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56 Up (2012) Soundboard

56 Up (2012) Soundboard

"56 Up" is a groundbreaking documentary film, the eighth installment in the acclaimed "Up" series. Directed by Michael Apted, the movie was released in 2012 and continues the unique and captivating social experiment that began in 1964 with "Seven Up!".

The film follows a group of individuals from different backgrounds, all born in 1956, as they reach the age of 56. The participants, who were chosen from various socio-economic levels, were interviewed every seven years since they were just seven years old. Through this long-term project, Apted aimed to portray the effects of social class and circumstances on individual lives as they mature and go through the ups and downs of adulthood.

The cast of "56 Up" features a diverse range of characters, all of whom have had their lives documented since childhood. Some of the key participants in the film include:

1. Neil Hughes: A working-class man who showed early signs of academic promise. However, over the years, Neil has faced numerous personal struggles, including homelessness and battles with mental health.

2. Bruce Balden: A privileged boy who attended a prestigious school. Bruce initially wanted to become a missionary but later pursued a career in the law. He has remained happily married with a successful career as a barrister.

3. Tony Walker: Tony was raised in the East End of London and grew up in a working-class environment. Throughout the series, Tony displays a strong-willed and humorous personality, often discussing his love for football and family.

4. Suzy Lusk: Suzy was one of the few girls initially included in the project. She came from a middle-class background and aspired to be a jockey. However, as she grew older, Suzy experienced some difficult personal challenges, including marriage and divorce.

5. Nick Hitchon: Nick, another privileged participant, attended boarding school and was academically successful. However, he later decided to leave academia and live a more non-traditional lifestyle.

"56 Up" offers an insightful snapshot of these and other individuals as they reflect on their lives, their dreams, and the choices they have made. The series delves into deep and thought-provoking questions about the nature of human existence, the impact of social class, and the role of personal resilience in shaping one's life.

The "Up" series has become a landmark in the documentary genre, as it continuously evolves and provides a unique window into the lives of ordinary people. Each installment of the series allows viewers to witness the growth and development of these individuals, prompting us to ponder our own life choices and how they are influenced by our respective circumstances.

If you're interested in watching or downloading the sounds and music associated with "56 Up" or any other installment in the "Up" series, be sure to visit the official website or platforms that offer access to these captivating documentaries. Through audio and visual elements, you can immerse yourself in the lives of the participants and experience their journeys firsthand.

As the latest chapter in this remarkable series, "56 Up" continues to captivate audiences worldwide, offering a poignant exploration of life's complexities, dreams, and the inevitable encumbrances that shape our existence. It stands as a testament to the power of documentary filmmaking and the extraordinary bonds formed between artists and their subjects.

A sort of full blown row.
A very rounded picture.
After however many years it is...
After maternity leave, made redundant
An independent school.
And a lot of women just don't have that.
And Bruce
And by 28, he owned his own cab
And for our children and our children's children and so on.
And he is still my soulmate
And how they evolve, that was a really nifty idea.
And I go off and sulk for 24 hours.
And I shall bow out
And I thought, This isn't for me.
And it was a 200 year old barn
And my dad remarried, and my mother
And she kept saying to me, like,
And so you can count on one hand
And so, when you come up
And then they film me doing all this daft stuff.
And Tony
And we won't see them so often
And what I thought was stress
Are you all right?
At 21, he was on the Knowledge,
At 42, Lynn was working at Bethnal Green
At the end of it...
Before I uttered the words I love you
Bruce and Penny took the boys away for a weekend to Oxford,
But because of the time restraint
But they lost by about 70 runs, and our team lost by about 70 runs.
But whether I'll ever do anything about it...
Butter wouldn't melt in its mouth.
By 35, he'd become a partner.
Bye bye.
Drugs or something.
Ever since Cornwall, there was to be no more camping.
For a new generation to come through
For instance, my grandmother had an accident because a boyfriend
For the not many years I've got left, actually.
Gives you a satisfaction that even
Handling freight.
How does he deal with it now?
How does he deal with Riley?
I couldn't ask anything better, to be honest.
I don't know.
I suppose I just like hard work, I don't know.
I think I would very much like to, um,
I think it's more fair if they're elected.
I was pressurized into doing it by my parents.
I'm blessed with an exceptionally nice
I'm looking at these names, who they all are...
I'm nuts, and I would drive a kid nuts with all my nagging.
I'm quite happy just being an ordinary maths teacher
I'm very much geared to the family unit
If one descants, one can be a train driver or a major opera singer,
If your father gambles, you always look how he gambles.
In a million years... I love people, I'm a people lover.
In the country.
Is that I'm blessed with wonderful friends.
Is their attempts to solve economic stagnation
It's a fixed reference point, in a sense,
Just think how comfortable Mummy is in her bed and breakfast.
Just, it's not an absolute accurate picture of me,
Michael, this is the food and veg shop.
Near Troyan in the Balkan Mountains,
No, no.
No, their choice. We discussed it
Now, I'm going to be an electrical engineer...
Now, you have to make X the subject of this equation
Okay, boys.
One of you link up one, and one of you...
One thing that really does worry me
Part of some indestructible birthright.
She doesn't just push me, she looks after me.
She's doing absolutely brilliantly.
She's growing up at an alarming rate.
She's like a mother to me.
Simon and Vienetta had decided to train as foster parents.
Situations arise that...
So, do you enjoy watching cricket?
So, is he playing as much, Bruce, as he used to?
So, we are looking at a much longer working life
So, what's the toughest thing
Sort of tense and tight, you know,
Than perhaps we thought
Thank you very much
That the Balkan connection was a strong mutual interest.
That's a need that I feel I ought to fulfill
That's where I got my love for horses from.
The hounds are over there, I think.
Then Chris gets up usually in midweek,
Then you do a transformation on this polynomial,
There is a difference, a distinct difference between
They did things together, went out together.
They have got a little boy
They know each other from being young
Three! How many you got?
To go along and watch and support,
Tolerance and understanding
We felt that it was a lot of distance between us
We found him teaching at St Albans,
Well, I think, when there are sort of events in your life,
Well, Michael, with respect to you,
Were the kids angry with you?
What do you think about making this program?
When I came for the airport and that, like,
Who won't play this, or something.
With a young family, that would be nice.
With art classes or pottery classes or dancing classes.
Work dropped off an awful lot,
Would everybody please sit round now
Yeah, I think so
You do think, Christ, what have I done?
You know, just go to the beach.
You know?
You talk about Japanese, and yet here in Spain
That's nice. That's quite...
What do you think? That's blingy.