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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A lot of things, but I'm not a thief. You went into my stuff last night, right?
About her charm may.
Account credit cards for the rooms. Yeah well, I'll have to charge you for a double, but with the discount will come out even well there you go.
Again, are you alright?
Again, I'm sorry if I caused any trouble. Oh no, you didn't cause any trouble. You got me home.
Agreement threw it away.
Ah, lovely.
Air traffic backed up anyway you slice it, the odds are we're going to be having our Turkey roll right here. If we wait for the flight.
Airline, everything is booked solid, but they said I have a good chance of getting on standby.
All right, all right.
All right, come on. Let's go. Let's go.
All right!
All right.
Alright 75.
Alright alright.
Alright, I'll pay Cash Cash.
Alright, just a business my Cam out.
Am I ever gonna wake up?
Amazon movies, I'm done bro.
American Light and Fixture, director of sales,
An idea, terrific sales.
An interesting that's the understatement of the year.
And by the way, you know when you're when you're telling these little stories. Here's a good idea. Have a point. It makes it so much more interesting for the listener.
And I don't care for the accusation. Well I had over $700.00 in here and you went into my wallet for pizza.
And I just you stole it.
And I just..
And I really didn't care to fucking walk down a fucking highway
And I'd pretty like to finish this article.
And if they told you Wolverines would make good house pets which believe him not.
And it's non stop. I tell you I was going to get you home. I don't care just.
And you are.
Any but she's strong.
Anyone who pay $50.00 for a cab certainly pay 75.
Anything with those alright? Or do you know of any other motive?
Anything you know what? That's a, that's a I know what you mean, shy.
App, I've never sold anything in my life.
Are we there yet? No way to go yet.
Are you alright?
Are you going to the airport? What's the point of busting my ass catch? 6:00 o'clock flight went away to go out with me on the 8 you're never going to.
Are you mad at me?
Are you trying to start a fight?
As he tells you that he loves you, why didn't give me no keys because you get Indian Burns. There are no keys.
Beats a movie on a plane, huh?
Because why? Because when we stop the gas up, I put the car back in your wallet.
Been with Dell Griffith. I can take anything.
Beer no, thanks, just a hot.
Better get the tax I get on a plane. I'm home but you pick him up for me.
Big smile on my face. They say how can you stand it? And I'd say 'cause I've been with Del Griffith.
Bill, I need your address. I gotta send you the money to pay you back for this ticket ticket to give.
Boy, you are one lucky guy Neil.
Boy, you know God damn well what?
But after all is said and done, you, you did get me home and I really appreciate next.
But hey.
But I guess that's not gonna happen now anyway.
But I'll be damned if I haven't forgotten yours.
But I'm a little wiser too so.
By the time the airline cancels this flight,
Cab ride home with Great Cab ride office you know.
Call Mrs page.
Call wife.
Camp, let me make it up to you somehow. Please how about a nice hot dog and a beer?
Can you get a refund on the difference? I don't want a refund. I want a seat in first class where I was booked and ticketed over a month ago.
Can't do that please. Most I've been wearing the same underwear since Tuesday.
Can't reach my feet. Get my shoes off that's just fine. Leave your shoes on.
Can't what?
Car seat it's impossible. 20 minutes impossible you wanted.
Cathy Doll, I expect to have a little string on your chest. You know that I pull out enough to snap back so I wouldn't pull it out and snap it back. You would.
Certainly pay 75. Not necessarily.
Check out.
Chicago, John you will never make this city.
Class alright God, I hope there is a next time I know what you mean.
Close. I'm an attorney.
Codine Mariya rested.
Combo or what? No, probably not.
Corona grateful Jackass. Well, go ahead sleep in a lobby, see if I care.
Curing cancer, where are you going to the airport? What's the point of bus?
Curtain fell yeah yeah. Del Griffith.
Del Griffith
Del Griffith how are you?
Dial why did you kiss my ear?
Did kill us alright? Come on, let's go let's go.
Did your friend ever been around here? So I just figured I'd like to look around.
Diner's club card wound up in my wallet,
Do cranberry you know I can't cook?
Do you ever watch Sixty Minutes?
Do you have any idea how glad I am I didn't kill you?
Do you still honor those discount credit cards for the rooms?
Do you think so?
Does white mega Don CrossFit remind?
Don't let me stand in your way. Please, don't let me stand in your way.
Eating too much time away from home. I've been home in years.
Elder, thank you.
Empty what?
Enough not to bring them through, and it's right here.
Especially since we've got a melted speedometer.
Evening guys.
Excuse me
Excuse me.
Fabulous. Isn't that nice?
Father not much white.
Find the wrong way.
First class ticket. You have a coach seat assignment.
First, delay me. Then you bump me. I can't wait to see what happens next.
Flintstones meet The Flintstones, probably from the Thomas Bedrock Berapit. Right outta here.
For drink in the bar car, I'm going to get some sleep.
For every word.
For Hwy travel, yes I do. Yes, I really do. I believe that it.
Forget it, I can't forget it.
Free and it's non stop.
Fresh look at the layout in cosmetics not curing cancer.
Gee, I hope not.
Get it out of here!
Get your car out of here!
Getting there, did you call the airline?
