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American Vandal - Season 1

American Vandal - Season 1

American Vandal - Season 1: An Intriguing Mockumentary that Keeps You Guessing

Year: 2017

- Tyler Alvarez as Peter Maldonado
- Griffin Gluck as Sam Ecklund
- Jimmy Tatro as Dylan Maxwell
- Camille Hyde as Gabi Granger
- Eduardo Franco as Spencer Diaz
- Jessica Juarez as Brianna Gagne
- Lou Wilson as Lucas Wiley
- Calum Worthy as Alex Trimboli

American Vandal - Season 1 is a groundbreaking mockumentary television series that brilliantly parodies true-crime documentaries. Released in 2017, this addictive show takes a satirical and comedic look at a high school prank that quickly spirals into a serious criminal investigation.

The series follows aspiring filmmaker Peter Maldonado, played by Tyler Alvarez, as he embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind a mysterious act of vandalism. When student Dylan Maxwell, portrayed by the talented Jimmy Tatro, is accused of spray-painting phallic images on his school’s faculty cars, Peter sees an opportunity to create a captivating documentary that delves into the heart of this small-town scandal. With his friend Sam Ecklund, played by Griffin Gluck, Peter sets out to prove Dylan's innocence or guilt.

The brilliance of American Vandal lies in its smart blend of lighthearted comedy and engaging mystery. Despite the seemingly absurd subject matter, the show manages to keep viewers invested and entertained throughout its eight-episode run. As Peter interviews various students and faculty members, he discovers countless secrets, hidden grudges, and motives that could potentially point to the true culprit.

The relatability of the characters adds an extra layer to the show's appeal. Each character in American Vandal - Season 1 feels like someone you might have come across during your own high school years, making it easy to get emotionally invested in their stories. Tyler Alvarez is particularly captivating in his role as Peter Maldonado, delivering a nuanced performance as an aspiring filmmaker who is passionate about uncovering the truth.

The series also excels at capturing the essence of true-crime documentaries, mimicking their style and pacing with uncanny precision. The filmmakers even went to great lengths to create a sense of realism, incorporating a large variety of multimedia elements such as witness interviews, social media posts, and surveillance footage to build a compelling narrative.

American Vandal - Season 1 is a thought-provoking and hilarious exploration of the consequences of our digital age, and the power of perception and image. As the show unfolds, it raises important questions about truth, credibility, and our judgment of others. Wrapped in the guise of a high school vandalism case, the series manages to comment on broader societal issues in a clever and entertaining way.

If you are looking for a binge-worthy show that will keep you on the edge of your seat while also making you laugh, American Vandal - Season 1 is a must-watch. You can immerse yourself in the intricate investigation, quirky characters, and witty humor by streaming the show or downloading it from various platforms. Don't miss out on this mockumentary masterpiece!

