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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Andie - Pretty in Pink Soundboard Sound
Andie - Pretty in Pink Soundboard Sound
Andie - Pretty in Pink Soundboard Sound
Are you doing OK
Can I ask you something
Does your promise believe it or not that's great silly material you know i'm going
Month ago I ask somebody else in africa
Oh you know everything now huh you're eighteen and you got a scholarship and you're grown up and free and i'm just an ignorant sonofabitch it never gave you never ask for anything that's brilliant ...
Old gory detail mingling recipe founding part the steamy windows on hold by his invite you but nothing happened nothing
Play what are you doing
Sing fox penfield
So does he have strong lips how can you tell do you feel it your knees I felt it everywhere strong lips
So what's the deal you going out this weekend I don't know i'm not sure yet where we can do here you go study again would you put that study so much it makes me just don't see the point
Sorry you're going to go out with this guy I mean is a data I mean you like him he's not like the other guys seriously
Talk about lips I mean i'm old enough to be his mother but when the duck leg that kiss on me last night I swear to god my thighs just went up in flames
Why haven't you called me oh I got nailed to the stable thing I guess he grooms goes it's against club rules I called you three times and I left messages yeah well I didn't get in my family every r...
Yeah i'd like to for years and you treat me like shit yeah I don't I don't understand that it's a problem can you get off of my car with a lot of girls with this I don't see it makes you so different
Yeah we just got this glasses and really didn't like it out my god record
You gotta problem friend