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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Aah! whoo!
But I ain't thinking about five years from now i'm just trying to get through the day
Chronic always get her ass all quiet
Climb out the pussy for a minute
How come you ain't been to work in a week because look what I got here
How the fuck is my drinking coffee making you nervous
I know you out of money by now cleo now what you gonna do rob another goddamn bank what the fuck is y'all thinking
Insurance scam
Look at this motherfucker bet you he ain't never held a broom in his life and she ain't did no dishes or wash no clothes
****a for $15 dollars an hour i'd be all full ply radial what I gotta do sir ass motherfucker they'd have to pull me off that machine
Now the problem is they on our ass now and we got to do two things rob another bank and get the fuck out of here or we gonna be in jail by tomorrow morning
See that's what the fuck we need to do rob a bank
The motherfuckers was all over me but I represented
This is a ugly ass baby
What are you looking at i'm a bitch with a gun two!
Whoo! whoo!
Why can't we just get buck with these motherfuckers and go up in there and take all the fucking money
Yeah I rolled this one good blunt talking to a motherfucker
Yo white people be having some old water head crying ass ugly babies