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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A great duel. Congratulations to both of you.
Ah, that's not going to help.
An image will be scrambled.
An image will be shown only for a short moment.
An image will be shrouded in darkness.
And finally, tonight's TV show King. You guessed it.
Angela, can you tell us the rankings?
Angela, please show us who's in the lead.
Answer correctly, faster than the others and win a prize.
Are you ready for the next round?
Are you ready?
Art and literature.
Be quick. The first one to get it right wins more points.
Between rounds you can spin our wheel and risk winning or losing money.
But don't forget to answer the question.
Cha ching.
Choose a contestant to exchange all your money with.
Choose a contestant to steal money from.
Choose which contestant will receive your money.
Concentrate. You can do this.
Do you feel lucky? Spin our wheel and risk winning or losing big money?
General knowledge.
Hello everyone, welcome to the show.
Here are the rankings before the wheel.
Here comes the final duel.
History and geography.
How impressive.
How sad. Nobody knew this one.
I'm Jerry, and I'll be your host tonight.
In fourth place.
In second place.
In third place.
It's not over yet. Let's start a new round.
Ladies and gentlemen, here are today's champions.
Let's meet tonight's contestants.
Let's see which category the contestant will choose for the next round.
Let's see who will make it to the top.
Let's see who's competing tonight.
Logic and IQ.
Luck is on your side tonight.
More money for you?
Off you go.
Ohh the tension. We have a new leader.
Ohh, you're losing momentum.
Our first lucky contestant is.
Our second lucky contestant is.
Our two contestants will face each other in an intense duel of questions.
Pass your flashlight over the screen to reveal parts of the hidden image and find the answer.
Pick a briefcase and win its contents.
Pick the correct answer from the map.
Player 1.
Player 1.
Player 1.
Player 2.
Player 2.
Player 2.
Player 3.
Player 3.
Player 3.
Player 4.
Player 4.
Player 4.
Please choose a category.
Point at the correct answer with the Wii Remote and press the A button.
Pop the balloons to reveal the letters and the answer boxes and win extra points.
Science and nature.
Spin the wheel.
Thanks for watching us, and join us next time for another episode of TV Show King.
That was a nice effort. Better luck next time.
The crown on your desk lets you skip a question. You can use it once per round.
The first player to provide 5 correct answers will win the duel.
The goal is to correctly answer as many questions as you can.
The goal of the game is to answer correctly, as fast as you can.
The round is over. Let's look at the rankings.
The top two contestants will battle in the final duel for a chance to win big.
The wheel doesn't favor everyone.
They're all gone, leaving you to win.
Time for a quick tour around the world.
Tonight, our players will battle to be the last one left in the game.
Tonight's TV show King or queen is.
Try to identify the image quickly.
Turn on your wits and let's start the quiz.
Two birds flew away.
Two thumbs up.
Unbelievable. We have a winner. You got everything right. Congratulations.
Unfortunately, there is no winner tonight.
Up the ladder to the top.
Watch carefully special event.
Welcome to our faceoff game.
Welcome to TV show King Hot seat edition.
Welcome to TV show King last one standing edition.
Welcome to TV show king.
What a game. Congratulations to both of you.
What a night. Join us again to discover who will be the next TV show King.
Who will be in tonight's faceoff?
Will you spin the wheel?
Yes, new record. We have a new record.
You are the last one standing.
You fell straight to last place.
You have 15 seconds to answer the question.
You will be asked the question on the images details.
You win this round. Let's see how the next round turns out.
You're going for the win.
Your time is up. Keep an eye on the clock and answer before it runs out.