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Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)

Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017)

Smurfs: The Lost Village is a 2017 animated movie that brings to life the beloved blue characters from the popular comic book series, created by Peyo. This heartwarming adventure takes viewers on a magical journey, filled with excitement, humor, and friendship.

The movie revolves around Smurfette, voiced by Demi Lovato, who embarks on a quest to discover her true identity. As the only girl in the Smurf village, she feels like she doesn't fully fit in. However, when she stumbles upon a mysterious map that leads to the Forbidden Forest, Smurfette's life changes forever.

Joining Smurfette on this perilous journey are her best friends: Hefty, played by Joe Manganiello; Brainy, voiced by Danny Pudi; and Clumsy, brought to life by Jack McBrayer. Determined to unravel the secret that lies within the Lost Village, the group steps into a world filled with unimaginable creatures and challenges.

The stellar cast also includes the talented voice work of Rainn Wilson as the villainous Gargamel, and Julia Roberts as SmurfWillow, the enchanting leader of the Lost Village. Through their seamless performances, these actors breathe life into the vibrant characters, making audiences fall in love with them all over again.

With stunning visuals and captivating sound design, Smurfs: The Lost Village creates an immersive experience for viewers of all ages. The movie transports audiences into a whimsical world, from the cheerful Smurf village to the mysterious and beautiful Forbidden Forest. The animation is top-notch, with vibrant colors and attention to detail making every frame a joy to behold.

The story of Smurfs: The Lost Village is a celebration of friendship, unity, and self-discovery. It teaches valuable lessons about identity, embracing our differences, and the importance of staying true to oneself. As Smurfette embarks on her journey, she learns that being unique is what makes her special and that true friends will always stand by her side.

The movie's soundtrack, which features uplifting and infectious tunes, perfectly complements the on-screen adventure. With the talent of Demi Lovato, the Smurfs deliver catchy songs that will have audiences humming along and tapping their feet. Whether it's the empowering "I'm a Lady" or the heartfelt "You Will Always Find Me in Your Heart," the music adds another layer of joy to this delightful movie.

For fans eager to relive the magic, the sounds from Smurfs: The Lost Village can be played and downloaded from various platforms. Whether it's the playful Smurf village theme or the thrilling forest chase sequences, these sounds transport listeners back to the enchanting world of the Smurfs. The soundtrack captures the essence of the film, taking you on a nostalgic journey that will surely bring a smile to your face.

In conclusion, Smurfs: The Lost Village is a charming and enchanting movie that appeals to audiences of all ages. With its captivating animation, talented voice cast, and heartwarming story, it offers a delightful escape from reality. It reminds us of the power of friendship, acceptance, and self-discovery. So, gather your loved ones, sit back, and let the magic of the Smurfs sweep you away. And remember, you can always play and download the sounds from this delightful adventure to keep the magic alive!

