
And now, from Chicago, The Mutual presents...
And the rocket's red glare
And the Rockford Peaches!
Aunt Edna's bridgework! She is out!
Baseball Hall of Fame. I'm shaking.
Batting fourth and playing 2nd base, number 32, Marla Hooch.
Best ballplayer in the league.
Betty Grable has nothing on these gals.
Betty's ready to come in
Bob! Oh, my God!
Boy, that was some good peeing
But can't you just have this first?
But girls playing baseball?
But he's fine. No, he's fine.
But I grew up in an apartment. I had one lousy plant in a cheese box.
Catch me!
Coach said if she was a boy, she'd go to the state tournament.
Come here.
Come in.
Come on, Dottie.
Come on, we got a lot to do. Let's settle down.
Come on!
Come on. $75 a week?
Come on. Let's go
Darn! I had the name right here!
Do something, Mae
Do you know how dedicated they are? What they go through?
Doesn't seem to.
Don't use my bat, use Marla's! it's heavier!
Doris Murphy takes the field!
Ever hear of Walter Harvey? Harvey Bars?
Everything all right?
Excuse me.
For me?
For one and all
For we're the members of
Fortunately, we won't need them anymore. Do you want a peanut?
Game's tied 2 2, the bottom of the 9th...
Gardner's throw is way off line!
Get over here, Stilwell! I'm gonna kill you!
Get these wild animals away from me!
Girls! Look who's here!
Give me that bag!
Go away! Go! Shoo!
Go join your team.
God knows we have a game.
Good rule of thumb: Treat each of them as you would your mother.
Good thing your sister bailed you out.
Good, Mae! Good catch! Thank goodness.
Good. Alice, if Ellen Sue doesn't have anything, don't keep it a secret.
Gracefully and grandly.
Harvey's promotional whiz kid, Ira Lowenstein...
He makes me nervous.
He says I can't leave our son with him at home anymore
He's retired. Our son runs the business.
Heads up.
Hear that call
Help you take care of the equipment?
Here comes the throw!
Here's the pitch.
Here's the pitch.
Hey, blond girl! What's the sign?
Hey, isn't that ?
Hey, Kit! What are you swinging those high ones for?
Hey, Mae, how long?
Hey, you guys. Come on.
Hi, cutie.
Hinson dropped the ball!
How about the two bucks you owe me for this game?
How come you're not in the Army?
How hard can it be to make a lineup?
How long?
How you gonna get past Miss Cuthbert?
Hurry! Come on!
I ain't gonna ask you again.
I believed them too. But not anymore.
I could do it. How long you been working on that, Doris?
I don't care what you say.
I don't want you! I want her! The one who hit the ball!
I gotta go back and straighten this out.
I hurt my knee.
I know that.
I love these girls. I don't need them, but I love them
I love you.
I mean, who's gonna take care of you? Cook?
I missed you so much.
I raised her like I would a boy
I still think I shouldn't go
I think you're wrong.
I told them how at first, the scout didn't even want you...
I was lucky though.
I'm a married woman now.
I'm a Peach!
I'm just too friendly.
I'm never doing that again!
I'm showing you around. Beautiful, huh?
I'm singing to Nelson! Ain't l, baby?
I'm so happy! Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I'm writing a song.
It had to be you
Jimmy Dugan, master strategist, had her swinging away!
Jimmy, look up here! We love you!
Just let them finish the season, and that's it!
Kill him.
Kimono off and...
Kit wants to know why she's playing.
Knock it out of here! Okay, Dottie!
L'd like your permission to take over the league.
L'll be back next season.
L'll finish it right here.
L'll make it up to them
L've been discharged.
Leading off and playing centre field, number 5, Mae Mordabito!
Let it up. Let it up.
Let me think. Yeah, twice.
Let's go practice.
Let's go, let's go.
Let's just take a look.
Let's move, move, move!
Let's take a picture of the whole team. The original Peaches!
Lf he's in combat, it's not like there's a mailbox on every corner
Lf you're on the cut list, you have to leave the field.
Look, I'm sorry.
Look, your country needs you.
Looks aren't the most important thing.
Lt is only a game.
Lt should be in time!
Lt's a fly ball to left!
Lt's a ground ball between 1 st and 2nd.
Lt's been a thin slice of heaven. Goodbye.
Lt's good.
Lt's Mae, right?
Make me proud!
May our bats be mighty.
Meet you at the hotel.
Miss Cuthbert....
Mordabito scores!
Mr. Capadino!
Mr. Harvey, I guarantee I'll do a better job than last time.
Mr. Harvey, like your candy bars, you are completely nuts
My rear end hurts where he dropped me.
Nice piece of coaching.
Nice throw!
No one'll get to this ball!
No, I'm married. I'm....
Not today, boys.
Nothing's ever gonna happen here
Off this field!
One more! One more!
One of them was.
Outfielders, play deep a few steps. Don't give up anything long. Alice?
Perhaps you chastised her too vehemently.
Play ball!
Players for the new All American Girls' Baseball League.
Please, Dottie?
Pops it up! Foul.
Pull her leg. Mine are long enough.
Right here.
Right over left. Legs always together
Right, too high
Rockford has taken the lead, 2 to 1 !
She came.
She looks pretty good.
She loves to play.
She was a dancer, I was a bouncer.
She will...
She'll be traveling around with that husband of hers.
She's heading into 3rd!
She's turning around 1 st! She's digging up the dirt!
Shirley Baker.
Sit here. I'll see if I can dig up a pistol.
Slide! Slide!
So he's good looking and smart.
Some of the girls talked about staying around here and getting jobs.
Somebody's gotta run the team. Someone who actually watches the games.
Someone will walk out league champions, and someone else will just walk out.
Sorry, we gotta go. Come on. Alice, come on.
Steak dinner.
Stilwell, angel!
Stop that!
Strike 2!
Strike 3!
Take a picture.
Taking a little day trip?
Tell me right away.
Ten cents so some slob can sweat gin all over me?
Thank them!
That might draw a crowd, right?
That's a dress.
That's not a baseball uniform.
That's right, nothing.
That's that lump three feet above our ass, right?
The ball game is over! Racine has won the game, 3 to 2...
The driver.
The hard is what makes it great.
The other teams will have managers soon.
Then act like it, you big lush!
Then why...?
There is also no drinking and no men
There isn't anything I wouldn't give to get back any one day of it.
There's no crying!
There's no point to it anymore.
These really don't mix.
They play with sprained ankles, broken fingers
They'll pay you $75 a week.
They're businessmen. No profit, no product
They're through.
Thinkin' of you
This is official. This is from the War Department!
Time him
To play