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Scrubs - Season 7

Scrubs - Season 7

Scrubs - Season 7: A Hilarious Medical Comedy Ride

Year: 2007-2008

Playing and downloading sounds from Scrubs - Season 7, with its witty dialogue and hilarious cast, is an absolute delight. This hit medical comedy series, created by Bill Lawrence, dives into the chaotic lives of the staff at Sacred Heart Hospital, combining humor and heart in every episode. With its sixth season finale, Scrubs - Season 7 takes fans on another rollercoaster ride of laughter, tears, and emotional growth.

The main cast of Scrubs - Season 7 includes:

1. Zach Braff as Dr. John "J.D." Dorian: The quirky and imaginative protagonist, J.D., continues his journey as an intern, navigating the ups and downs of his personal and professional life.

2. Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid: J.D.'s on-again, off-again love interest and fellow intern, Elliot, brings her neurotic charm and determination to the forefront.

3. Donald Faison as Dr. Chris Turk: J.D.'s best friend and surgical colleague, Turk, showcases his comedic timing and dynamic personality once again.

4. John C. McGinley as Dr. Perry Cox: The sarcastic and experienced attending physician, Dr. Cox, delivers unforgettable rants and acts as a mentor to J.D. despite his tough exterior.

5. Ken Jenkins as Dr. Bob Kelso: The formidable Chief of Medicine, Dr. Kelso, adds a touch of cynicism to the series, while sometimes surprising everyone with his hidden compassion.

6. Judy Reyes as Nurse Carla Espinosa: Carla, Turk's wife and a dedicated nurse, continues to support and challenge the interns with her no-nonsense attitude.

Joining the regular cast in Scrubs - Season 7 are talented guest stars, such as Elizabeth Banks, Tom Cavanagh, and Michael J. Fox, just to name a few. Each guest appearance adds fresh energy and memorable moments to the season.

Scrubs - Season 7 delves deeper into the personal growth and maturation of the characters, tackling more serious and reflective storylines. While still maintaining its signature humor and lightheartedness, the show touches upon topics like marriage, parenthood, and the difficult decisions doctors face.

With its engaging storytelling, unique humor, and endearing characters, Scrubs - Season 7 guarantees a captivating television experience. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, this season is sure to have you laughing, crying, and cherishing every moment.

Don't miss out on the chance to play and download the sounds from Scrubs - Season 7 here. This immersive and memorable series is bound to have you hooked from the first episode till the last.