A consistent story.
A criminal hearing for Dylan will likely take place this summer.
A day off for students, teachers took part in a series of mandatory faculty...
A penis from time to time.
A teacher vendetta, and a history of dick drawing?
Access to security footage,
Against someone else's butt, and then pooping into their butthole.
Alex Trimboli claims he got a hand job from Sara Pearson?
All Dylan had to do was provide a reliable alibi
All in the same 30 minute period.
All right, take a look at this
All right. What I have right now is purple for theories and yellow for facts.
All the way back there, they must've made a big loop,
All those fucking first name shows.
And a lot of the time, I want that shit, too.
And drew the first dick on her car, that he would just keep going
And Dylan Maxwell is one of those nine, correct?
And everyone knew he hated Shapiro.
And he just went... Every single car along this row.
And he knows that I can tell when he's lying,
And I don't talk about my boys in front of Mac.
And I kind of noticed something, out of the corner of my eye, so, I turned.
And I'd be like, "No
And I'm not even there, you know?
And I'm not even there, you know?
And it made the school board's case against Dylan clean and simple.
And it's a compelling one. It's damning.
And it's cool to actually look at the video, like, the old videos,
And it's not just thinking about it.
And more specifically, the parking lot of Hanover High School,
And navigate to the right directory
And she also has, like, a way better ass.
And she's, like, hot.
And the media server, but Trimboli was their star.
And the other two of your friends who are in the Wayback Boys.
And then he came and dropped off dog food at my place.
And then she hooks up with Alex Trimboli?
And then she'll, like, turn around, and be like...
And then this is the dicks that were drawn on the car.
And then we have vandalism at the high school.
And they believe I'm at Priceless Moments, because they know
And this is Dad Pantsing.
And we checked every single whiteboard dick
And where was Dylan Maxwell?
And you were there the whole day?
And, like, the mushroom head's all off.
And... it doesn't even matter.
As of now, investigators have no leads.
As Sam believes,
As the school board would have you to believe?
As you can tell from my reaction, this news is a little bit shocking.
At the hearing, Shapiro talked at length about these drawings
At the northeast corner of the parking lot.
At the time of the vandalism was missing?
Ball hairs? Who cares?
Ball hairs.
Because he was one of the nine students who had access to the footage.
Because he was one of the nine students who had access to the footage.
Because it's fucking funny.
Because when he looks at me, and he lies, and I ask him a question,
Being expelled was gonna be that bad.
Brad Cormack, Scott Winter.
But deleting security footage from the school's private server?
But everyone is talking about me like I did.
But he didn't.
But he is technologically savvy enough
But his Spanish teacher, Ms. Shapiro, gave him motive.
But I did, and she knows. Like, she knows I did it.
But I didn't want them to be like, "You're whipped." You know?
But I discovered one glaring discrepancy no one was even looking at
But I went to Mackenzie's house.
But if Dylan's friends all agree on Priceless Moments,
But it would make sense that if he slashed the tires
But it... But it wasn't.
But it's destruction of property. We'll find out who did it.
But no one believes us.
But only one slashed tire,
But other than that, yeah.
But Shapiro, she fucking hates him
But she just makes me feel...
But that's not entirely true.
But the school board only needed two weeks to process their decision.
But the school board saved their most damning point for last:
But then again, I wouldn't trust anything that Alex Trimboli says, either.
But they said...
But they say you went
But ultimately it came down to his word against hers,
But usually people order, like, I don't know, random shit.
But we actually go way er back than most people even realize.
But what if we can't trust him?
But when it comes to reliability, they don't exactly fit the bill.
But you guys have to admit that the fact that her tires were slashed,
But, I mean, obviously, there's other girls...
But, I mean, that basically just means I have to jerk myself off... every night.
But, like...
But... I don't know, man.
Can you tell us where you were on the afternoon of March 15th?
Cell phone records can only put Dylan in a particular location
Chris, it is a shocking scene for Hanover High teachers
Christa Carlyle,
Come on, dude.
Compare them to the new videos, 'cause you just watch...
Conflicting eyewitness testimonies,
Consider for a moment the type of person
Creators of the YouTube video, Porta Potty Shit Prank.
Did anything happen between you and Dylan
Did you eat the fries?
Did you get a hand job from Sara Pearson?
Disruptive, disrespectful, a history of poor decisions.
Do you know what an FTP is?
Do you remember where Dylan was?
Does that change things for you?
Dude, don't say that.
Dude, Dylan's too dumb to delete footage.
Dude, the license plate thing wasn't me.
Dylan and Mackenzie both say that Dylan was at Mackenzie's house
Dylan claims he's not smart enough to delete the security footage.
Dylan has a history
Dylan is whipped as fuck, dude.
Dylan made this point at the school board hearing,
Dylan Maxwell is the stupidest kid I've ever met.
Dylan Maxwell, no question.
Dylan Maxwell, no question.
Dylan often tells me, the vandal could be anyone.
Dylan says the squishy toilet seats are like pressing your butt
Dylan was a known dick drawer.
Dylan, please. Not today.
Dylan, what's the deal with the conflicting testimonies?
Dylan, why am I interviewing you?
Dylan's convinced that they're the next big thing.
Dylan's friends were his best bet.
Dylan's weak alibi and media server access
Dylan's whiteboard dicks were a major part of the school board's narrative
Either way, I'm gonna have to jerk off myself.
Either way, I'm gonna have to jerk off myself.
Emily Hershey,
Engineering or some shit, and then move up north,
Even if they had gotten their story straight,
Even when the police get involved,
Everyone thinks I did it.
Everything pointed to Dylan, open and shut.
Except for my boys and my girl.
For all I know, she could have a beige fucking motorcycle.
For Principal Janet Regan,
For starters, he said he got to third base with Sara Pearson at summer camp.
For the sake of the other students and their learning environment,
For vandalizing the 27 vehicles.
From that time frame is missing.
From the day he came forward, Alex Trimboli had one story,
From the school's media server.
Fuck Alex Trimboli.
Gave him opportunity to draw the dicks.
Go poop, Ruff.
Go to Boulder with Mackenzie in the fall, get my degree in, like...
Great. Do you remember about what time he came to drop off the dog food?
Greg is Dylan's stepdad.
Greg made me get a job working for fucking Postmates.
Have you ever drawn obscene images
Have you seen Alex? And have you seen Sara?
He doesn't like my bathroom. My mom has one of those squishy seats.
He drew these same drawings on my whiteboard
He interviewed, uh, Lucas Wiley
He knows I'm innocent. Listen to him.
He knows.
He lies to me a lot
He not only spray painted my car, he slashed my tire.
He replaced my license plate frame
He was here.
He was in a rush, just went around the parking lot,
He was methodical about it
He was there with us.
He wasn't at either. He was drawing the dicks.
He wasn't at Mackenzie's house or taking a dump at Priceless Moments
He wasn't... Look. He was lying about both
He would've had to have known how to log into the FTP
He's a fucking idiot.
He's got one of those squishy toilets. I don't...
He's really into string.
He's saying he's too dumb to have deleted the footage?
He's, like, a known dick drawer.
Here's the thing. How could I have vandalized her car
Hi. Welcome to the Morning Show.
His friends say he's at an antique store.
His pants are down!
How about her?
Huge difference in quality.
I already told them to go through my phone, and...
I came out into the parking lot, and...
I can certainly present more to the board.
I can't even, like, defend myself.
I could... Well, okay, so, he doesn't admit it
I dabble.
I did not see him slashing the tires.
I do a lot of pranks in her class. Like sometimes I'll just get up and...
I don't know what they said, but Dylan did it.
I don't know, dude. I'm just Dylan.
I don't know, they said they don't have the technology.
I don't really know what it is, to be honest,
I don't talk about Mac in front of my boys.
I don't think he was even gonna graduate. Who gives a shit about Dylan Maxwell?
I gotta admit, this looks good for Dylan.
I gotta admit, this looks good for Dylan.
I gotta say, this target theory makes sense.
I gotta work this shit job for half the day.
I had to drive home with a big...
I have two years' worth of photographs.
I just don't.