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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Bridge no son of a. You are right comma yeah what happened nothing.
Brother, I'm Paul. You must be Tommy brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug.
Did you eat the skipper God on skinny punks that this win doesn't pick up 'cause I'll come over there and German or up their ass.
Did you hear I finally graduated? Yeah, and just a shade under a decade too. Alright, you know a lot of people go to college for seven years. I know they're called doctors.
Do you eat a lot of paint chips when you're a kid? Why?
Forget it, I quit. I can't do this anymore man. My heads about to explode my whole life sucks. I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know where I'm going with. My dad just died. We just killed Bambi...
Hey, I'm big Toms son still fix everything so I'm allowed to be a moron. Get out of the car it's go time you would look Mommy the Rhino is getting too close to the car him to wait to get out. He ju...
Hey, is this soup made me look fat no no your face does.
Holy SH nikes.
I was checking the US specs on the end line for the Rotary dirter I'm retarded.
Is a fat well on your phone? Yeah, listen up you little spaz allies. I know where you live, and I've seen where you sleep. I swear to everything holy that your mother's will cry when they see what ...
It's called reading top to bottom, left to right group words together in a sentence. Take Tylenol for headaches, might offer any cramps. Shut up.
La La Lu Luke Luke. I am your father Lola Lola Lola Lola, Lola, oh. I've interrupted happy time look your father wants you to check out the delay problems were having at the loading dock. Now I kno...
Left a message a message. What number did you call 24 Niner 567. I can't hear you you're trailing ofin did I catch a niner in there where you calling from a walkie talkie?
Man did I did Doust with MoD H Echo that doesn't smell like mud.
Or did I screw up? I still called family, deserted me Michelle's mad at me. I lost the factory. The towns going under and I'm out of a job. Cut it down without that. Geez, I'm an idiot.
Richard, this year caught don't do it that guide a little God that guy in little cool don't fat guy in a little cold bad guy in little gold.
The plus Oh my God, I pass I asked I'm gonna graduate.
They have a thin candy shell, spicy and not. I think your brain is a thick candyshell your your brain as the shell on it. Are you talking shut up, Richard?
Want one I better not. I have what doctors called a little bit of a weight problem.
Watch your language in front of the lady Punk.
What I say about eating in the car anyway, there's not good 'cause it spoils your dinner.
What you do is you put your shoulder into her and your Bush and they fall over and this doesn't strike you as kind of dumb or family. We're going to be doing lots of dumb stuff together. Wait till ...