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Peep Show Soundboard 2

Peep Show Soundboard 2

Peep Show is a British television sitcom starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. It was written by Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, with additional material by Mitchell and Webb, among others. It was broadcast on Channel 4 from 2003 until 2015. In 2010, it became the longest-running comedy in Channel 4 history in terms of years on air. Alan Johnson.

A bit more juice and hang a right.
A follow up meeting. Read the phone.
A good time? I I don't know if it's.
A hungry, devouring twat. A kitten.
A man has his price, and I judge yours.
A mighty fine piece of ass. What big.
About that, don't you think that?
Actual experience of management consulting.
Alan Johnson's beamer.
Alan. Johnsons. Beam.
Alan's pajamas probably still warm.
An arm of sale.
And apparently, sugar actually operates.
And as he reclaims the keys, it's problem.
And back to the top. No, Alan, I we're kind.
And breathing when I click.
And crying and saying that it.
And I I don't know. Like I should be.
And I like to kick things off a bit.
And I'm yours.
And if we fail? Well, you're the junior.
And indecent proposal I want to.
And management consultant great follow me.
And project Zeus is why can't marketing be?
And residents not much to look at, but.
And then his Dick. No, I got something.
And we both end up winners. Isn't that?
And you down as if you were a hip.
Another word and you tell me the very.
Answer Jeremy. Maybe you could finger?
Any difficult feelings I may or may not be?
Any piece of real estate you're there?
Apess. So I offered a mixture of therapy.
Apprehensible pet talk. Hi there. Can I come in?
Are resisting something here.
Are you a pathetic worthless punk?
Around the Bush Germany I want to.
As a team, that's where things up into a.
As abuse. Welcome to the nerve center. OK.
At my laptop from the IT guy before Johnson gets.
At the office now. If it feels good, do it.
At the restaurant. I just wanted you to know.
Be a medal for saying no I am.
Be just the ticket. Yeah, you're getting.
Be parasite? Ohh yes yeah I like it.
Be putting your Dick right. What's?
Because I don't want to talk about it.
Because it was actually your sales record. Oh.
Better not. Thanks. Got a lot to do.
Big user fuck the police.
Blind short father Fiora foot.
Boom out. You are now a fully.
Bought off, but no one's going to.
But a terrible idea and a film they'd.
But consultancy, you and me, I'm the face.
But he broken. OK, it's a deal is.
But I don't know really. Look at you.
But then I took a closer look and I really.
By idea zone. Watch a DVD. It's some pizza.
By piss, it was a joke.
Campbell we wanted all we wanted and.
Can I change any of those? What score?
Charles and you'll be my Camilla.
Come on. Look at her ass. Is that the?
Comma unacceptable. I've instructed her to.
Compared to, say, a supermodel like Gisele.
Dead right, Alan Johnson. I'm in love.
Definition photo of some dog.
Did you get me? Got to get my Dick out of?
Didn't pick up a shitstorm. Hmm.
Do you face your demons and put the plug?
Do you follow the fingers follow.
Do you think he really wondered, staying if?
Do you think he's gonna mind, I mean.
Do you want me to give you blow?
Don't like playing the game with women?
Don't put my eyes so poke my eyes. Are you getting visuals?
Don't tell me you just sit around.
Down. You know it's a guy thing, right? Yeah.
Drink it, market. Just take a sniff for.
Exactly. So you're going to need a team.
Experiencing my mother, my father or my?
Facts and shitting stats for us to add.
Finally, I'm being groomed.
Fingers. Wow. I've been initiated. I am a drug.
First thing that pops into your mind.
First things first, let's hook up the printer.
Flooding your drawers? What do you?
Fly me mark. When did you?
For a presentation to the board, I'll leave.
For my visual display unit this morning.
For myself, every day for 15 years, but until you face.
For sure, he really seems to be sincere.
For the buddy. I mean, take a look at it.
For two JLB credit, fuck off, please.
From the laser bolt toilets it used to be this is it.
Fuck each other. I'm serious. Fuck a chicken.
Fuck off, spreadsheets. Ohh, yes. Take me Johnson.
Get a score in Word association.
Get around watching trumpton. Ohh he is.
Get sued. My God, is this Johnson's recession residence?
Going for coffee? What happened? It's.
Going there with Sophie, actually, yeah.