A different design? Yes, of course, I noticed that right away.
A gram of calcified fungus from between the toes of a yak.
A little help here.
A pinch of newt poo.
A real Smurf? Go ahead, you can say it.
A tiny little massage that I can't even feel?
A tiny, blue skinned, shirtless... You!
A village of Smurfs, where enchantment grows.
Aah! Help me! Help me!
According to my manual, it should spark right up.
According to my map, we should be standing
According to the map, we should be arriving at a river.
Actually, I meant to give you this one.
After all this time,
Ah, it doesn't matter.
Ah, never mind. Just follow me and stay close.
Ah, Smurfette. My little creation.
Ah, yes, these freeze balls only work on real Smurfs.
Ah. I like orange.
Ah. Smurfette. Thank goodness you're here.
All clear!
All my girls, show 'em you're a lady
All my girls, show 'em you're a lady
All my girls, show 'em you're a lady
All my girls, show 'em you're a lady
All my girls, show 'em you're a lady
All my girls, show 'em you're a lady
All my girls, show 'em you're a lady
All my girls, show 'em you're a lady
All right, girls, in the meantime, our guests have had a long journey,
All right, move.
All right, step one,
All right. Everybody. Thank goodness.
All right. We're still on course.
ALL: Blue cheese!
ALL: Check.
ALL: Check.
ALL: Hey.
ALL: Hey.
ALL: Hi, Clumsy.
ALL: None of your business, Nosey.
ALL: Shh!
Am I going mad, Azrael?
Amazing! A winged, fire breathing Anisoptera.
And a piece of cheese I left in my underpants last week.
And Bucky is gonna get us there extra fast.
And by "together," I mean me and you.
And he knows about your lost village.
And I don't look like them
And I don't look like them
And I know there are times I'm a little overprotective.
And I literally wear my heart on my sleeve, okay?
And I may not say it enough, but you are...
And I might cry too much, come on
And I really don't understand why you can't follow simple rules.
And I'll be like... (MAKES EXPLOSION SOUNDS)
And I'm pretty I'm pretty cute and I'm pretty smart
And I'm walking in to talk more.
And if he went there, (LAUGHS) then that means the Swamp of No Return.
And if you feel the same Can you participate?
And it leaves me asking why
And leave you here with these four? No way. Look at that one.
And not be able to destroy them as easily?
And now you're talking about maps and mystery Smurfs and Gargamel's lair.
And now, you're really of no use to me anymore.
And over here is...
And that's when Gargamel created Smurfette.
And then there's me, Papa Smurf.
And then you'll see
And then, just for good measure, we'll think about it some more.
And they'll be like... (SCREAMS) "Run! No! Run, run, run!"
And think about what we've done.
And this is our village,
And those guys. But mostly me and you.
And two, this is getting a little out of hand, don't you think?
And use it to kill the bird!
And use them for his evil magic.
And we have to save him.
And we're gonna help you.
And what's with all these words scrolling in front of me?
And when I break it down It's a work of art
And when I break it down It's a work of art
And you are nothing more than a lump of clay.
And you ruined everything.
And, finally, use that magic to become the most powerful wizard in the world!
And, I assume, Clumsy.
Any thoughts? I mean, I have thoughts.
Are there more like you?
Are you done crying in the woods?
At least I'm trying something.
Azrael, do something! (GRUNTS)
Azrael, get me a bigger stick.
Azrael, help! More power!
Azrael, I'm not going to sugarcoat this. Your ideas are terrible.
Azrael, it's not your map.
Azrael, it's time to take a road trip.
Azrael's gaining on us.
Bark, bark, bing, bang!
Because I happen to be the leader of the Smurfs.
Because it was her purpose. (CHUCKLES)
Before you say anything, just listen.
Berp, berp, bing, dang, bong, bong!
Besides, these freeze balls aren't for catching mice.
Bingo. We Smurfboard.
Blue are the feelings That live inside me
Blue are the people here that walk around
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too
Blue are the words I say and what I think
Blue is the color of all that I wear
Blue like my Corvette It's standing outside
BOTH: Oh, boy.
BOTH: Pull it now!
BOTH: Team Smurf!
Brainy, I hate Gargamel more than anyone, but we're Smurfs.
BRAINY: All right. HEFTY: Yeah, we are.
BRAINY: Oh, do you?
BRAINY: Okay, the damage is minimal. The binding's still intact.
BRAINY: Stop, everyone.
BRAINY: That's just the echo playing tricks on us.
BRAINY: We can camp here for the night.
BRAINY: We're doing this all wrong.
BRAINY: What if they all wear glasses?
BRAINY: What if they have scaly skin and sharp teeth?
BRAINY: Yes, yes, yes!
Brainy. Hefty?
BRAINY'S VOICE: Smurfy Thing Finder for four small Smurfs.
Breathe deep and step away from the Papa thing.
Bring them along.
But also means it's gonna be cloudy, so, chew on that.
But first, do you want to hear my favorite song again?
But I ain't worried about it
But I ain't worried about it
But I ain't worried about it
But I ain't worried about it
But I ain't worried about it
But I ain't worried about it
But I ain't worried about it
But I ain't worried about it
But I always like to spitball off of your thoughts.
But I am not your real father.
But I can't be one of them
But I can't start a fire. (CHUCKLES)
But I couldn't be sweeter
But I couldn't be sweeter
But I... I...
But it's time to say goodbye
But rainbows are dumb.
But she was the truest Smurf of all.
But that doesn't matter now. What matters is destroying the Smurfs.
But there was still one problem.
But this hat comes from somewhere new.
But this isn't a story about me.
But we do have Smurfpetal, Smurfclover,
But we will definitely not be leaving our rooms
But we'll never know.
But what's an Ette?
But you have to understand, you snuck out.
But you're also bad at it.
But, of course, that was your plan all along, wasn't it?
But, Smurfette, the Forbidden Forest? It's too dangerous.
But, uh, what about Gargamel?
By the way, where'd you learn those moves?
Can it, fuzzball. They're dead.
Can someone please shut off the music?
Check all the nurseries in the area!
Check out my wizard mane. (LAUGHS)
Clumsy, pull the lever!
Clumsy, you okay?
CLUMSY: Guys! Guys! A little help here.
CLUMSY: He exists, all right. He and his stinky cat and his dodo bird.
CLUMSY: I have a bad feeling about this.
CLUMSY: Incoming!
CLUMSY: It's not really happy times right now!
CLUMSY: Smurfette!
CLUMSY: Smurfette! BRAINY: Smurfette!
CLUMSY: That's no bogey. That's Gargamel's big dumb bird!
Clumsy! Oh, that's not even convincing.
Clumsy? How you doing?
Clumsy? You okay?
Come and take a ride
Come on
Come on, bro, let's help.
Come on, come on
Come on, Smurfette. I'm gonna show you my room.
Come on!
Come on.
Come on. Smurf this way.
Come, my majestic eagle.
Da ba dee, da ba dye
Da ba dee, da ba dye Da ba dee, da ba dye
Da ba dee, da ba dye, da ba dee, da ba dye
Da ba dee, da ba dye, da ba dee, da ba dye
Da ba dee, da ba dye, da ba dee, da ba dye
Da ba dee, da ba dye, da ba dee, da ba dye
Da ba dee, da ba dye, da ba dee, da ba dye
Da ba dee, da ba dye...
Dead, I say!
Did the Smurfs do this so that I would be distracted
Didn't think you'd understand
Do something. It's never gonna stop.
Do you know how to start a fire with just rope and a stick?
Do you think she heard me?
Does it have to do with the giant vulture carrying our friend off to Gargamel's lair?
Does it?
Don't be scared. Just... Just think happy thoughts.
Don't be weird.
Don't ever do that to me again.
Don't try any funny stuff, bug.
Don't worry. Clumsy's in good hands.
Double time it, Hefty.
Enjoy drowning.