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Before we leave the FAA in charlie what do you make of the premier way where do you want to leave well I just thought before we leave this century going in the manchester canal I think you're going...
But when you used to work for us brown and you were on television as you say in a panelist capacity I mean you used to talk about games afterwards and voice an opinion and have your say there's a c...
Dictators are out but how would love to be the perfect dictator
First of all I think we've got more skillful players than you to take corners and secondly one of the best in the club gettin that's what I pay for
How can you be bottom of the premier league well to be fair it's kept me awake for about four or five nights in the last three months every week and I don't know how we bottom of the premier league...
I resign once at java county football club over a matter of principle with problems with chairman and directors and on reflection the chairman should have gone or not maine
I won't go through piracy sick other people will let him in that and I think it is a statement which could destroy darby county football club
It's a full time job now being manager of a football league club bill shankly would have gone bezerk for example if it had to talk to a player and say would you like to sign for liverpool none the ...
My mom says me why can't you be like bob wilson she is why can't you be nice and intelligent and calm and collected like bob and not upset anybody and bob doesn't swear and bob doesn't do that and ...
My phone 's memories are when I was a player and I am very happy having scored two hundred and fifty league goals quicker than anybody else in the football league doesn't matter whether was in the ...
One director said to me what have you brought as a splatter forty dollar order memory describing john mcgovern 's father footed innocuous freer weakling and all that type of thing which is opposed ...
The things that hard work to other manager not hard work to maine the display inside of it and the judgment judging of players the training the coaching these are not problems
There are a lot of buildings about there's ninety two league football chairman for a start
They don't play with any problems with referees we try to entertain and you never know john you and your profession just might recognize that we are a good side
Think socialism comes from the heart I think i've been looking and i've got one i've got amid a few bob and grab a car i've got a nice house and I don't see any reason why everybody shouldn't have ...
Very bad for missing the target from there you want bloody shooting
War is crap
We don't play in the clouds with god wanted us to play football in the clouds and you put grass there we play on grass and we played to feet and just my interpretation in football i'm not sure what...
With these identity cards I have problem or against them it's very very difficult for me to talk about it at the moment but i'm against them
Without click around here that's all right there and we deserve it I think what do you think one of your parents that you bounced I mean they must've given is a kid chase man
Word pretty rubbish rubbish
You little bit isolated down here away from most peasants in the midlands yeah you got down a description