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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All your dreams can come true. Your train Kane of finding things your dream Benoit approving things will come true and this is how you do it, Benoit. When you're by yourself with cane, pull your pa...
And after you two are through playing touchy feely with Ben was Little Pinky Winky.
And as we look back on some of the worst days on that fateful dreaded night, the night Mrs. Snow gave birth to Al Snow, one of the biggest pieces of Monkey Crap Walking Gods Green Earth.
And that's the bottom line, cause a great one said so.
And the lock says he will deliver the most electrifying move in sports entertainment that people's elbow 123.
And then at that point Billy your house started to shake the heavens opened up, and God himself spoke to you and said this Bob, but my name is Billy. It doesn't matter what your name is.
And then Billy, as fear went through your body, tears went down your cheek and pass Rd down your leg. Your house started to shake again the clouds parted, the heavens opened and what seemed like mi...
And you cry like a baby will you know? Yeah, they said they make me down for five years for five years they come in at the bottom of the barrel.
Are you going to arrest the great one?
Bad A** Billy Gunn.
Benoit, all you want to do is prove things.
Die, die, die.
Do you like Donuts?
Exactly because there is no reason to arrest the great one.
Finally, the rock has come back to Indianapolis.
Finally, the rock has come back to New Jersey.
Goosebumps running up and down your spine.
Hardly go rock by his car.
Have you would have been aware yesterday and not at Dunkin' Donuts stuffing, your face is with all the Donuts. The rock says this he called it in yesterday that the rocks car was stolen.
I'm gonna drink a big glass of milk, eat some chocolate chip cookies, and then maybe I'll take 3 by Ghagra.
If ya smell what The Rock is cooking.
If you knew your role and shut your mouth and listen, listen because they are chanting the rocks name.
If you smell what the rock is cooking.
In 28 seconds the rock is going to give you exactly what you don't want, and that's a rock taking that strap. Turn it sideways, head sticking straight up your candy, yeah?
It doesn't matter what your name is.
It doesn't matter what your name is.
Just bring it.
Keep smiling to jabrony.
Keep your head still jabroni.
Kevin Kelly
Know your role and shut your mouth.
Let the rock ask you quick question.
Merry Christmas jabroni
Michael Cole
Nice short $0.25.
Now cane since you just want to find things.
Of course, jabroni's. The Rock is aware.
Oh dear God, you see my name is Billy and I just one king of the ring. But there's one problem. Everybody still thinks that I absolutely suck.
Oh, you like Jelly? Will Jelly is a good one.
Raw, they kicked her *** and they rattled your brain too much of that. Or drive a man insane. You got the Blues but you won't lose. 'cause Gooden is Grays at great balls of fire and the simple fact...
Rest In Peace
Seeing as you jaboni's really want to find out who was driving the rock stolen car.
Shut your mouth jabroni
Shut your mouth the thong wearing Fatty.
Smile jabroni
So the rock just wants to know.
So you are now Chris Benoit.
That means I gotta get my I gotta get my pick up truck, drink some Steve Wisers, listen to some back street boys.
The Rock hasn't forgotten about you either.
The Rock is electrifying solely on genetic makeup. Emitting electricity 24 hours a day, Seven days a week, 360 five days a year, including leap year.
The Rock is genetically electrifying. He emits electricity.
The Rock is going to do to you exactly what he does best, and that's why the smack down on your ***** ***
The rock lives, breeze walks, talks, trash all day long. As a matter of fact or rock talks, trash in asleep just like this roody poo candy.
The Rock says he is the Peoples Champ. The Rock says he is the People's Choice and the rock is without a shadow of a doubt. The most he electrifying man in sports entertainment, period.
The Rock says he'll lay the smack down on your candy ass and ten others who looked just like you.
The Rock says this. Write this down when you leave here. Go down to Dunkin' Donuts. Get the biggest Jelly donut you can find. Hold that Jelly donut up. Squeeze all the Jelly out, squeeze all the ju...
The Rock understands what took place the night you won King of the ring you got down on your knees. Put your little hands together and you said a prayer and it sounded like this.
The Rock wants you to do this. Iraq wants you to go find a very quiet place tonight.
The Rock wants you to take your tongue and stick it through that goofy gap of yours and go lick a Wolverine *****
The Rock's car was stolen.
They broke the rocks Rolex.
Triple H impression
Triple H let the rock understand this for a second last week on raw heat, beat your *** in a cage match and now this week you're the number one contender for the WWF title or the Rock realises why ...
Triple H.
Ugly hermaphrodite
We've been this close for five minutes, and the Rock and honestly say for some particular reason your breath smells like.
Well goosebump your a** on outta here.
Well, the rock has one question for you.
Well, the rock is going to make both you very happy men tonight.
Well, the rock realized what smells like it smells like a big steaming stinking piece of dog turd.
Well, the Rock says they didn't keep at the bottom of the barrel, just 'cause you want to say goodbye or Rudy poo friends. No, the Rock says that kept you at the bottom of the barrel because you ab...
What is your name?
What you're failing to realize is that you are dealing with the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.
What?, What?
What's your favorite donut?
When the rock has time to talk, you don't say what the rock says.
Write this down.
You are absolutely right, you do suck.
You are absolutely right. You do suck, but there is one thing and one thing only you can do. You must go find the man who is simply electrifying. You must go find the rock. Oh my God, anybody but t...
You are piercing a hole through the rocks head. You're looking at him like that.
You can be Chris Benoit.
You definitely want to write this down in big bold letters if your smell what the rock is cooking.
You don't see the rock coming out and saying who are who. That yeah who?
You don't see the rock coming out here saying all that stupid crap.
You got a 3 foot nose.
You gotta know when to hold'em, no. When the fold them know when to walk away. Know when to run. You never count your money when you sitting not the table, they'll be time enough account and when t...
You have a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach right now.
You see, anybody can be you. Chris Benoit. This jabroni holding the camera. He could be Chris Benoit. Define looking sexy mom over here to the rocks right? She could be Chris Benoit even you you ca...
You two together nobody else you to buy yourselves. Go find a nice, quiet place where you can be alone.
You're nothing and nobody peon onto the rock.