Give it back. I can't why not because because why because?
Give me the glove.
Go ahead, sleep in a lobby, see if I care. I hope you wake up so stiff you can't even move.
Goddamn it!
Going home for Thanksgiving.
Going in the wrong direction.
Going on so, Joker wants the race.
Gram and Grampa again account we're going to be here tomorrow, honey, my.
Great meeting it really has.
Griffith call my mother-in-law tank I. My mother joy well. My dad mark legacies.
Guy I met on the plane you shared a motel room with a stranger. Are you crazy?
Have a good holiday ice in Chicago, John?
Have a good push now alright alright?
He says we're going the wrong way. Oh, he's drunk. How would he know where we're going? Yeah, how would he know?
Hello hi where are you?
Hello, Mrs. Page
Hello, who is it?
Help you yes.
Her charm may Nope.
Her first baby come out sideways. She didn't scream or enough.
Here OK or how about over there here?
Here OK or how about over there? Here there anywhere spy.
Here we go reverse.
Hey hey hey.
Hey hey Neil, wait up.
Hey man, remember what I said about going with the flow, how my supposed to?
Hey, next time, let's go first class, all right?
Hi where are you? I'm in Wichita, Wichita, KS.
Hi, I was wondering if you had any rooms available for tonight?
Holy shit, that guy on the wrong side of the highway. He's going to kill somebody.
Hope you get home soon. Yeah sure you want.
Horse now look for Christ sake.
How about $17.00?
How are you? I'm in Wichita. You still?
How are you? This is Neil Page from Chicago.
How else can we get home? Thanks.
How fast are you going speedometers milk?
How fast you were going. Funny enough, I was just talking my friend about.
How the hell are you? Well, I'm still 1,000,000 bucks shy of being a millionaire.
I am without a doubt pain in the butt that ever came down the Pike.
I ambushed goodnight goodnight.
I can tell it's parameters milk alone.
I can't do that.
I can't let you go ahead and this vehicle can't. What no it's not fit for the road.
I can't wait to see what happens next?
I couldn't discuss it with the ticket agent, because I didn't know he put me in coach.
I don't need him, I get in the elevator. I get the tax I get on a plane. I'm home.
I don't want to argue, all right? Let's not fight.
I don't want to argue, alright, let's not fight alright.
I don't, I don't. I don't own the place.
I gave this gal be on the counter instead of shower curtain rings.
I get that paid for everything else. Why break precedent?
I got a car no sweat at all.
I got a slight problem here. I don't have the 4250.
I got an idea. I know the manager pretty well. I sold him some rain for curtains.
I got to get comfortable.
I guess you're all fixed, so thank you.
I have a first class ticket
I have diners Visa and they gasoline card.
I have discussed with the ticketing could discuss it with ticket agent because I didn't know he put me in Coach. I'm sorry.
I haven't been home in years.
I hope you're enjoying your evening with us.
I I could tolerate any any insurance seminar for days I could sit there and listen to them go on and on with a big smile on my face.
I I don't have a home.
I knew I knew you. Yeah.
I know the manager pretty well. I sold him some rings for his curtains.
I know this is your cab, but I'm desperately late for a plane and I was wondering if I could appeal to your good nature and asking to let me have I.
I know what you mean. I really do.
I need a ride back!
I never did introduce myself Del Griffith Amera.
I really do. I believe that it. I know it's not pretty to look at, but it'll get you where you want to go.
I sell shower curtain rings best in the world.
I sold them all their shower curtain rings.
I think I'm just going to take care of this, and I think I'm going to get going.
I thought I put it there.
I thought I put it there. Why would I put it there? Kindness?
I'd like you to meet Del Griffith. He's got some amusing anecdotes for you, or there's a gun so you can blow your brains out. You'll thank me for it.
I'll see you in Chicago, John.
I'm allergic to sponge that allergy to it. Maybe season all night with that thing.
I'm an easy target.
I'm an intruder. Yes, you're an intruder. I was having a perfectly nice trip until you walked into my life.
I'm going to get some sleep.
I'm going to have to say goodnight
I'm going to have to say goodnight so.
I'm kind of picky about what I eat.
I'm not going to be happy as Bigfoot.
I'm saying you are stuck in Wichita.
I'm stuck at bearable.
I'm to drive you to Wichita to catch a train?
I'm to drive you to Wichita to catch train. Yeah we.
I've been spending too much time away from home.
I've been spending too much time away from home.
I've been thinking that when we put our heads together,
I've never seen a guy get picked up by his testicles before.
I've no, I don't. Why did you do this?
If he goes the back roads, it could be anywhere up to 70 miles.
In already well, I guess you're all fixed.
In the glove.
Interesting, you're a miracle your store.
Is there smoke? Did you say you smell smoke?
Isn't it nice? Look, I don't want to be rude, but I'm not much of a conversationalist and I'd really like to finish this article. Friend of mine wrote it, so let me see.
It didn't have to. Together you've got to be kidding me.
It sorry.
It wasn't broken when I got out, messed around with it to you, broke it. How can you break?
It's a white Lincoln town car, space V 5.
It's been a long day, just just didn't occur to me.
It's daddy flight delay. What do you think?