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Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) - Season 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) - Season 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a popular television show that first premiered in 2013. Created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur, this sitcom has become a fan-favorite for its hilarious comedy and dynamic ensemble cast. The show revolves around the lives of police detectives working at the 99th precinct of the New York Police Department, located in the vibrant and diverse borough of Brooklyn.

A standout feature of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is its exceptionally talented cast. The lead character, Detective Jake Peralta, is brilliantly brought to life by actor Andy Samberg. With his witty one-liners and unconventional detective skills, Samberg's portrayal of Peralta has become iconic in the world of television comedy. Alongside Samberg is the incredible Terry Crews, who plays the lovable and muscular Sergeant Terry Jeffords. Crews' comedic timing and larger-than-life personality add depth and charm to the show.

Other notable cast members include Stephanie Beatriz as the tough and badass Detective Rosa Diaz, Melissa Fumero as the ambitious and determined Detective Amy Santiago, and Joe Lo Truglio as the clumsy yet endearing Detective Charles Boyle. Andre Braugher delivers an exceptional performance as the stoic and no-nonsense Captain Raymond Holt. Rounding out the main cast are Chelsea Peretti as the quirky and hilarious Gina Linetti and Dirk Blocker and Joel McKinnon Miller as Detectives Hitchcock and Scully, respectively.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has consistently garnered critical acclaim for its sharp writing, diverse and well-developed characters, and witty dialogue. The show tackles various social and political issues with sensitivity and humor, making it a standout in the comedy genre. Fans eagerly anticipate each new season, and the seventh season is no exception.

Whether you are a long-time fan or just discovering Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you can now enjoy the sounds of this beloved show. You can listen to the theme music that sets the tone for each episode, and relive your favorite hilarious moments with the iconic catchphrases and sound bites. With our convenient platform, you can play and download these sounds, allowing you to take a piece of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with you wherever you go.

So, gather your group of friends, sit back, and immerse yourself in the hilarious world of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. These sounds will transport you to the 99th precinct, where laughter and camaraderie reign supreme. Don't miss out on the unforgettable moments and timeless comedy that this show has to offer. Play and download these sounds now and experience the joy and laughter that Brooklyn Nine-Nine brings.

