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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A matching game. Connect the matching pairs by drawing a line from one object to its partner.
A reader will tell you what the missing piece is.
And just roll over the stop sign to start over with a new player or to exit.
At the top of the screen you'll see three drawers which have objects you can use to make a picture. You can open them by clicking on them.
But be careful, there's much more to this picture than meets the eye. Click the arrow up here to see the other side.
But be careful, things may be hidden behind buildings or around corners. You can look at the city from three different views.
Click here to go to the chalkboard.
Click here to save the pictures you make. You can also load the pictures you've saved and continue working on them.
Click on the boot to begin. This will get the ball rolling until it reaches a place where a piece is missing.
Click on the ear to hear the Riddle again, Click anywhere to close this Riddle paper.
Click on the numbers to hear the close again.
Click to go to the place where you'll find the missing balloon popper piece.
Click up here to play. Oops, Whoops.
Congratulations, you finished the Riddle. Here's the different Riddle. Or you can skip to a different chalkboard picture by clicking the arrows at the bottom of your screen.
Congratulations, you set a new record.
Congratulations, you've finished your Riddle. Here's the different Riddle. Or you can skip to a different nature picture by clicking the arrows at the bottom of your screen.
Connect the dots, click on the first dot.
Cracker, secret codes and code breaker over here.
Everywhere in Ice Spy you can use the question mark to get help on how to play the games. Just click on it.
Explore Nature by clicking here.
Eye Spy 5 crosswalks a person on skis. A plate on a sign? A Bell 6T's. A white piece of chalk, a phone colored blue, a barrel, a hanger and a soccer ball, too.
Eyes by a giraffe, a pouch and a lake. A green Caterpillar? A birthday cake. A butterfly drawing, a Rebus that sings glasses, a frog and recyclable things.
Have you finished all the riddles for this Woodblock City scene? Now try the next one.
Here's how to play Oops, Oops. Pick up the objects that are outside a hoop and drop them into a hoop with the same objects. But it's not that simple. We're two hoops cross one another. Objects have...
Here's how to work the balloon popper.
Here's some help for playing Eye Spy in the Woodblock City.
Here's some help on how to play the chalkboard game.
Here's some help on how to play the nature game.
Here's the record button to record your own voice. Click once to start recording and again to stop. Then click the ear to hear your recording.
High spy worm, a nibble of bread, an acorn, a shovel, a Berry that's red. A spider antlers, the tail of a cat, the stem of an apple, and the brim of a hat.
I spy a bandana. The line for a pair. A pumpkin pie and a red teddy bear. A fierce Jackal Lantern. A circle half blue, 2 ladders, a duck and a ghost. Who says Boo?
I spy a brown leaf, some shiny red lips, a butterfly wing and two paper clips. A daffodil on a page. A home by the sea. A honeycomb and some bark from a tree.
I spy a brown lizard, a camel, a key. An Arrowhead in the sand, A globe, a three, the shape of a bird, A bar of white soap. A tumbleweed and a telescope.
I spy a bucket, A toy airplane, My name, An antler, a plastic keychain. The front of a car to Maracas to shake. A head on a cactus and a slithering snake.
I spy a dancer, a park bench, a whale, ears on a monkey, a sailboat, a pale. Two men on a bridge, 3 pyramid blocks, a red letter O and two brand new clocks.
I spy a dipper, a snowball to throw. A spoon a rabbit, the planet Pluto and connect the dots, snowflake and wind in the air. A window ice skates and one Penguin with hair.
I spy a feather, some musical peas, a shaker, a pie, and a ring of keys. Tortillas, a deer aligned for a bone, a cornhusk doll and a Beanstalk that's grown.
I spy a fire truck, a phone on the road, a green letter TA car to be towed. My name? A crane, A broken roadblock. A dark cloud in the sky. And a piece of white chalk.
I spy a fire, a dog, 2 jacks, a man on a roof, a cat in the tracks, a red fire truck, a green spotted tie, a parking space to be filled and two clouds in the sky.
I spy a front wheel, a fossilized fish, a white sail on a boat, a blue rock on a dish, octopus arms, a shimmering shell, a small tractor scoop, and a silvery bell.
I spy a gold string, a being, a bloom, a daffodil bud, a bird and a broom, a soft pussy Willow, a rose petal in place, a penny, a thimble, and a flower face.
I spy a grey cat, a skinny giraffe. A wooden heart, a clown who can laugh. A red and white tent, a bird that is blue, a man in the street and an elephant too.
