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Am I on drugs? Do I look like I'm on drugs? Do I look like I'm on drugs?
And can I tell you something?
And you're a drunken bum spongy off taxpayers in this country. And people like you should be put out on the street.
Don't pick your nose and television doesn't look too good.
Get off that chair. Get out of this studio. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop listening to your friends. Get a job. Support your kids and be a damn man.
He's going to make you look stupid. He's gonna cheat on you and get drunk for the rest of his life.
I am going to do everything in my power to ensure that you do not get the money that you sit and spend on booze.
I beg your pardon. You haven't even parties yourself. Yes, you did, you just send me on 2 feet. Did you just say no, no, no. Do you know what? Aftercare not on my life get back outside? You're not ...
I can't bear people that mumble. What did you say?
If you're going to take me on, at least have the ability to open your mouth and speak English and sit up straight.
Just did you wanna hear it one more time before I finish?
No newspaper said that, so you should be apologizing to me 'cause I haven't even started on you.
No, I'm not interested in having a discussion with you right now, so but may you showing it, Steven, you know you.
She's been getting text messages from somebody saying, well, the ex that not only the father of the baby, but you been cheating on her answer that speak.
Shut your mouth.
Take old man, aren't you?
This I don't lose it very often. You want to see your child. I will sort that, but you get your backside on that stage right now.
Well then put something on the end of it then.
What style do you expect me to do? You waste of space?
What's all that about this and what's that about you?
'cause I haven't even started on you.
'cause people like you do not deserve a penny.
#2, Jerry Jeremy