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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All alone #lonely #stranded #left hanging #abandoned #ghosted #tom green
Alright fingers crossed I hope I get a job he got my fingers crossed oh my god robbie I got my fingers craw
And say today he saves the day OK so much to the dismay the police services near the mailbox you know the police and they always hate it when people take the law into their own hands
Because they love me more than they love you
Blood hair looking for someone who's blonde blonde hair they applied for your blonde
Castanza vigilante but ask who is a vigilante
Clean out your locker at the club bob you're fucking fired
Don't you feel like a stupid dummy
Even though that means i'm a loser
Ha ha.
He fingers him
He takes him down behind the furnace I mean touch with him in his pants
How are you
I can see through wooden doors with my X ray vision wooden doors
I could see the criminal and other side you can't see me and he's committing crime I come along as I can see you something can see me out there at that time
I don't care about your fire
I don't fucking care what he told you OK
I don't know yeah
I got a job and I wanted to surprise you
I got a job working nights at a computer company
I know banana kleiber gonna telephone pyramids
I mean I shouldn't blow the brains out of the back of my school
I never thought of it like that
I put my city cheese job OK I went home I moved in with my parents OK works really hard and I came up with the concept is called
I said the day seems like they got a problem with heroes around here or something
I told you to wire the money to geneva last week I think geneva you hear helsinki
I want to eat chicken burgers
I want to hear the cannon! #hear the cannon #tom green
I want you to help me make it into a TV show
I'm being creative
I'm talking about forty million fucking george work
I'm X ray cat i've got super powers
It can I borrow fifty bucks or something you know for supplies for like pens or liquid paper or trapper keeper or metal compass is you know they put the pennsylvania screwed in that could be a circ...
It's going to be so proud
Kind of animator i've got this show idea I want to pinch here with the cartoon case about this cat but the superpower to concede to wood and oracle
Me i'm the number one son
Morgan william
Morning million fucking died
My dad said I couldn't tell my cartoon but this one I sold my cartoon
Never really
Oh i'm sorry ma'am I didn't realize that you were pregnant
Oh yeah well these I don't touch freddy
OK if X ray cat OK except instead of being able to see through everything he can only see through would
Pre information this is me being creative
So expecting that to happen.
So to see
So to see I don't have to take his crap anymore
Take it instead of following my dream of being an animator i'm just going to give up
The beavers game beaver started yelling another fever fever started yelling in the other really said you stupid fever
Then he told me this is what I need to do in order to become an artist
There are lot dad pain
This is crazy
This is crazy this is the second date that we haven't even gone out on yet and if you do what you're planning on doing then you have sucked two hundred percent more times than we've gone out and at...
This is Not Happening #tom green #thinking #deadpan #scattered laughter
Tom Green Soundboard Sound
Tom Green Soundboard Sound
Well not really a real animated I left a little hectic lately i'm having trouble concentrating with all the skateboarding and you sucking my penis all the time
What about the ghetto like lose my job is all of this
When you live in a tiny little shit hole and you can't afford breakfasts
Yeah he touches my little brother
Yeah he touches my little brother
Yes I can
You could stick it in your butt
You got a job buddy
You're fired
You're right I should probably use the electric nail gun