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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
About 20 and eight for the last 30 days.
About me again. You talk little Facebook.
Accretions, I'd love for you to crawl off and back.
Also, what you stupid son of a bitch don't you do after years when it rains?
And fuck you.
And we didn't figure you traveled.
And, uh.
Are you going to do? Just let me be really do you or what?
Are you on?
Are you retarded mother fucker? Get off the phone with you.
Are you retarded mother fucker? Get off the phone with you.
Are you silly? Sonofabitch practicing law without a license illegal?
Are you stupid shower better never called your house?
Are you stupid? Bitch? You probably couldn't even find the way.
Are you that same song bitch? Don't hang up new stuck with me every time you call?
As fuck you, you're interrupting my breakfast.
As I'm not talking to you.
As none of your fucking business.
Big gunship.
Business with me.
But I learn all the way for you.
But I'm thinking you bigger shot of Abitur.
But let me ask you this.
But you gotta find out if I don't want more healthy you motherfucker.
Call fuck you you stupid cock sucker.
Call fuck you you stupid son of a bitch.
Call shit you son of a bitch. You ain't longer to read a book with only a lawyer.
Call Tucci a shallow bitch.
Call you licking, son of a bitch you.
Camping near phone number.
Can Take Me Out the apartment here. Could you lie?
Can you get something nice?
Can you understand this? Thank you.
Cell phone is rain and I answered it and it was. You explain that one to me.
Change 11
Could have called. You don't even wanna talk to you and.
Could you take a hand? I don't wanna talk to you.
David Garrett
Decided be contaminated with ignorance.
Did it turn you on your subject, change again or what?
Did you call me?
Did you get a pencil? Never once you cannot see me.
Did you think it it for use in a cauldron, masturbating or something?
Do I know you?
Do what?
Do what?
Do you have in mind?
Do you wanna call you in your pastor duties?
Does it mean you got damn ignorant son of a bitch?
Don't let same size as you.
Don't tell me anymore. You stupid cock sucker.
Escaping, capture, collect Eagle, any reason?
Everything is going well.
Example of obituary. Gotta get enough gas Station 7 who you are let alone come see me.
Except you Yankee licking cock sucker you.
Finish I said again, you stupid son of a bitch.
First of all, I haven't called your house in the second of all, I don't know whether you see that or not.
Frank Garrett
Frank Garrett Superboard Sound
Frank Garrett Superboard Sound
Frank Garrett Superboard Sound
Frank Garrett Superboard Sound
Fuck you and your clients and all that shit. You must think I'm a member so that you ever met.
Get him retardo
Get you some friends, apologize to them.
Getting here buddy. You are better. Sounds good anyway.
Getting on the two motherfucker YouTube deals here.
Good idea.
Got it, thank you happy.
Hang on this credit buddy, you know what I got to say thank you.
Have a good day.
Headset become Nancy Me or quit this bullshit.
Hello asshole.
Hello my best friend. How are you buddy?
Hello stupid son of a bitch and then frankly need for six months.
Hello you stupid mother fucker you.
Hello yourself.
Hello, did you too? Bye bye.
Hello, you son of a bitch.
Here about one stupid bitch.
Hey is your mom was killed at worms crawling out her Pussy?
Hey you dumb Ashton fear something better to do with your time.
Hey you little IP summit. This year I'm getting tired of you.
Hey you retarded son of a bitch. You can't even find me.
Hey, they let you out of your fucking page again.
Hope your mom gets fucked in your daughter too.
How are you?
How did you get my number?
How do I hide behind a God damn telephone to aggravate people and shipping costs in the morning?
How do you get speakerphone now?
How do you hide behind the unknown #4?
How do you know it was me?
How do you want to eat your son of a bitches about the 4th call you've made today?
How good at hell?
How to forgive? There you go?
How will just for one build if we don't do remodel instead?
How would you know?
How would you like to kiss my fat ass?
I bet you can't do, aren't you?
I bet you're really good friends with them.
I bet your mother won't let you know you when I get through with you.
I can't understand what you're saying.
I can't understand you.
I didn't list this, So what do you got on your mind?
I don't care, I've got what I was searching for other side localism like anybody else.
I don't care.
I don't drink.
I don't even have a guide Texas. As you get my name.
I don't even know this language, but I'd like to.
I don't even know.
I don't give a shit about nobody but me.
I don't give a shit there you go.
I don't give a shit.
I don't give a shit.
I don't give a shit.
I don't have any dirt moving equipment.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know.
I don't know. I don't want company.
I don't like strange song goes either.
I don't like you.
I don't need a bill you for Christmas.
I don't need a two day, I'm no.
I don't wanna hang out with it.
I don't want your problem. This can't get anything for me.
I feel.
I got some later date and listen to you.
I gotta kinda party.
I have you down there.
I keep my God damn head it.
I know what I do if I knew you were in Week 4.
I know you would like to tell you all that work for you or not.
I know you're not one of them, so that she won't play around and talk to you.
I let me say how. Thank you.
I like your lazy, so here we go.
I normally don't work in Oklahoma anyway.
I thought I thought you wanted in traffic.
I told you won't let it happen. Don't let me equipment.
I wanna fuck you.
I want to kiss your ass.
I will try to charge.
I wish I was next door to you guys. Children beat the hell outta you just for the hell of it.
I wish you did.
I would never leave you. I think you're asking me where you live.
I'd like to kick your answer about it. You're happy music.
I'll meet you there every summer, bitch in nine counties.
I'll suck you.
I'm a pardon.
I'm better better.
I'm better than you are probably.
I'm doing alright, how are you?
I'm doing better, he's.
I'm drinking stupid son of a bitch.
I'm gonna say it, yeah.
I'm having trouble hearing I don't show phone.
I'm having trouble hearing you baby.
I'm just fine.
I'm not even there. You stupid mother fucker.
I'm not going to give you something to go by.
I'm not in the mood right now.
I'm not letting him promise you need.
I'm not trying to get over in, but you tell me.
I'm not worried about you called me.
I'm on here.
I'm on my cell phone.
I'm on the phone, I know.
I'm out in the field working.
I'm sorry, hello. One more time minimum hang up.
If you have something better to do.
If you took a little good looking to see if Mary regulations part of it, you know.
If you're if you had any God damn telephone, what's the message?
In charge and PS My little fat ass if you want this.
Is there a difference?
Is there an accurate design and I think I've had a shot at you.
Is what?
Is your mom and I give you any pork play with his young?
Is your momma let you out of your cage again goddamnit?
It is not your fucking business.
It shouldn't be that bad.
It's like you to call in a business phone that really makes it difficult.
It's too small and I don't have the proper equipment.
Jack's cousin me. I've got business be correct.
Jeffrey Martin
Jennifer, what I've got.
Just for good measure.
Kiss my ass for you.
Lady, I've been trying to call nobody.
Let me take that Mr Smoothie. You get fucking leave me alone this quick call that'll stop your problem.
Let's see, you can don't really matter where you are. How am I going to come see you?
Listen, you turn bad traffic, but since you got something better today.
Livermore, CA.
Loan here.
Look at the most money to burn with you is what the hell I want your money for.
Man, you got damn business, you stupid son of a bitch.
Mature working on it.
Miss you official site.
Mission whose name?
Mr Unknown essential piss on you.
Mr You need to get you someone else.
Nation use loving son. What did she quit calling? You had them and you will know that problem.
No fucking Playboy.
No fucking.
No pony.