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And then you are always behind defects running behind the fix I i called it in dutch
And we can say OK we have to spirit now and we go looking at upstairs not downstairs
Do you think it was deduct is a little bit of a wake up call two of the players on the pitch you cannot give such a chance away it was giving away and also in the last ten minutes
First time I have shared something and that was not so good interpreted so I have asked my medical at pfizer
I don't know if it is in english like that
I think the first half we played like weisberg races up late and that's not good
I will I want to make a statement he's had a lot of people I don't know who that people are but OK a lot of people he said again but i've done has I think
I'm sorry we are playing ball position play after seventeen minutes we don't succeed in spite of many chances in the second half then I change my playstyle and then of course
Is it just need them maybe mantis united to find out all seven days if you like and all these kind of rumors as you say they wouldn't happen I think ninety percent is is not happening
It was insane or fairy would make my professional file beeping quest ends half show me that wasn't necessary and secondly does it make you question the wisdom of lightning with
It's a how do you go live to cardiola 's game the death the death of the gladiolus or you are dead or you receive the gladiolus flower yeah it's like that and
Just exactly just seem as though there are a lot of things that are irritating you at the moment that criticism of the team no no no you are saying that you are saying that you are suggesting that
Like my friend is saying defense are saying death now the fence are shouting every week louisville guards army luison calls arming so also defense of
Louis van Gaal - Manchester United Soundboard Sound
Louis van Gaal - Manchester United Soundboard Sound
May I ask you about your celebration at the end of the game you got very excited actually only put the ball in ryan next years was quite comma you almost like a good cop
Now we have to play against chelsea in the netherlands they say that that's another cook
OK she coffee milk and sugar is dependable how big
Points yeah so you have waited on a moment that you can put this question all the weeks
Rudy and character the captains came to me and said the dressing room is flat we want to say that to you be cause we want to help you and then I i have paid so many attention
Send it
So i'm allowed to toast with you my friends of the media merry christmas with your family a lot of love also is also important health
So that I have said also in half time we need the cats to play football along the floor and that we have done in
The the possibility people are maybe betting on us when when I i i'm not allowed
There's no difference we know in advance that everything is against us
They're not done yet snowdeal done yet not just one question so BBC ryan giggs do you think he should be a part of the future manchester knighted system with stupid question there soon this is stup...
We have analyzed it also and this difficult to lay a finger on it is always difficult to look for the solution
What do you think about this is english be cause he is is I have the same situation in spain and my first year I spoke english in my second
Yeah this again the same song we have created a lot of chances but we don't finish these chances and then tells you make
You asked well no I don't I don't want to say anything I can go away OK