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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Azrael, are you dead yet? You Smurfs won't be singing La La La La la next time I find you.
Daddy's little girl. Let's see. Get Smurfette. Don't make me bring hackers too.
Drat. That did not go as planned. I will find you again. Cursed Smurfs.
GargBoss Intro
Hackers Lexie, stop this meddling Smurfs once and for all.
I always knew my daughter Smurfette would return to me, and there's nothing you little blue monsters can do about it. Sexy. Tie her up.
I can't believe this. Hackers help. Lexi catch that, annoyingly. Perkis Murphy.
I found you again before was just a test, yes. Now get ready for your total destruction.
I think this will be more than you can bear. Get it, Bear? Never mind.
I'm madding. You are like little blue roaches. Next time we meet, you will be sorry.
If I wanted to, I could have destroyed you, Lewanda, and I just wanted to take our time to finish you later.
Inconceivable. The next time I corner you, you won't be so lucky.
Israel, let's stop these wretched Smurfs once and for all. Israel, that is your cue.
It is time to end this. I believe most of you have already met Lewanda.
Lewanda and I will stop you silly Smurfs. Get ready to feel the wrath of the magnificent Gargoyle.
Looks like I win. I have Smurfette and when she gives me the secret formula, absolute power and world adulation will be mine.
My spell has found you. Let's see if your little blue munchkins can get away from this. Happy trails.
No, Phoenix, come back to me. We'll get ready for The Smurfs.
Now I have you Smurfs exactly what I want. You escape is impossible this time.
Now I have your Smurfs right where I want you.
Oh, I see we have my darling Smurfette. Looks like my long lost daughter will be paying her world famous father a visit.
OK, OK, this time I will end your tiresome struggle.
That next time you Smurfs won't be so lucky.
There you are, you silly Smurfs. Let's see if you can hop out of danger this time.
This time I have you. Now meet my wand. I call her Lewanda. Nice playing words, don't you think?
Well, hello my lovely daughter Smurfette. Pixie Cutter Bond. Loser.
What manner A freakish sorcery is this? You Smurfs can laugh now, but you won't be laughing much longer.
What? How? In the No. Come here, you big waste of magic.
You know, in my mind this always works out differently. I will get you Smurfs.
You Smurfs made no wonder hate me. Just remember, this won't be the last time you face the mighty gargana.
You two are deeply disappointing experiments.
You've made it this far. I will give you that. Now allow me to express my heartfelt appreciation. Oh, how it warns the cockles.
Your Smurfs are lucky that I permitted you to get away. Come on, Levanda, let's make sure this never happens again.