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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A mummy can only mean one place. I wish I was in Egypt.
All right, back for another round of intergalactic adventure, Crash Nebula and his space faring Star Speeder entered the dreaded Forbidden zone.
All right, guys, let's seal that portal.
All right, once again we find ourselves on the ocean floor.
All right, the mighty breath man. Sewer level again. I'm getting really good at this. What do you say, skunk, my trusty sidekick.
Ancient Rome, home of the citadel, the Colosseum and Noah's Ark. What do you call?
And I wish for a map.
Are you sure you wanna leave? If you do, click again.
Are you sure you wanna take your name off my guest list?
Are you sure you wanna? If you do, click again?
At which time would stop except for me.
Awesome, my very own Galaxy class blockade runner starts speeder. Even the real crash Nebula doesn't have a ship this cool.
Awesome. I wish I was in deep space.
Awesome. Now come on in, maybe you could help me with my homework or not.
Back at the old guestbook, did you want to sign in under a different name?
Captain's log, supplemental. It's quiet. Too quiet. We've returned to the dreaded forbidden zone in order to seal an uncharted wormhole in the heart of deep space.
Cool. I'm glad you're back. We need all the help we can get.
Cool. We're under the sea, but we're under the sea.
Did you guys hear that? I'll show her what a loser really looks like. That's her. Came out the wrong way.
Even in the Middle Ages, she's the meanest in the land.
Finally, I thought they'd never buzz off.
For a miracle, this is getting tough.
He would like.
Hey Cosmo, you wanna tell us where we are?
Hey, awesome hat. I'm a cowboy baby.
Hey, far out. We're in the 1950s again. Maybe I should pick up a lava lamp while I'm here.
Hey, guys. How come the 1950s is actually in black and white? I mean, it's not like we're looking at it on TV.
Hey, the 1950s. Crazy, man. Totally crazy.
Hey, we're back in ancient Rome. Are we here for the toga party?
Hey, what's this place? It looks like a movie set.
Hi, it's me, Timmy. Put your name in my guestbook, then come meet me in my room.
I wish 1 decimal had some help.
I wish 1 decimal played even better.
I wish all this stuff was out of my way.
I wish everything was in slow motion.
I wish for a black hole.
I wish for a breath mint.
I wish for an oil slick.
I wish for flat wheels.
I wish for loads of fish.
I wish for the power to wipe out all my on-screen enemies.
I wish I could fly.
I wish I could jump high, really high.
I wish I had a harder time getting around.
I wish I had a magic dodgeball.
I wish I had a shield.
I wish I had a snow plow.
I wish I had flowers to give to Nikki.
I wish I had really bouncy skis.
I wish I had some color I was going.
I wish I had some light down here.
I wish I had some spider food to leave around.
I wish I had the hiccups.
I wish I had tissues to wipe off my ship.
I wish I was at this stadium.
I wish I was here, wherever here is.
I wish I was invisible.
I wish I was on this mountain.
I wish I was powered up to the Max.
I wish I was seeing double.
I wish I was the fastest kid alive.
I wish I was the latest yodler in the world.
I wish it was really, really dark.
I wish my skis were sticky.
I wish nothing could touch me.
I wish this ball would bounce off everything.
I wish this scooter had super high belts rubber wheels.
I wish this ship was really heavy.
I wish we could lose this extra weight.
I wish we had weaker jets.
I wish we were covered in fish bait. Ah, right.
I wish we were in Vicki's nose. Sort of.
In an unpredictably bold move, mighty breath man returns to the story source too. And hey, why are we here?
It feels good to be at the helm again.
It's clear we can't settle this with words. Therefore, I challenge you to a game of Boundary ball fairy playground rules.
It's quiet, too quiet. Timmy Turner, back from his latest adventure, makes his way intrepidly through the mummy's tomb.
It's the foot and he looks just like my teacher, Mr Crocker. That's odd.
Let me guess. We're not here for sightseeing and there's no toga party either.
Man, she's cutting a little deep.
No problem, the rules is as good as found. Now let's do this thing.
Oh my gosh, the final level of mighty breath man video game. This is the one video game I've never been able to beat.
Oh no, it's gone. What happened?
Oh, I know, I wish for lots of pepper.
Ohh man this is so gross.
Ohh man this stinks.
Ohh man why toys here? Ohh no thanks kitten, I'm cool.
Ohh no AJ's great great great grandpas still down there. I've got to help them.
OK guys, this is the hardest part of the level. I've got to work my way up these platforms so I can reach the front and give them a taste of the all power belch.
One decimal magnifico. I should have known you try to stop us.
Pretty alert we're going down.
Thanks you guys. Now I wish I was back in my room with the map.
That looks like Tootie. I hope I don't regret this. I wish I was here.
That sounds like a place we should check out.
That was great, and going to all those places was fun. What do you say we go back and see how fast we can do them?
That's what I'm afraid of. Oh well. Can't worry about that now. Time to get wishy with.
This castle looks cool. I wish I was there.
This donkey doesn't look too happy. I wish I were at the Grand Canyon.
This is disgusting. Are we inside vicki's nose? It's worse than I imagined.
This is the level where mighty breath man has to rescue Princess Chest Arena from the nefarious Lafoote. We've got to make our way through the sewer system and into lafoote secret layer and I'm mig...
This looks like a cool place to go. I wish I was under the sea.
Vo3aT TCWcry
Wanda Cosmo? What is this place?
We are back in the sewers. What are we after this time?
We're back in the 1840s, and AJ's relative still needs help. Gosh, this guy has the worst luck ever.
We're back in the ancient tomb and I'm as cool looking as ever.
Well, stone walls, hieroglyphics, and I'm wearing khakis. This must be an ancient tomb. But who are those guys now? What's that book?
Well, the mighty breath man video game. I wish I was in there.
What? We can't get around like this. It's too hard and gross. I wish I had a miniature bioship to fly in.
Why is there a picture of Vicky here?
Wow, here we are again on the ocean floor, 20 million years in the past.
Wow, I never get tired of all that magical transporting. So where are we now?
Wow, look at all that power. I feel like an Olympic skier all the way up here.
Wow, that guy can't catch a break. Don't worry. Help is on the way.
Wow, this tune never gets less creepy.
Wow, this vicki's even meaner than the one back home, if that's even possible.
Yeah, I wish for good wish ideas wherever I go.
You. And just when I thought Vicky couldn't gross me out anymore.