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Absolutely one hundred percent rubbish
But the reality is you're not very good
How do I get a slice of one direction
I think i've got the weather this year
Just funny something I just can't see you riding a horse
Louis wolf you you down less like there OK but you're not you do not know about music
OK good will see you later
That was so tough I could just see in their faces how much they wanted
This is the hardest one for me today 'cause I know it broke into hearts account for everybody
Those guys there for me going to be like one of your toughest decisions I know what you mean
Tonight it was a bit like mariah carey singing another song
Vicki that was very very good very difficult song to sing and you did very very well I think you sign from the heart I don't wear my fellow judges have your color I thought you were very very good ...
You're very nice and I think the group is probably a little bit too nice i'm looking for something with a little bit more edge and I don't know if only the young having a veg