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A foot? Really. How much harm could heard of athletes foot?
An elevator? Well, that's convenient going U.
Crushing victory crushers baby.
Despite your mischievous ways, you should know you have my full support. Much obliged, Lord Poseidon. It was bad enough when the dark forces were contained in the underworld, but extending their re...
Duty calls and pit answers.
Evans roofing little tripper. I'm curious about something. Thanatos. Yes, you are the God of death, are you not? And if the underworld is the land of the dead, why don't you outrank Medusa? I'm not...
Everything OK? It just surprised me. There are more holes in the floor around you, so be careful. It makes us both look bad when you fall. Ohh. And it hurts too.
Felicity Slice dice and he dies. Stabbity. Stop, stop, stop. No need to sound so gleeful. Maybe you can get the sword to hit the Spears when they're in the ground.
For what?
Ha, there he is.
I guess this used to be a city, yes, but I sunk it long ago. Sunk it? That's a bit extreme. Humans consist of equal parts hubris, envy and deceit. Sometimes one has to put them in their place.
I'm just gonna catch a few of these here, by the way you're attacks a youthless. There must be some way to hurt him. Why don't you try hitting those skulls back at him?
It seems like there's an electric current running through the water here. Ohh why? And next? That's a frizzle watch must have overloaded the dizzy that alright. Hurry over the water when the curren...
Look O, that's the sea floor palace. I thought it'd be covered in barnacles and kelp, but it's actually very nice. I'll be closing up the scene now. It should wipe out any underworld stragglers. Ju...
Now approaching the 2nd floor, this play by play really isn't necessary.
Now approaching the third floor. Are you 2 ignoring me?
Ohh goody guests protecting an impregnable fortress can get awfully lonely. Is that you, tanatos? Actually, I go by Thanatos now. The extra H is for how amazing have we met before? Ohh, I woke it. ...
Ohh I was the dozed off there. Ohh waiting around at such exhausting work. Heroes always arrive late on the scene.
OK, OK, that's not even what a bet sounds like. What? And neither is that this is getting really annoying really fast.
Pick up that gem pic.
Sanatos should be in the next room over Ohh Goodie. Then do let us get to the fisticuffs.
Santos is a skilled chameleon. Don't be surprised if he changes into a spider or scorpion or cockroach or tick or a moth or lizard or leach or tapeworm or centipede or bat or snake or cat. But the ...
See that mollusk? Like enemy? It's called a vacuum. O what's its deal? It absorbs the energy of ranged shots and then fires it back at you as a laser. Until it fires at you, though, it remains prot...
The grind rails run parallel to each other so you can switch between them. Stay focused on what's coming up.
The sea is closed now. My work here is finished. Good luck you two. Thanks for your help.
There's something inside of the doll wait inside. Thanatos is a mini Thanatos. I wonder if they sell these in the gift shop?
This coral is so beautiful. True. But don't forget the old saying that every coral has its thorn. I'm pretty sure you're thinking of roses, and I'm pretty sure I'm thinking of coral.
This is just one more bullet point on your already impressive resume. What can I say? I'm an overachiever. Ohh no just one second there Lassie. Huh. Ohh Lord. Poseidon. Tist tist. Pallatanga. Lies ...
This is our key to the underworld. You know, I just have to hold it. More or less. But first we have to get you geared up for the final battle.
Wait, is that a hole up there? Uh.
Watch out for that pluton. If it steals items from you, defeat it and take them back.
We need to refocus our efforts on Medusa. So today's target is tanatos, God of death. Tanatos. You mean the tanatos? Wait, who's tanatos again? Back in the 80s, Tanatos took the form of a snake on ...
We're going deeper now.
We've arrived at the ocean floor only a little longer until we reach the palace. From there we'll defeat Tanatos and take his key to the underworld.
Weren't we here already? Yes, but there's good news. A new path has appeared. Follow it to move forward.
What's this? It looks like he turned into a doll.
What's this? Looks like a moving platform. Stay on it. Let me jazz things up for you with smidge. We do have to keep things interesting.
Whoa, it's slippery. Skating. Just delightful. I wish my domain had a skating rink. Yeah, it's really. Great.
Whoa, you've outdone yourself, Lady Palatina. Next up, the sea floor palace.
Wow, I can smell the ocean. We're heading to Tanatos's base, the sea floor palace.
Yeah, just your run-of-the-mill trap door. Shake it off and keep moving.
You were kidding about holding my breath, right? Watch and learn, pupil. Witness the true power of the goddess of light. Ready. Set. Dumped. Ada.