Good spirits, mark. Like George W or Alice.
Good stuff mark. I strongly advise you to.
Good taboo busting semi income.
Have you ever done a Rorschach test? Just.
He's taken a shine to me. He's singled.
Here, have a drink so. That's a.
Hey, Barbara thought we should.
Hey, hey. Hey, Marco. How you doing? Good.
Hi guys I just wanted to drop by and.
Hi, this weekend the JLB comfort.
His drawers getting a dousing, too, or I.
Hopefully that's more a.
How do I do stopping the pedal no no no the mic?
I can't believe.
I do sort of like it when he's rude to me.
I don't know, Alan. Thousands of reasons.
I don't someone mind if he's a real mate.
I don't think so. What if I lose it?
I just want to make it absolutely clear.
I mean the keysmart. No, no, he forgot.
I mean, honestly, I've got to.
I mean, there's a balance sheet ever.
I mean, this is definitely not.
I need some slave drones milk them to.
I think it's possible he might mind. Not can't drive. Why did he? Ohh. Oh.
I think people do when they're have.
I think she's very pretty.
I thought you might be feeling like a.
I would.
I'm driving. Look at me driving Jet.
I'm glad you understand. Ohh I understand.
I'm going to be Johnson's Queen.
I'm here for careers guidance, not therapy.
I'm in love with you, Johnson.
I'm insured on my mum's insurance.
I'm Johnson Driving is bullshit. I'm Johnson.
I'm like a valued and respected customer.
I'm mark. I'm. I'm glad I bumped into.
I'm not an alcoholic.
I'm so sorry about your mug, mug and.
I've been to the bottom of the bottle.
I've got a 32 inch plasma in mine.
I've got an idea.
I've won the spin war. Would you like to?
In 530% of the workforce new logo.
In business, Jeremy, you learned that.
In the jug, how can I trust you to be?
Informed of the meaning of project.
Into Aberdeen I've got the rough guide.
Is an indecent proposal. You have a prop.
Is it really God, Jeremy? No. God that.
Is it therapy? Not really, no. I'll just say.
Is like an idiot savant, but not so stupid.
Is my office and crinkled my papers.
Is of Rome? Sure. Just, um, open your.
Isn't that Johnson's whole philosophy? No. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they.
It dark or when you drive like. Clarkson. What if something happened?
It was a picnic. I'm currently speaking.
It's a shape knife out of my bag.
It's a terrible idea.
It's in Kettering. I'm planning to.
It's not.
It's trying to therapist me. OK, let's.
It's we're hitting the bottle, right, Alan?
Jeans. Yeah, she's very.
Jeremy, he obviously thinks I'm some.
Jesus, until the time is right for you.
Johnson, now Johnson. Shall we open?
Just leave my new idea in your desk.
Just us, a pile of Chinese food and a.
King mark. I thought it was a high def.
Know that I'm don't let us a piss.
Leave driving is bullshit. Oh my God.
Like a spin, but we're just tooling around town.
Like charmer. Just say the first.
Like he's just walked into our.
Like it's only a pint, only a. It's.
Like listening to them.
Like Mr. Corrigan, right? Absolutely.
Like talking to them, but I do like.
Like the fat girl who's just been asked.
Like you, a real life indecent proposal.
List I'm in bed with Johnson.
Little banger, right? Yeah. And it's not an old band.
Little bit patronising. And really need to pick.
Little jazz.
Look if you look like a sausage dog.
Look, everything's going brilliant.
Look, if we're going to do this, it's just you.
Lot of blow jobs, you know what I mean?
Machete, thank you, but no, very well. I can't.
Mark, I really get the feeling you.
Mark. Alan. It's not what it looks.
Mark. Can I have a word? Let me explain.
Marketing. What are you doing?
Mate, Are you sure you're alright Sir? Here's.
Maybe it is a bit. Nice, but in a sense.
Me no stress Buster, mini breaks, no women.
Me out. Here's my pitch new.
Might look when I kill you.
Mika from hope. They didn't recognise me.
Mother Sophie fuck no, not fuck.
Mug is just say Gee take a seat now.
My main man in the office.
My so-called childhood. Fine, fine. Well, often.
Never let this happen on my watch.
Nice jazz. The faces, the faces. I feel strange.
Nicholas restaurant with US sausage talk on the.
No time sake. More fully, you asshole.
No, absolutely not. We're almost.
No, nice room.
No, you didn't. You know what I'm hearing?
Not everything. Children.
Not therapy. OK, what are you?
Not with an obvious one. Work snake pit.
Notice the piss? Yeah mark. Ohh.
Now and if we're not hitting our target.
Now you take the bullet. Christ.
Of a lather, yeah. All of my need. Jazz is so great.