I spy a Groundhog. The line for a drum. A Valentine's Rebus. A new year to come. A raindrop, a penny. President's day, a sharp Dragon's tooth, and the love of Jose.
I spy a hydrant, a parked police car, 2 soccer balls, a green letter RA brown tree. I spy an open gate, an apple, a crayon, and a fallen teammate.
I spy a Joey the son, the word zoo. The egg of a snake. The word kangaroo. Marigold's Budding 2 turtle eggs, an umbrella, a yoyo and a tadpole with legs.
I spy a Kiwi, a lemon. Appear. A juicy fruit mouth. Two carats, a chair. Corn to be popped. A star. Two bees, a tangerine peel and a pod with three peas.
I spy a Lantern and paint colored yellow. A musical day. A gingerbread fellow. A sleeping dog. A line for a hat. An explosion to come and an Acrobat.
I spy a marble, a brown leaf, a tail, a pink flower petal, a tooth, a sail, a big hairy spider in ice cream cone, a Pearl, 2 spoons and a shiny wishbone.
I spy a moth wing to our lies and end a hole that's been dug the tip of a pen. A Shamrock, an Ant, 3 dried brown leaves, a cream Caterpillar and a shirt with no sleeves.
I spy a Penguin a polar bear nose. A drum, A Pearl. Two shiny black crows, the eye of a needle. A top of a tree. A blue bird's beak and an old fashioned cake.
I spy a pine cone. Paint colored blue. A light bulb, a yoyo, a candy cane too. A flashlight, a bow, A bell. And its match. The top of a mountain and the rock is from scratch.
I spy a pinwheel one more seed in a cart. Four eyes, a pine cone, a black and gold dart. A spoonful of berries, a pod with one seed. Two acorns are marble, a fuzzy white weed.
I spy a police car. 2 signs for one way, yellow chalk columns, A cloud that's Gray. A seal with a ball, four letter C's, a yellow school bus and two bumblebees.
I spy a pretzel, some beans and a hand. Red corn, 8 candles, a bus trip planned corn that is popped the line for a square, a spoon, green onions and jacks in a pear.
I spy a rainbow, a grass hopping bug. The line for two faces. A Tulip, a hug. 4 paper dolls, a gardening glove. A bottle of bubbles and a card made with love.
I spy a red car, a man wearing blue. School three stop signs a rolling pin, too. A major in black, a gold police star, a piece of candy and a yellow car.
I spy a roller, skate, a piece of white chalk, a wrench, a sailboat, a sign for a clock. 2 black spotted cows, the letter BA drawbridge, a dog and an apple tree.
I spy a Shamrock piece called Black Eyed. 3 horns a car. A bow that's been tied. 3 Robins eggs, a cube of ice, two big Bunny ears and reptiles twice.
I spy a shovel, a line for a mole, an astronaut and two eyes of coal. A striped stocking cap, 5 glasses that sing, 2 buddies with books and a day for a king.
I spy a sister, a triangle square, the line for spider, a cake, a chair, the wing of a fly, Matt's family tree, pink insect wings, and a musical bee.
I spy a sled, the line for a sock, the orbit for Mars, and a fish on a block. A tape dispenser, a mountain to ski, a roof, a door and the word poetry.
I spy a smile, a sideways tail, October, a nut and a fish eating whale. A hot air balloon, a ruler that's thread yellow bananas and a hat on a head.
I spy a snow pea, a smiling sun. A spider, A screw, the #1A scoop on a tractor. Footprints in the snow. 4 acorns are present and two fives on a dog.
I spy a squirrel, a polka dot snake, a hot dog, a marble, a long handled rake. An anchor, a fire hose, the line for guitar, the Sun 3:00 and a four pointed star.
I spy a tortoise, a sea bird that flies a nest in a tree. Two crocodile eyes. A homemade pinwheel, a line for a plate. A coiled snake and a cup labeled cake.
I spy a turtle, some seeds on a plate, a worm in an apple, a knife and a ski. A strawberry slice, Two eyes on the face. Two ripe tomatoes and a red shoelace.
I spy a watch. A bike on a sign, a bowling pin and a finish line. A bike crash to come, a drawbridge that's up, a tipped ballerina and a big silver cup.
I spy a winner stand, a tent for first aid school, a policeman, a bug in the shade, a sure to win biker. 3 cars in a row. A sailboat, a red flag and thread used to sew.
