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Ah, so filling
All of you are babies
All of you are Dead!
Another medal is good
Baby team has cart
Bologna is perfect fuel for killing tiny cowards
Cart goes wrong way
Demo-man is spy
Do you wanna lose german sandwich but you are not done good cop
Doctor cashman
Don't run! it's just ham!
Engineer is credit to team
Engineer is spy.
Entire team is babies
Every one push
Everyone look at me!
Fear me, cowards
Good job everyone
Heavy is Spy!
Here I come
Hide cowards
I am amused by entire itty bitty teeny team!
I am credit to Team.
I am full of sandvich! And I am coming for yo’ll!
I am hero
I am most Dangerous Man in History of World!
I have many medals
I hear someone building diaper changing station
I live
I was told we would be fighting men
I'm coming for you
Is not possible
Is our cart now
It is good day to be giant man
Kaboom kaboom
Keep crying, baby
Keep Pushing!
Kill them all ha ha ha
Little men steal our cart
Look at me. Look at me!
Look at your tiny eat the baby man running from sandwich
March team, march!
Me and "Moy" sandwich
Medic is spy
Moist and delicious
Oh oh AM
Oooh Nooo! Little cart is moving!
Pryo is spy
Run cowards
Sandwich make me strong
Sandwiching god coming for you
Sandwitch and me going to beat you ass
Scout is spy
Singing Sandvich.
Sniper spy
Solider is spy
Spy is not our spy
Team Fortress 2 outro
Thank you
Thank you Docta!
The metal… It is so tiny!
The soundboard last made by john connor
Time to hide, Cowards!
Very good
Very good very ready god
Very well
We must return cart
We send ittsy bitty cart back home!
What was that Sandvich? Kill them all? Good idea!
Who dare stand against me now
Who sent all these babies to fight
Who touch my gun
Yeah ha ha ha look at your little baby guns
Yes! We push cart back!
Yo what's up
Yo yes yo you are done
You are going to need much bigger guns
You're so small, it's funny to me.