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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Before you say anything
Come here to piece of shit
Don't be like this
Dumb florida moron
Hey how are you
How you doing
I don't have the money
I have had enough
I really am a nice guy you know
I work for money
I'll be back here in 5 minutes
I'll be seeing you later
I'll beat the life outta you
I'm gonna shut that big mouth of yours
Let's get outta here
Piss off
Relax relax
Remember me
Shut up
Something wrong now
Spread your legs you're braking my eardrums
Stupid idiot
Surrounded by pricks
Tell me where you are
That the best you got
This asshole think he can mess with me
This is gonna be easy
This isn't geting me any closer to my money
Tommy vercetti 1
Tommy vercetti 2
Vercetti remember the name
What can I do for ya
What did I do wrong in a past life
What makes you say that
What's going on sweetheart
What's the problem
What's your name
Where can we get a little privacy around here
Who are these pricks anyway
You ever heard off
You fat slime ball
You got a name lady
You have my personal assurance that i'm going to get your money
You like italians baby
You okay to use a gun
You remember me
You took 15 years from me and now you're gonna pay
You up for some fun
You're as boring as the other guy
You're going down you back stabbing prick
You're gonna get a beating