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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Alright i'm sorry to put you out
And it's a little crazy right now we just sort of my thing for just a second I need use the head and i'll be right back I want to find out about your job i'm interested i'm curious about it
And one of the score with the chick in
Don't worry about the tip but i've got one for you stay away from robin cheese steak
Excuse me excuse me pomeron hey what's this with chicken man who chicken have the eggs had chance to hatch yet or maybe you can go check on it for me and my friend if it's not too much trouble for you
Good evening sir how you stretch pleasant night isn't it yeah not too bad of course I guess the weather is always pleasant in here the winters are remarkably mild
I apologize about last night I came home from the gym and I just fell asleep
If you need anything just let me know anything at all don't bother I think I got it under control trouble really rare
Not really we're just sort of in a holding pattern right now holding pattern it sounds like you need to come down and refuel
OK I would like hysterical now
See the attitude unbelievable
So gail tells near coming out of relationship what's that like that must be hard on you
What we what we talking about your job what's that like what's your job like
You're sexy you heard me