I spy an apple, two redheads, some bark, a Bunny, the earth and a bench for a park. A dog named Winnie, an orange fall leaf, a cactus, a pencil and a Fire Chief.
I spy an earthworm. A white spider Mom. Two dark purple petals, a little toy drum. The last petal on the page a Fern, a plane, a sunflower seed and a striped candy cane.
I spy an eggshell, a wind of tail to birds and flight some sand in a pail. The #1A shy turtles head a surfboard, a green eye and a shell that's red.
I spy an eraser, the wings of a fly, a clasp of a bracelet, the dot for an eye, a 10 cent face, a bug in the sand, a stone Arrowhead, and a ring for a hand.
I spy an oak tree, A cart that's been packed to green and brown leaves. A nut to be cracked. A round wooden toy thread used to sew. A metal nut and five nuts at a row.
I spy an umbrella, a blue butterfly. A fly on its sketch. A shoelace to tie. A heart-shaped leaf, a squirrel, a bone, a hairy spider and a rectangular stone.
I spy AT Rex or Red breasted bird, a tornado, a seedling, A chime to be heard, a dinosaur egg, the line for a horse, a paper fan, and the end of a course.
I spy in a racer, 2 juicy red fruits, an eye patch, a bike, two ankle high boots, a spider, a thumb, 3 sailing ships, 1 pumpkin seed and two paper clips.
I spy some glitter, 2 baseball caps, a gingerbread heart, a card made of scraps, My name, a mountain, a stick that's a yard, a shadow attack, and a woven card.
I spy thorax, a bug on its back, a green Caterpillar, a beetle, a Jack 3 nibbled leaves, two painted eggs, orange wings back in place, and two inches of legs.
I spy two tornadoes. The seals, red ball and upright pencil. A man who might fall a boat out of water. A balloon You can ride a silvery key and a trophy on its side.
Ice by 6 Rain clouds, A flowering twig. To purple ears, the line for a pig. An Earth Day poster. A springtime bouquet. A blue ball that bounces and a fool's holiday.
Ice by a frog, a starfish, a star. An orange butterfly. A dragonfly jar. Pipe cleaner Wings. A grass hopping bug. A white egg and a nest. An earth that's been dug.
Ice, wine, antler, nature walk, a tiny rag doll, a piece of green chalk, an airplane, 2 acorns, 3 O's in a row, T for two and a car on the go.
If you want a new chalkboard picture, click on the arrows at the bottom of your screen. If you want to hear the Riddle again, click on the ear. Here's your first Riddle.
If you want to get a new chalkboard picture, click one of the skip arrows down here. There are 9 pictures, one for each month of the school year.
If you want to get a new nature picture, click one of the skip arrows down here.
If you want to hear the whole Riddle again, click the ear here.
If you want to play a different eye spy game, click up here to get back to the main menu. Have fun.
If you want to play again with the different piece, click here on the clear button.
If you want to take something off the screen, just drag it back to the top.
If you want to try a new scene in the Woodblock City, click the arrows at the bottom of your screen. Here's your first Riddle.
If your cursor changes to a hand, you're over an object that needs to be moved to a new place on the screen. Just click the object to pick it up and click again to drop it in the right place.
It can pull loads of freight, blow smoke out its top and chugs around the place where balloons are popped.
It's that woodblock city. Start by listening to the Riddle, then hunt for the items that the Riddle asks for. You can see the city from another angle by clicking the arrows at the top of your screen.
It's your turn to make your own eye spy. Here's some help on how to do it.
Just click on the arrows up here to hunt for things in the other sides of the city.
Listen to the bridle, then use their magnifying glass to find the objects that the Riddle asks for. Click on them and watch what happens.
Listen to the Riddle, then hunt for the objects that the Riddle asks for.
Need some help on code breaker. Here's how the game works.
Nice job. You finished all the riddles for this chalkboard picture. Now try the next picture.
Nice job. You finished all the riddles for this nature picture. Now try the next picture.
Now you can create your own eyes by picture. Pick objects from the drawers at the top of your screen and arrange them however you like. To write your own Riddle, click the Riddle paper and type. Th...
Ohh right, you've finished a Riddle. Here's a different Riddle. Or you can skip to a new scene in the wood block city by clicking the arrows at the bottom of your screen.
Once you find the object that matches the one in the code, click on it or click on the letter it stands for.
