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All right you're under arrest! you hear me you put your hands on the car now you put your hands on the car and you spread 'em are you gonna put your hands on that car
Attention all civilians! for your own safety please evacuate the streets immediately remain indoors until you receive further instructions
Besides you wouldn't like it here it's a quiet little town in fact you might say it's boring but that's the way we like it and I get paid to keep it that way boring
Dammit what the hell do you think this is some kind of a circus get the hell outta here!
I repeat this is a police emergency please evacuate the streets immediately
I'm warning you boy don't make a move i'll blow your head off!
If you want some friendly advice get your hair cut and take a bath you wouldn't get hassled so much!
This character! he comes waltzing in here full of all kinds of good advice
Would you wrap your arms around him to give a big sloppy kiss or would you have blown his brains out
You try to be nice to some people!