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All right, let's go.
All right, let's move.
All right.
Almost there. Are you ready?
Another lift. This one is different too.
Are you ready?
Avoid bending the wrist of your Rincon hand.
Avoid doing this on a hard floor.
Be careful not to lean your upper body too far back.
Be sure not to put too much weight on your lowered hand.
Be sure to extend your back.
Be sure to keep your back strap.
Be sure to keep your elbows above your ears.
Be sure to keep your upper body straight.
Be sure your body doesn't tilt to the side.
Be sure your toes are parallel and pointed forward.
Be sure your wrists, elbows, and shoulders are all level.
Bend a little more.
Bend your hands slightly for more force.
Bend your knees, then straighten them when you're all the way down.
Bombard them with your yellow skills.
Breathe in when you lower your legs.
Breathe in when you pull out on the Rincon.
Careful, don't raise your knees too fast.
Challenge yourself.
Charge your squat power, but don't overextend yourself.
Come on, we've got to save him.
Cross your legs right next to each other in a linear movement.
Doing great.
Don't let your back fall forward.
Don't let your bent knee extend beyond your heel.
Don't let your knees get in front of your toes.
Don't lower your glutes so much that your lower back bends.
Drago that Rascal. When did he find time to build all these?
Drago wait.
Drop your hips to also work your lower body.
Exhale as you press downward.
Exhale as you raise your legs.
Extend your arms upward.
Extend your spine like you're reaching up.
Fan pose.
Feels great to move your body, right?
Firmly twist your hips and upper body at the same time.
Focus on moving your arms from your shoulders.
Focus on your chest, not just your hands, and press in.
Focus on your upper arms.
Front press.
Fully extend your spine.
Good effort.
Good for working those upper arms.
Good. Go a little further back.
Good. That'll keep you going.
Great job.
Great job. Go drink some water.
Great, let's get away while we can.
Great. Let's pick up the pace.
He finally fell. Time to do some serious damage.
Hit the pinwheel with an air blast.
Hold in on the Rincon and keep bending your legs.
Hold the Rincon with your arms parallel to the floor.
Hold your grip as firmly as you can.
Hook your elbow on the knee of your bent forward leg.
I got my color coding back so.
Ideally, this post should be shaped like the letter T.
Inhale and raise your glutes.
It's OK if the knee of your extended leg is a little bent.
Just a little bit left.
Keep going.
Keep it up.
Keep squeezing the Rincon.
Keep squeezing.
Keep up your breathing.
Keep your arms straight.
Keep your back straight.
Keep your balance by putting weight on your supporting foot.
Keep your hips still as you twist your body.
Keep your knees behind your toes.
Keep your legs bent.
Keep your legs straight.
Knee lift combo.
Laugh low1
Let's break these things with air blasts as we go.
Let's get after it.
Let's keep going.
Lift your heels to work your calf muscles too.
Look out. I feel a powerful attack coming.
Lower your arms while breathing out.
Lower your body so it's parallel to the floor.
Make a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.
Make big, wide motions.
Make sure to keep your upper body upright.
Make sure your forward knee does not bend inward.
Maybe we can clear the path by splitting the pinwheel.
Mountain climber.
Move so your hips move to the side.
Move while focusing on your waist muscles.
Moves super energetically.
Nice balance.
Nice improvement.
Oh no, the dark influence is pulling him in.
Oh, a treasure chest.
Ohh my name is ring by the way.
Ohh no.
Ohh no. They stole some of our money.
Ohh, these guys carry lots of cash. Better beat them before they run away.
OK, let's go.
OK, let's switch sides.
OK, time to run.
Ooh, talk about a stiff breeze. Flap your wings to increase your speed.
Ooh, that was rough, but we toughed it out.
Open and closed leg rays.
Open your chest up and raise your arms.
Open your chest when you rotate out your upper arms.
Open your legs wide to the left and right.
Open your legs.
Overhead bend.
Overhead hip shake rush.
Overhead press.
Overhead squat.
Place your free hand on your knee.
Point the tips of your toes firmly outward.
Point your knees and toes out, but don't overextend your knees.
Press in firmly on the Rincon.
Pull me from both sides to vacuum everything up.
Pull the Rincon more firmly.
Pull your knees closer to your chest.
Push and pull rush.
Push with your shoulders upright to work your forearms.
Raise and lower your legs.
Raise your legs.
Raise your lower back.
Released toward the sky.
Remember to breathe.
Remember to breathe.
Ring raise combo.
Rotate like you're drawing a circle on the ceiling.
Rotate with your arms extended.
Rush Lyft.
Russian twist?
Slow down a bit.
Slowly lower your raised arms.
Slowly repeat the squats.
So close.
Spread your feet to about the width of your hips.
Squeeze your abdominal muscles and breathe deep.
Squeeze your abs as you bend your knees.
Stairs are easier to climb if you raise your knees up higher.
Standing twist.
Stretch and bend, rush.
Target your abs with this.
The enemy's disoriented, knows our chance.
The monsters are enthralled by his dark influence. How could?
The only thing left is to take on Drago.
The Robin sauce.
There's more.
These contraptions will give your legs a workout, so be careful with your knees.
Thigh press.
This exercise targets your legs.
This exercise uses a wide range of muscles.
This exercise uses muscles all over your body.
This exercise works on your lower body.
This is good for working your abs.
This may help relax your shoulders.
This movement can help relax your shoulders.
This movement targets your core.
This pose is good for relaxing.
This should work your lower body.
This vehicles powered purely on squats. Pretty cool right?
This will focus on working your legs.
This will target your abs.
This will target your back.
This will work your glutes.
Tilt your body to avoid hitting a wall.
To think that he still has so much power.
Try pointing me down and pressing in twice in a row.
Try pressing in on me.
Twist a little more.
Twist your body and raise the ring con up.
Twist your body.
Very nice.
Wait, wait.
Wait. You're not from around here, are you?
Warrior 2 pose.
Warrior one pose.
Way to work up a sweat.
We can't give up now, put up a strong guard.
We've still got a ways to go, but I believe in you.
Well done.
What? The the road it's blocked.
While breathing in, relax the Rincon.
While pushing in on me, swing me down in front of your stomach.
White squat. Rush.
Whoa, watch the floor. Better run fast.
Whoo, that was a close one.