A condition in which the patient speaks in previously unknown dialect
A couple days ago, you dreamed in English.
A dab of manure...
A few months ago, Elliot and I almost kissed.
A genetic defect that presents with anaemia
A genetic defect that presents with anaemia
A lifeless burden to Gayle.
A little golden ring.
A lot of people found themselves asking the same question.
A lot of people found themselves asking the same question.
A monster?
A mouse will hold a shrew and a vole.
A new car!
A princess
A private consultation with my surgeon would be very much appreciated,
A squirrel will hold most of a cat.
A warning to all.
A year later Seth actually did kill Millie.
About eight inches tonight
Across the street?
Actually give a rat's ass about the minutiae of their lives.
Actually, Dan, I was wondering
Actually, I never really cared for Keith or his farm boy looks,
Actually, I wasn't kidding.
Actually, I'm not sure we decided whether or not
Actually, J.D., I just bought my own house.
Actually, sir, my shift is about to start, so I should...
Actually, they had a recount. You came in second.
After all these years of putting on toe tags,
After putting a beat down on Turk,
After that, he had a ton of girlfriends.
After you.
After you're done rating me on Rate YourDoc. Org,
Afternoon, Mr Mandelbaum.
Again. Over. Small. Things.
Against the cancer raging inside of your body.
Agree to have sex with me every day for two months.
Agreed. If I met a hottie, you'd never see me.
Ah, the point of no return.
Ain't that right? Do you wanna come live...
All 216 bones in the human body.
All aboard the Love Train.
All I wanted to do was win at something, for once,
All my patients are dead.
All right, Boon, you're the Mother Ship.
All right, fine. You want to know why you almost blew it with Kim?
All right, he looks like a serial killer, which is a kind of cereal
All right, here we go.
All right, I'll just do it in my head, then.
All right, I'm in. Doggone it.
All right, Jordan, you win.
All right, kid, I expect updates on my daughter every 15 minutes,
All right, listen up. I'll tell you one thing, people.
All right, Mrs Cropper,
All right, now nobody makes eye contact.
All right, people, listen up! I need to beat this video game
All right, so you tell me. Do you think you need to grow up?
All right, sports fans.
All right, we all know the rules of remote wrestling.
All right, what was he wearing the last time you saw him?
All right, you got to hold on to that new confidence, yeah?
All right, you guys, I know we only met yesterday,
All right, you know what? Let's make a pact.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right.
All right. Come on.
All right. Thank you for your help, guys.
All right. Whoever stole my muffin is going to have
All right. You're Space Invaders!
All righty, then.
All the best there, Kim. Please note that the entire world is praying
All the suds, too. You've learnt a lesson.
All was once again well in Sacred Heartia.
Almost there, okay.
Almost there.
Alone for the weekend.
Also authored the Battlestar Galactica episode guide.
Although, actually, I do hear bells.
Although, he could be. I haven't seen his full blood work yet.
Although, he did agree to be civil while he's inside the hospital.
Although, you do realise you'll probably be having daughters
Am I imagining him?
Am I right?
And "watch Judge Dredd with J.D." pangs.
And a little frowny face at the end. It's incredible.
And a madman hacked them all to pieces.
And a sugar free latte for the winner.
And a touch of my special ingredient.
And a village idiot.
And action.
And after I was done crying and dry heaving
And angry and hateful.
And anyone that wasn't crying got a talking to.
And appendix patients that, unfortunately, passed.
And arm around him...
And as for parking in a "Carpool Only" lane.
And as soon as you're ready, I'll have them make you so numb,
And be sure to check out the "Tranny Todd" feature.
And before you could get to know her, she betrayed you.
And besides, this stuff happened on Bob's watch.
And besides, you are terrible at keeping secrets.
And best of all, they made me Chief of Medicine,
And budgeting with Carla so one day we can buy a house.
And by the by, while you're on your computer,
And causes copper build up in the liver and other organs,
And causes copper build up in the liver and other organs,
And Chanel.
And decided I was a horrible mother, and you told me
And don't lie to me.
And done. 23 stitches
And draw little faces on them and name them.
And even though I knew Turk was watching,
And even though I wanted to ask Snoop
And even though I'm not, you know, in love with you right now,
And everything looked great for me and Kim.
And explain this all to Josh myself.
And explain to you what's wrong with you.
And find the Golden Ring.
And get it blown up poster size.
And give Bobby Frank in there a shot of penicillin?
And go all jiggly for a patient.
And Harrison would pick out the attention starved,
And has an arrow pointing to the real one.
And he has crazy, skinny legs like French fries.
And he said that we should give your daughter the shot ourselves.
And he was back again.
And he was only comfortable telling J.D.
And he's gonna have a very successful solo career.
And here comes my biggest fan.
And here I thought you were having some big epiphany that
And his nostrils of steel.
And his roommate got straight A's that semester without even going to class.
And hope that he falls in love with me, maybe someday.
And I already know whether Harry lives or dies at the end.
And I ate that bad boy like it was my last meal, but I wasn't happy about it.
And I bet deep down,
And I came with you to cheer you on and to hold your fedora.
And I can spend the rest of my life with Turk
And I couldn't even warn her that I'm treating the guy
And I don't have strong feelings for her and probably never will.
And I don't want to be a hypocrite, so how about you and I do it together?
And I finally got my man.
And I had to go in there and be there for my child,
And I had to spend the whole day sprinting around the house
And I know this sounds weird, but Ju Ju Bes.
And I know we were both running away from things,
And I know you better than anybody.
And I like sports now.
And I realised parenting is about sacrifice.
And I really didn't have an answer for him.
And I really was.
And I recently figured out how to open up my briefcase.
And I still get the urge to slip away during his visits.
And I was gonna move in with Kim and then it all fell apart
And I was up all night and I became addicted.
And I was wondering if I needed a continuous IV drip
And I will throw my coffee at you if I catch you even once doing this...
And I would like her to see me as her father
And I would like to volunteer my services as Environmental Officer.
And I'm about to eat a muffin, so if you don't mind, I'm gonna wash away.
And I'm in.
And I'm not just seeing my reflection. I'm seeing a man. Come on.
And I'm still pulling bits o it outta my teeth.
And I'm sure there's someone, somewhere
And I've accepted these because to each of them there is a degree of truth.
And I've had zero patient interaction, so there's no liability issue.
And if I ever want to bring Sam here, I can't,
And if I forgot to congratulate you,
And if I like them, well,
And if I win?
And if something happened...
And if we don't win, there's no chance of us getting laid at the after party.
And if you don't have one, I bet if you think about it,
And if you don't treat patients, you won't learn.
And if you say, "Isn't that where I bought my wrinkle free chinos,"
And in a few months, I won't even be able to do that.
And in America, every man is free to do as he or she wishes
And is now taking diet medication that gives you painful diarrhoea
And it can be really tough for you to learn new things.
And it doesn't count because he was half dolphin.
And it makes my heart sing.
And it really helped turn my life around.
And it was from my brother, Barry.
And it's going to end.
And it's time to prove it, once and for all.
And just like that,
And let the two of you get back to hallucinating.
And life is moving at a really, really fast pace but, baby,
And listening to tapes and I have learned Spanish for my baby.
And lying in the foetal position, I still managed to memorize
And make sure you get 58 candles.
And most importantly, to find the Golden Ring,
And no one wants to cross him because he's a scary guy.
And no trying to talk.
And not as just another white coat that she will forever associate with pain.
And not just in relationships, in everything.
And not the ones I stabbed with a screwdriver.
And now a gentle throat clear to let them know I'm ready to speak.
And now his insurance company wants him discharged immediately.
And now I got testicular torsion.
And now I have to take your laptop from you,
And now I have yours.
And now we wait.
And now we wait.
And now you don't have strong feelings for her,
And occasionally drop the M.D. Bomb to pull hot tail in bars.
And once she has found the tell tale, bull's eye shaped mark,
And other times the truth just wasn't supposed to be heard
And over the next couple of years,
And over there, there's a lake filled entirely with guacamole.
And quarter inch of synthetically paralysed skin,
And really, who has time for that, right?
And right then, I couldn't help but wonder...
And saving it for my next relationship.