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Russell Peters Soundboard

Russell Peters Soundboard

Russell Dominic Peters is a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor, and producer. He was number three on Forbes' list of the world's highest-paid comedians in 2013.
See also: Russell Peters Vs. the World, The Indian Detective, The Opening Act, Breakaway (2011 film), The Clapper (film), and Sunny Leone.

An Indian Speaking Spanish #russell peters #indian vs hispanic #stereotypes #indian speaking spanish to you
An Indian Who's No Good on a Computer #russell peters #stereotypes #indian and black people #dont understand computers
Are You White? #russell peters #white people #are you really white #have to check my lineage
Childhood Dreams #russell peters #i wanted to be in the nba #culturally inappropriate #i love giant black men
I use a Mac because Macs are stupid people friendly.
I was a horrible student. I wasn't a horrible student for Indian standards. I was horrible student for human standards. I was.
Indian Tech Support #russell peters #indian stereotypes #cant understand tech support #what are you saying
Indians vs Terrorists #russell peters #terrorists hate americans #indians hate each other #were not the same
Like, relax, you Jackass.
Nowadays this this generation is overly diagnosed. You're diet, there's a diagnosis for everything. Now you bump into a mic stand. Oh my God he suffers from bumper stand on Mike phobia.
Some shit on a computer.
Son, you've hit a new low.
Spanish Translation of Hello #russell peters #native language translation #what language do you think in
Terrorists Are Never Happy #russell peters #terrorists #if they dont smile question them
This is bullshit.
This is our son.
We already know where babies come from, but when you're in the room watching it happen, it's like watching your favorite restaurant burn down. You know it's.
We are going to come to your country and kill you. Ohh yeah. You killed me. And fuck you. I kill me.
We are going to meet all the bitches tonight.
What do you mean you'll make some more? He takes the jug of milk, chops it under the sink and starts filling it with water. I'm like, yo, there's barely looks like milk. It's giving milk.
What I'm trying to do is distract you from how big my fucking forehead is now. It's kind of like, hey, look up there, look up there.
You can't tell, but it's hard as a rock right now.