Once you found it, just put it in place.
Once you've found the piece, click on it to take it back to the balloon popper.
Or click on this if you want to stop playing the Balloon popper game.
Or if you're ready to try another track, click on Number here.
Or you can use the arrows down here to skip to a new set of hoops. There are six different hoops pictures for you to play with.
Piece by sent a chalk letter, T4 golden beads, a flag for the sea, 5 claws on a foot, a nose on a rock, a blue and white marble, and a piece of green chalk.
Push down aisles by a grocery shopper. It's empty now and near a popper.
Riddle adventures are hidden within. Please type in your name before you begin. If you've already played, scroll the list for your name, then click the round button to jump into the game.
The codes come in groups of three clues and one answer. The first three codes are closed for the answer. If you want to hear the clues again, just click on the numbers here.
The main menu helps you get around. I spy the boxes you see here show you all the different games you can play.
The marks here keep track of how many you found. After finding it all 12 times, the toy will appear in the empty box.
The object at the bottom of your screen. Spell out a word in code. Click on any object in the code and then look for it on the alphabet screen.
Then click on the boot to start the ball rolling again and watch what happens.
There are connected dots and matching games on the chalkboard. The cursor becomes a hand with chalk when there's a game to play.
There are six different scenes in the Woodblock City. Click one of the skip arrows down here and watch how the city changes.
This one has letters and numbers.
This one has scraps.
This one has the treasures you earn every time you solve an eye spy Riddle.
This Riddle describes a toy that you can find 12 different times as you explore the Eye Spy games. When you find it in a new place, click on it.
This time it's tricky. The missing piece is in another Ice Spy game. Just click up here to go back to the main menu and choose where to go to find it.
This will get you started, but you can get more help if you click the question mark. Good luck.
To erase your picture, click on the clear button here.
To hear what you have recorded, click on the ear button.
To play, oops, Whoops. Pick up the objects that are outside the hoop and drop them into a hoop with the same objects. Where two hoops cross one another. Objects have to belong to both hoops.
To print your balloon Popper, click here.
To print your picture, click on the print button here.
To try a new set of codes, use the skip arrows here.
To visit the Woodblock City, click here.
Try clicking here to make your own eye spy. Picture the treasures you earn as you solve. Riddles will be here.
Type your name on the line. Get ready for fun. Click your mouse on the button. The game has begun. If you've been here before, then you know how to play. Find your name in the list and start on you...
Use your mouse to select an object and drag it onto the screen.
We're happy to meet you. How do you do? Please type in your name on the line that's on view. If you've been here before, pick out your name. Now click on the button to get into the game.
Welcome new players to the game of I Spy. Please type in your name to give Riddles a try. If we've met you before, just pick out your name, then click on the button to enter the game.
Welcome new players. Type in your name, then click on the button to begin the game.
Welcome to Chalkboard. Start by listening to the Riddle and read along at the bottom of your screen. Then hunt for the items the Riddle asks for. You can see more of the chalkboard picture by click...
Welcome to Code Breaker, a game where you must crack our secret codes. The objects at the bottom of your screen spell out a word in code. Click any object in the code and then look for it on the al...
Welcome to nature. Start by listening to the Riddle and hunt for the items that the Riddle asks for. If you want a new nature picture, click on the arrows at the bottom of your screen. Here's your ...
When you finish solving the Riddle, you'll get a treasure that you can use later in the Make Your Own Eye Spy game. You'll also get a new Riddle to solve.
When you found a place for all the objects, you can click the play again button to play these same hoops again with new objects.
You can also choose from 7 different backgrounds.
You can choose from 7 different sample riddles, just click on the arrows here.
You can click on the ear to hear the Riddle again.
You can even record your own voice if you have a microphone attached to your computer. Just click on this button and start talking. Click on this button again when you finished.
You can only see half of the alphabet screen at once. To see the other half, click on the arrow here.
You can race against the clock over here and try to beat your best time.
You can write your own riddles by clicking on the blank spaces on the Riddle paper and typing.
You did it. To skip to a new set of hoops, click the arrows at the bottom of your screen. To play these hoops again with new objects, click the Play again button on the left side of your screen.
You have a new treasure.
You have room for one more object.
You haven't earned any treasures yet. To fill this door with treasures, go to the Other Eye Spy games and solve the riddles.
Your picture is already full. Put one object away.
3 little wheels support this cart. Go find the chalkboard, you'll have a good start.