Hut, think fast, dude
And there's nothing more important
Dance? What dance?
Don't ruin this moment for yourself
Does that make me Riggs?
Love you too
Awh! Ooo hoo hoo!
My goodness
Motion detector! I'm sorry, what do you tap?
I know!
No, obviously he wants to make a website
And he was on that plane that landed on the Hudson
I don't want to talk about binders, Rosa
Good dog. Good dog
A what? A huh?
Wait, we don't have eyes on you
You're giving birth at the precinct?
You are such a an amazing business partner
On the third floor,
We're coordinating with the 9 6 on traffic control
Status update: I called in every officer I could
All right, Muscle Malt Kenneth is on his way up
♪ Spank that bottom spank that bo ♪
He's calling
Jump forward, pelvic pump
I won a stroller? Whoo hoo!
And I can't believe Teddy looks so normal
I am the law
Correction, I've accomplished it
You captured the essence of Kevin
He loves it
Pedal Pub coming through! I'm on my way, Amy!
Follow me
But I could use some honest criticism
The witness' name or contact info
They're getting scammed
"Cry Hard with a Vengeance"? Yeah
That's it, if you're gonna act like kids,
But I was in the hospital for three weeks,
I can't believe you hit me
Uh oh
Hey, Grandpa
I'm getting a text
And if it's blue, it's a boy
Oh, God, what a nightmare
You know that Carroll Street Brownstone B&E?
You better hope you're having a girl
Why are you reading that newspaper?
Why have you been carrying that box around so much?
And I believe that's all I've got
[dramatic music]
I figured if I needed two fake memorials
People without kids are so stupid
Your childish behavior has led you to miss out
But no other man could possibly
Just saw you for your true self
Enjoy the show, people!
Make a tear jerker of a speech
Jake, I think those tickets are mine
Terry, I'll visit you in prison
You sure you're feeling okay about ending Charles' life?
No sign of Holt anywhere
On repeat to ruin my algorithm
Dead moron was crapping her pants for months
I replaced her Lactaid pills with Tic Tacs
[organ music]
I saw it in her eyes
How many silver dollars do you have?
Ooh, looks like I'm up to 276
To hold a respectful service,
Now these fertility drugs are making me sweat
Pimping out your kids?
It sure is
I'll give it a whirl
And this is what came out. Oh
"It ain't happening, honey
Oh, you must be feeling better
All you have to do is not insult a dead woman
Very good, Rosa
Well, I didn't say Bloody Mary three times,
And it is my decree that the recipient shall be..
Ding, dong, the Wuntch is dead
A what? A Cheuksin
You banked on me needing to arrest them
I mean, it's kind of on them for not checking
That's suffered this kind of loss?
'cause we made a lot of eye contact,
Miami PD!
And gone for the fish cake machine
I'll just move on
Flip! Flip!
My guinea pigs. This lady is Claire
Hello? Hello, Sergeant Santiago
Well, this is perfect. We can use it to find her
Lieutenant, as you know,
Whoa, Debbie, that was amazing
Hi ya! [grunts]
[sirens wailing]
Wow. Thank you
Would've saved me a lot of pain
You think you can just lick your lips
So listen, babe Yes, babe?
This is ridiculous
I do wanna show off to people
I'm Perdita! Who?
For your father's surgery?
To the new drop site. Oh
Bad mayo, three day old macaroni salad
Okay so the women's gym and the cocaine
So could you go get us some more ice, please?
Beg for mercy. Ah, great note, Debbie
Um, I just have one quick note
This is my thing now
Okay, what about this one? It's hamburgers,
Why do you guys keep ducking behind the bed?
So then I did a couple more, like, big ass toots
Like, I really felt it
She definitely would've gotten approved
There's no way you can stop me. Damn it
Way too loud, Debbie
Brace yourselves, everyone
But even so, wouldn't you rather take down
To sit in the Ringmaster's throne
You'll return to the break room,
On your mark, get set, dazzle me, freaks!
In a bad way. Yeah
They're my fish
Yes, I did it!
Called "Cool Girl in School
Here we go
What is that? Grab the top one
You really thought you'd get away with it?
This morning's full of surprises, huh?
Whoever did it took the stairs
Now ask yourself what have you always wanted to do,
Because it made me realize that not even flames
I was out before the games even began
Charles, flame me
Bonkers morning, huh? So, any idea who did it?
These games truly have it all
Okay, here we go, everyone
It's to reduce my various swellings
Well, you guys are in for a beating
We're already married. It doesn't matter
I'm the underdog now, like Seabiscuit
You're pretty hurt, huh? Yeah
I think you should go with the last one
Of people I've spent seven years
But if she was distracted, I bet I could pull it off
Hello? She's coming. Hide
Perhaps we should be looking for
I know you from somewhere
Spot opened up; you want in?
It's mostly Broadway stars and celebrity chefs,
Can't tell you who our target is,
Good luck with that
You just chaperoned, O W N E D
Yes, John. Thanks for reminding me, John
Lettuce cup?
I shouldn't have asked
They're in second
We're horny adults
Oh, Jake
Please. Look at your shoes
I don't know what you're talking about
Well, come on. Let's go
Get in here and meet everyone
Maybe she's just a nice person
So what did you say?
I'm not firing you
Oh, I knew it. You want to get rid of me
Oh, gingersnap, plasma spin, roast beef grab
But look at how they're organized,
She may seem perfect,
Why would she choose this lame temporary posting here?
But then my mom caught him cheating,
I'll be moving on
Well, basically just design and build skate parks
Watch this
Don't know, not familiar
People have been treating me like I'm cool
Let's just do that again. Hey, listen
To play me in the movie, you know?
It's your birthday?
If I die, will you look after my cat?
Sweet! We're running, okay
Stop, we have an emergency!
Yeah, that was clear from the start, okay?
Stop it, Terry, okay?
♪ Hey!
Okay, the reporters are all set for your press conference
And solve this case with me
And it hurt just the same!
If I'm such a headache,
You're just making up a solve
To throw us off the scent and then vanished
And why was that? Debbie, tell 'em!
For Arresting the Wrong Man
Because He Just Killed This Case
Which was a huge relief to me
No, this was all you
Street's clear
And we're talking about 'em
Someone matching our shooter's profile
I haven't seen you since your big news conference
Where should I go, Detective? I'd love to be of service
♪ Ooh, here he comes
♪ Ooh, here he comes
I'm so sorry, Doug