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Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear Soundboard

Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear Soundboard

Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson (born 11 April 1960) is an English broadcaster, journalist and writer. He is best known for the motoring programmes Top Gear and The Grand Tour. Clarkson has hosted ITV game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? since 2018. His opinionated but humorous tongue-in-cheek writing and presenting style has often provoked a public reaction. He is credited as a major factor in the resurgence of Top Gear as one of the BBC's most popular shows.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
And boats don't do emergency stops going in, relax.
Back back back back back. For God's sake he said back back, back back.
But, and this is crucial, a lot of people ask me this. Can you get Sienna Miller in the glove box? Well, let's find out Sienna are you? Are you in there? Yeah, you are you comfortable, very marvelo...
Can create the longest #11 skid mark on the track 31 feet. It is 35 feet is beating you.
Can you run a car on a poo?
Carolinas do this. How do they drive along Thinkings? Compare this shit and you know if you have the code, the caravan club always say all members always pull over to let people buy. I have been dr...
Cut to the wide shot.
Daniel is traveling tonight in his stupid electric sports car. Can see the red tail land? No, he wouldn't be able to be battery powered, isn't it?
Dial number Miley. I'm told you what the dial yet?
Do you know the worst thing is I need to pee or am I so tough, silly used this at literally F? Why did you drive through it?
First we tried the local pub.
For more, a nation of Wetherspoons and Heat magazine and CLA, Medea.
Ha ha ha. The big question was which would arrive first, summer or James May? Where is he?
Haven't really haven't sold it. Haven't or couldn't bit of both. I suspect nobody would buy it from you so well. The point is, I think I'm about to lose 1500. I sold mine for 1800 pounds.
Hello, excuse me hello you in the red top I've had a look around the car park and I couldn't help noticing that my car is considerably more powerful than all of yours.
How come you're an expert on you look like a scaffolder? All you actually have we, we doctor, you are. What are you really? Your car sales?
How now I'm on fire, no out.
I absolutely hope James May wakes up in the morning and 10,000 insects, or in his underpants.
I was brilliant, never seen such a nervous man. He looks confident that is the first time I've ever seen a world leader admit. We really are in deep. He didn't use way about it. Yeah thank you. Ann...
I'm doing 68. My Magnum yeah.
I'm not sure this glass carpet is very practical. Ann and the window. Nice effect, but a bit drafty.
I've got a message here telling me that there is Mercury, which is hazardous in the rear seat video display. And then there's another one here saying that the exhaust which is here is hott, and tha...
If you really hammering down the road, OK.
Is a supercar a bowl of prawns and avocado and crashed? Delicious and tasty but a bit hard to handle. Now what Mercedes have done is taken those same supercar ingredients but wrap them up in two pi...
Is this fat talentless shopping assistant? Yes, and you've ended up with a fat, talented self. Don't come too soon there.
It is a rubbish idea, that car basically be beautifully made. Unbelievably reliable, have a fantastic engine and isn't as good as a Toyota Corolla. Verso the end, yeah?
It's so quick it can destroy your entire face.
It's time for a red dose of the real world because I've been driving the sort of car that people actually buy was that small bit to camp at the end.
It's time now to do the cool wall.
Listen, while we were off the air, OK, I had a look on the Internet and this was on it. Oh yeah, now I can believe that something else that was on it. Was this OK, yeah. Anyway look, I went on the ...
Living, let's file need once a modern Bentley. Anyway, 'cause I drove on in Albania recently was terrible.
Rise Rise Toy boat up.
Seattle already always have to have the SAT NAV on, but of course bigamous ladies. It's entirely different. Make a new task, go back home to do it again.
Set for this program and for this series, what did you come to England? Though this summer 'cause all the birds are got great tits like this that's it for this program. And indeed for this series, ...
Some say that he's a CIA experiment that went wrong and that he only eats cheese. All we know is he's staked.
Tell the traction control off. They must be joking.
That is a proud moment, but there's a slope on it. Yeah, right. It's definitely higher on that side.
The idea is that you take the badges off your well, your Lexus. Frankly, you put them in, plug it in, and 10 minutes later there gold. Wow, I put my dog in it.
The pimp Mobile was next week. I'm going to need a calendar for this. Yeah, not a stop. Watch 123 Go moved off.
Then surprisingly, mine wasn't holding up too badly either for the first time today I have no warning light on the dashboard. All is well. Well, you know the rear windshield wiper and the electric ...
Thing is, you see all Japanese cars check ink thing Adamas two. Is this all caustic best thing? How?
To try and explain the point of the supercar, we thought we'd take one to that huge new bridge in southern France, whose phones that it's not mine. It's mine, not now, not now. Whose phones that it...
Two ways of removing a doje tooth. You know there's the Ferrari way, which is an exquisite high speed drill Lambeau Way, which is a bigger hammer, yeah.
We all live then, but what about the cars? Richards Rover is dead. James is Audi is dead, but my Volvo.
Well, how would you know what a Metro section? I'm not only in touch with my feminine side, I'm in touch with my gay side as well.
Well, now we know that German fashion and hairstyles moved on much, but I'm sorry that car is just the old one that's not new. There's no new 911 and there never has been. Thank you again.
Well, you're not going to believe it. OK, you ready for this ready? Yes, and I've sold these already that result. 600 quick look. Cartoon living room.
When a man who looks like Ted Nugent gets here take hours, have a look at these bottom. I think he's got something in there.
Which makes the front of the car look like a fish, not a not a card or a shark. Not kind of swimming. One more sort of bottom feeder, but then it is Dutch.
Would you like to do on a caravan holiday?
Yeah, yeah, you've been watching too many nature documents and it comes right in front of you. Gotta wear specialized clothing. Radius bends down in his left testicle pops up.
You also don't know know well somebody public service now. I don't now absolutely and we have to balance it though don't because this is the BBC and we yes exactly. Thank you. I'd have them all sho...
You know when a dogs doing it number twos, that kind of arched back thing. That's what it is, yes.
You need to. You need to anyone who isn't doing too many skills that can go Eenie meenie, miney Moe.
2.3 is a small amount of horse person. Honestly I want this, but don't you just want to sort of go? That's 225 horsepower, so two 450 horsepower. That's half the horsepower Formula One car.